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Planted on Networks, Phony Download Infects 500K PCs

Malware masquerading as media file seen widely on sharing sites like Limewire

(Newser) - Almost 500,000 people have unintentionally downloaded an adware bundle from file-sharing networks in the past week, security firm McAfee says, with ugly consequences. Disguised as a music file or popular movies, the phony file is circulating on the eDonkey and Limewire networks. It asks users to install a codec... More »

Germany Furious Over Chinese Spy Hackers

Berlin government computers infected with espionage programs

(Newser) - German Chancellor Angela Merkel kicked off her Chinese summit today amid highly charged reports in der Spiegel that the Chinese have been spying on the German government by hacking into computers in several German ministries. Scores of official computers are said to have been infected with spyware concealed in PowerPoint... More »

2 Stories