Very Large Array

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Mammoth Astronomy Project Goes Live High in the Andes

World's biggest radio telescope will look into darkest regions of space

(Newser) - Today marks the launch of what the Miami Herald calls "one of the most ambitious astronomy projects in the history of mankind": the world's largest radio telescope. The $1.4 billion Atacama Large Millimeter Array finds a home 16,400 feet above sea level in Chile's Andes... More »

NASA Finds 'Death Star' Galaxy

Phenomenon blasts neighboring galaxy

(Newser) - NASA astronomers have discovered a "death star galaxy" with a super massive black hole that is blasting a neighboring galaxy with deadly radiation. It's the first time scientists have witnessed such a phenomenon. The hungry black hole has been zapping a galaxy 20,000 light years away for about... More »

Enormous Hole Found in Cosmos

Scientists spot unexpected void a billion light years wide

(Newser) - Astronomers have discovered a mysterious gigantic hole in the universe, reports Unlike black holes, created by super dense material, this hole is devoid of matter. It measures nearly a billion light years wide and is 10 billion light years from earth. The hole was discovered by examining input... More »

3 Stories