Bolshevik Revolution

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Royal Burials May End Romanov Saga

Russian royalists hope DNA evidence will persuade church to honor Romanovs

(Newser) - The family of Russia's last czar may be reunited in a royal tomb nearly a century after being shot and killed by the Bolsheviks, the Los Angeles Times reports. DNA evidence has proven beyond any doubt that remains found in 2007 buried near Nicholas II and the rest of his... More »

Missing Romanovs Identified

DNA tests confirm that bones are those of children murdered with Russia's last tsar

(Newser) - DNA tests have confirmed that remains discovered last year in Russia are the remains of two children of Tsar Nicholas II, the BBC reports. Though most of the tsar’s family, executed during the Bolshevik revolution, was found in 1991, two children—Alexei and Maria—were thought missing, fueling widespread... More »

Young Stalin Follows His Rise From Street Thug

Seminary dropout used 160 aliases as criminal

(Newser) - Drawing on previously classified material, Simon Sebag Montefiore's new biography, Young Stalin, follows the despot through his formative years, from Georgian street tough to the Bolshevik revolution. In a "morbidly fascinating" account, he describes how the young Josef Djugashvili dropped out of a seminary, assumed 160 aliases, robbed stagecoaches,... More »

Remains of Russian Royals Found

Archaeologists to assist in probe of royal family's deaths

(Newser) - Russian archaeologists say they’ve unearthed remains belonging to two children of Nicholas II, the Russian czar executed along with the rest of his family almost 90 years ago. The discovery of Alexei and Maria Romanov may help prove the authenticity of remains found in 1991 that are believed to... More »

4 Stories