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Greek Fires Probed; Toll Hits 61

A prosecutor will probe whether the fires can be considered terrorism

(Newser) - A day after flames were beaten back at the ruins of ancient Olympia, Greek officials are considering whether the blazes still raging across the country can be considered terrorism, and arsonists prosecuted accordingly. Wildfires started in may disparate places have killed at least 61 people. Several people have been held... More »

Greek Fires Continue to Rage

Flames kill 51; international help on the way

(Newser) - Greece is under a state of emergency as rampant fires continue to torch villages and threaten the vicinity of historic Olympia, Reuters reports. At least 51 are dead and thousands have fled their homes from a swath of flame that spread over 100 miles. PM Costas Karamanlis blames arsonists, and... More »

2 Stories