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Senate Committee to See Comey Memos 'Soon'

Chairman Richard Burr says investigation could be complete by year's end

(Newser) - All those detailed notes James Comey kept about his meetings with President Trump will fall into the hands of those investigating whether Trump fired the former FBI director to interfere with an investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election. Head of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Republican Richard Burr, tells... More »

No One Knows Why Trump Owns Mystery Florida Plot

Quarter-acre lot in Sebring is covered in protected grass, worth less than $5K

(Newser) - Donald Trump owns property around the globe, but his oddest piece of land apparently sits just 120 miles from his Mar-a-Lago estate. In one of Florida's poorest counties is an inaccessible quarter-acre plot Trump purchased for $1 in 2005 and has maintained ever since. The wooded lot in Sebring,... More »

Canada Is Restoring Historic Trump Family Brothel

President's grandfather started the business during the Klondike Gold Rush

(Newser) - At the end of the 19th century in a booming Canadian gold rush town, patrons of the Arctic Restaurant and Hotel could buy moose, cranberries, caribou, and even swan meat. And, of course, sex. The Arctic in Bennett, British Columbia, is the surprising place where "the Trump empire began,... More »

Trump: Suggesting I Had Comey Tapes 'Wasn't Stupid'

Says Mueller's friendship with Comey is 'very bothersome'

(Newser) - Allies of President Trump have been demanding Robert Mueller recuse himself from the Justice Department investigation into links between the Trump campaign and Russia and whether Trump tried to obstruct justice, reports Politico . And while Trump himself wouldn't go that far in an interview with Fox & Friends that... More »

Trump Comes Clean About Comey 'Tapes'

He says he never recorded conversations in the Oval Office

(Newser) - President Trump admitted Thursday he never recorded his conversations with fired FBI Director James Comey—more than a month after he implied he may have , the New York Times reports. "With all of the recently reported electronic surveillance, intercepts, unmasking and illegal leaking of information, I have no idea... More »

One Topic Conspicuously Missing From Queen's Speech

Donald Trump's state visit

(Newser) - While Prince Philip was in the hospital Wednesday, his wife, Queen Elizabeth II, delivered the Queen's Speech at the opening of parliament in the UK. The speech, which outlines the government's agenda and is actually written by ministers, centered on Brexit, reports Reuters . But what's drawing the... More »

Trump to Panama Prez: 'We Did a Good Job Building' Canal

Varela reminds him it was built 100 years ago

(Newser) - Walls aren’t the only thing President Trump enjoys touting. According to Politico , Trump gave props to the Panama Canal during Panamanian president Juan Carlos Varela’s visit to the Oval Office Monday. The White House blog recounts the remarks made during press availability at the meeting. After Trump greets... More »

Trump Owes at Least $315M to Lenders

President's federal financial disclosure form released Friday

(Newser) - President Trump owes at least $315.6 million to various lenders—including at least $130 million to a division of Germany's Deutsche Bank and at least $110 million to a commercial real estate lender—according to a federal financial disclosure form released Friday by the US Office of Government... More »

A Teacher of the Year's Photo With Trump Is Going Viral

Thanks to a rainbow pin and black fan

(Newser) - Rhode Island's Teacher of the Year is drawing attention for his display of LGBT pride in a photo-op with President Trump, the AP reports. The photo from Nikos Giannopoulos' visit to the Oval Office in April shows the teacher wearing a rainbow pin on his suit jacket; he is... More »

Trump's Personal Lawyer Hires Own Lawyer for Russia Probe

And he's not alone

(Newser) - In a sign that Robert Mueller's investigation into Russia and the Trump campaign is ramping up, President Trump's personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, has hired his own lawyer. NBC's Katy Tur broke the news on Twitter . CNN reports Cohen was subpoenaed by the House intelligence committee two weeks... More »

Trump Rolls Back 'Misguided' Deal With Cuba

'I am canceling the last administration's completely one-sided deal with Cuba'

(Newser) - President Trump declared Friday he was restoring some travel and economic restrictions on Cuba that were lifted as part of the Obama administration's historic easing, the AP reports. He challenged the communist government of Raul Castro to negotiate a better deal for Cubans and Cuban-Americans. "I am canceling... More »

'Dreamers' Safe Under Trump—for Now

Memo says program for young undocumented immigrants will stay

(Newser) - On the fifth anniversary of President Obama's "Dreamers" program, the Trump administration included the following single line in a memo to the Department of Homeland Security on Thursday: "The June 15, 2012 memorandum that created the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program will remain in effect.... More »

Senate Votes to Punish Russia for Election Meddling

Senate passes new Russian sanctions by 98-2 vote

(Newser) - Both sides of the aisle came together in the Senate on Thursday to overwhelmingly pass legislation that puts new sanctions on Russia while limiting President Trump's ability to remove them, the Hill reports. "Any idea of the president that he can lift sanctions on his own for whatever... More »

Leaked Audio Won't Put Aussie PM in Trump's Good Graces

Malcolm Turnbull mimics the president

(Newser) - Malcolm Turnbull should probably expect another heated phone call with President Trump. During what was supposed to be an off-the-record speech Wednesday at the Australian Parliament's Midwinter Ball—comparable to the White House Correspondents Dinner in the US—the Australian prime minister put on his best Trump impression, mimicking... More »

Here's What Trump Has Planned for Cuba

Tillerson says new policy will pressure Cuba on human rights

(Newser) - The upside to former President Obama's landmark deal to normalize relations with Cuba is that the Cuban people have benefited, says Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. The downside, he says, is that they haven't benefited enough. While commending the increased commercial activity in Cuba, Tillerson told the Senate... More »

Trump Has Harsh Words for Health Care Bill He Celebrated

Sources say Trump now calls the bill 'mean'

(Newser) - In what the AP characterizes as a "surprising critique," sources say President Trump called the House health care bill "mean" during a lunch Tuesday with more than a dozen GOP senators. When the House passed the AHCA in May, Trump hosted a celebration at the White House... More »

Secret Service Dampens Hope of Trump White House Tapes

Says it doesn't have any recordings

(Newser) - One big strike against President Trump's insinuation that recordings of White House conversations might exist: The Secret Service isn't aware of any. In responding Monday to a Freedom of Information Act request from the Wall Street Journal , the agency says it has no audio recordings or transcripts of... More »

There's Now a 'COVFEFE' Act

It would preserve Trump's tweets as official statements

(Newser) - First, covfefe made it into the Urban Dictionary . Now it could make it into the Presidential Records Act. Taking inspiration from White House spokesman Sean Spicer—who last week described Trump's tweets as "official statements by the president"—Illinois Democrat Mike Quigley on Monday introduced the Communications... More »

Students Discover Yearbook Is Missing Select Political Slogans

Teacher suspended after Trump gear is altered in photos

(Newser) - Students at a New Jersey high school are crying censorship after noticing something significant was missing from their yearbook photos: Trump slogans. According to Asbury Park Press , a teacher and yearbook club adviser at New Jersey’s Wall High School has been suspended after someone allegedly retouched students’ photos to... More »

Doubts Surface About Trump's Visit to Britain

2 reports say he's hesitant, fearing a bad reception by the public

(Newser) - Speculation surrounding Trump’s anticipated visit to England has piqued amid two reports that he's having second thoughts because of a potentially bad reception. The Guardian reports that plans are "on hold" after Trump relayed as much on a phone call made in recent weeks to Prime Minister... More »

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