Greenwich Mean Time

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Time to Ditch Greenwich Mean Time: Scientists

France-based bureau calls for new system

(Newser) - Time may be almost up for Greenwich Mean Time. A panel of scientists in France has called for an end to the official measurement, which has been in place for more than a century, the Daily Mail reports. The International Bureau of Weights and Measures says we should depend on... More »

New Mecca Clock Challenges Greenwich Mean Time

Mecca-London battle over time itself

(Newser) - Greenwich Mean Time should make way for Mecca Mean Time, according to Saudis building a giant clock. The timepiece, which boasts four faces, each 151 feet high, will sit atop the 2,000-foot Royal Mecca Clock Tower in Islam's holiest city when completed. Islamic scholars hope the clock will eclipse... More »

Mecca Time Plugged for World Standard

Muslim scholars say British-imposed GMT due for a change

(Newser) - A group of Muslim scholars wants Mecca time to replace Greenwich Mean Time as the world's default setting, the BBC reports. As Islam’s holiest city lies in perfect longitudinal alignment to magnetic north, scientists told a Qatar conference that Mecca was the “true” center of the earth. GMT,... More »

Chavez Hands Nation New Time Zone

Setting clocks back 30 minutes will 'condition brains'

(Newser) - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez plans to bump clocks in his nation back half an hour next month to add daylight to citizens' lives and create "a more fair distribution of the sunrise," Reuters reports. The change will particularly help poor children who wake up before dawn to go... More »

4 Stories