Costas Karamanlis

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Fires Are 'National Humiliation'

Officials say blazes are contained, but critics condemn 'national humiliation'

(Newser) - Firefighters in Greece said today they have tamed the wildfires that have ravaged the countryside, the BBC reports, but the political tempest over the handling of the crisis is just heating up. As protesters demonstrated in Athens against the government, crews said the fires that have claimed 63 lives are... More »

Greek Fires Continue to Rage

Flames kill 51; international help on the way

(Newser) - Greece is under a state of emergency as rampant fires continue to torch villages and threaten the vicinity of historic Olympia, Reuters reports. At least 51 are dead and thousands have fled their homes from a swath of flame that spread over 100 miles. PM Costas Karamanlis blames arsonists, and... More »

2 Stories