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'Diaper' Astronaut Gets Light Sentence

Nowak pleads to lesser charges, gets year of probation

(Newser) - Ex-astronaut Lisa Nowak will serve a year of probation for the bizarre attack on a romantic rival in 2007. Nowak pleaded guilty to lesser charges of misdemeanor battery and burglary of an automobile. She drove 1,000 miles from Houston to Orlando, famously telling police that she wore a diaper... More »

Astronaut Love Triangle Couple to Wed

Relationship survives bizarre confrontation by Lisa Nowak

(Newser) - A bizarre confrontation with a crazed astronaut wasn't enough to end Colleen Shipman's relationship with former astronaut William Oefelein: The Beaver County Times reports the couple will wed next summer. Their relationship became national news 2 years ago when Oefelein's ex, fellow astronaut Lisa Nowak, drove 900 miles from Houston... More »

Ex-Astronaut Faces Romantic Rival in Court

Nowak's alleged victim says she's still afraid

(Newser) - The Air Force captain who was allegedly stalked and attacked by Lisa Nowak testified today she is still afraid of the ex-astronaut. At a pretrial hearing in Orlando, Colleen Shipman told the court she would feel more comfortable if Nowak continues wearing an ankle monitor that tracks her location, the... More »

3 Stories