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To Build Desert City, China Will Level 700 Mountains

Environmentalist, economists complain, but developer optimistic

(Newser) - Faith, as they say, can move mountains. But apparently $3.5 billion and an ambitious Chinese developer can flatten 700 of them. It's all part of a bold plan to create a metropolis called Lanzhou New Area on 500 square miles of arid land in China's Gansu province,... More »

Germany Furious Over Chinese Spy Hackers

Berlin government computers infected with espionage programs

(Newser) - German Chancellor Angela Merkel kicked off her Chinese summit today amid highly charged reports in der Spiegel that the Chinese have been spying on the German government by hacking into computers in several German ministries. Scores of official computers are said to have been infected with spyware concealed in PowerPoint... More »

2 Stories