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Mexico: Cartel Kidnapped Kids, Stole Their Organs

Nephew of major leader of powerful Knights Templar cartel arrested

(Newser) - Police in Mexico say they've uncovered a grisly scheme to kidnap children and sell their organs. Authorities in the Western state of Michoacan revealed yesterday that they'd arrested Manuel Plancarte Gaspar, the nephew of one of the top leaders of the Knights Templar cartel, for his alleged involvement.... More »

In Legal Gray Zone, Europeans Harvest Body Parts for US

Ukrainian company accused of gutting bodies illegally

(Newser) - A billion-dollar business of shipping body parts from Germany to the US is booming and may be illegal, Der Spiegel reports. The body harvesting is done in the Ukraine, where authorities are investigating allegations that a company has used coercion and fraud to obtain family permission to harvest bodies. The... More »

Need Cash? Got a Kidney?

Personal kidney sales ($50K a pop) would speed up system, Aussie doc says

(Newser) - An Australian doctor says the young and healthy should be allowed to sell a kidney for $50,000 Australian (about $47,000 US). Otherwise, patients either languish for years without a needed transplant or travel to third-world countries where they can buy organs on the black market, the Sydney Morning ... More »

Poor Pakistanis Sell Kidneys to Rich Foreigners

Organ sales are still legal in Pakistan; prices are as low as $1,700

(Newser) - In the village of Sultanpur More, Pakistan, hundreds of people have long purple scars in their sides from selling their kidneys—for as little as $1,700—to pay off debts and to make dowry payments, the Chicago Tribune reports.  There are only a few countries that don't prohibit... More »

4 Stories