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Even Some Republicans Say Trump's Budget Is 'Draconian'

Proposed budget includes deep cuts to Medicaid, food stamps, and more

(Newser) - The $4.1 trillion budget sent to Congress Tuesday by President Trump claims it will erase the national deficit by 2027, the AP reports. It will do this by drastically cutting programs for the poor, including Medicaid and food stamps, as well as decreasing funding for medical research, highways, and... More »

PI in Hot Water for Trying to Dig Up Tax Dirt on Trump

He reportedly used a hack in a federal financial aid tool

(Newser) - Louisiana private investigator Jordan Hamlett allegedly illegally attempted to obtain Donald Trump’s taxes using an unorthodox method: FAFSA forms. According to Politico , Hamlett, 31, allegedly tried digging up the then-presidential candidate’s taxes in September 2016 by exploiting a flaw in the online tool students use to fill out... More »

Billy Bush Finally Opens Up About Trump Tape

He says he's planning a TV comeback

(Newser) - Billy Bush says he's been doing a lot of soul-searching in the months since the release of the infamous Access Hollywood Donald Trump tape —and he's now ready for a TV comeback. In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter , the former Today host describes the "awful"... More »

How Disney World's Hall of Presidents Will Handle Trump

Inside source says Trump unlikely to get speaking role

(Newser) - Disney World may end a 24-year tradition by silencing animatronic President Trump when he's added to the Hall of Presidents. The imminent addition of Trump to the 46-year-old attraction hasn't been without controversy—multiple petitions garnering thousands of signatures want the current president excluded altogether—but neither Disney... More »

No Headscarf for Melania, Ivanka Despite Trump Tweet

'They were insulted. We have enuf enemies'

(Newser) - Neither Melania nor Ivanka Trump wore a headscarf after arriving in Saudi Arabia for President Trump's first trip abroad, the BBC reports. In fact, none of the women in the president's entourage wore one. It turns out that while sharia law requires Saudi women to wear a headscarf,... More »

Report: White House Lawyers Looking Into Impeachment

Though officials believe impeachment is highly unlikely

(Newser) - White House lawyers started researching impeachment procedures this week in order to defend President Trump from potential efforts to remove him from office, reports CNN , citing "people briefed on the discussions." The unnamed sources say White House lawyers have consulted experts on impeachment. That being said, White House... More »

The Aftermath of Fallon's Famous 'Trump' Tousle

Late-night host talks about famous hair mussing, the reaction, how it has affected him

(Newser) - It was the hair tousle felt 'round the world —and it may have helped dethrone Jimmy Fallon from his perch atop of that world, Dave Itzkoff notes for the New York Times . The 42-year-old Fallon, who started hosting NBC's Tonight Show in 2014, famously drew backlash in... More »

Russia Investigation Looking at Sr. White House Official: Report

And Trump told Russian officials firing Comey took a 'great pressure' off him

(Newser) - President Trump told Russian officials that firing James Comey took a "great pressure" off him in regard to the ongoing investigation into his campaign's possible collusion with Russia, the New York Times reports. He also told Russian officials the former FBI director was "crazy, a real nut... More »

Depp Willing to Be SNL's Next Trump

'Alec's done all of the work, I can just copy him'

(Newser) - Alec Baldwin has suggested his stint as Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live will be short-lived , but don’t fret: Johnny Depp is willing to take over. In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres that aired Thursday, the actor did a short impression of the president before saying he'd be... More »

Trump: Naming Special Counsel 'Hurts Our Country'

He also denies telling Comey to drop the investigation into Flynn

(Newser) - President Trump called the appointment of a special counsel to investigate his campaign's ties to Russia a "witch hunt" that "hurts our country" Thursday in his first public, non-Twitter comments on the situation. "I believe it hurts our country terribly, because it shows we're a... More »

Trump on Special Prosecutor: Biggest 'Witch Hunt' Ever in US

The president weighs in via Twitter

(Newser) - "This is the single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history!" That was President Trump's Thursday morning tweet following news that a special prosecutor had been appointed to investigate whether Trump's campaign had ties to Russian tampering with the presidential election. He followed that... More »

Special Counsel Appointed to Trump-Russia Investigation

Robert Mueller is a former FBI director

(Newser) - The Justice Department has appointed a special counsel to oversee the investigation into Russian involvement in the 2016 presidential election, the New York Times reports. According to the Washington Post , Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has tasked Robert Mueller with investigating “any links and/or coordination between the Russian government... More »

Putin: 'Political Schizophrenia' Gripping US

Defends Trump, says he'll hand over transcript of the White House meeting

(Newser) - Vladimir Putin says President Trump did not reveal classified information during his White House meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and that a transcript can prove it, reports the Hill . The Russian president said Wednesday that he would be willing to provide the transcript of the meeting to Congress... More »

Comey Memo: Trump Tried to Meddle in Flynn Investigation

A memo written by Comey details February meeting with Trump

(Newser) - President Trump asked James Comey to stop the federal investigation into Michael Flynn, according to a memo written after a February meeting with the president by the former FBI director. "I hope you can let this go," the New York Times quotes the memo as saying. Comey, in... More »

Fox News Host Says She's in Talks to Replace Spicer

Kimberly Guilfoyle wishes the current press secretary 'the best'

(Newser) - Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle tells the Mercury News she's in talks with the Trump administration about taking the White House press secretary gig. As for the current press secretary, Sean Spicer: "I wish him the best." Guilfoyle says she hasn't talked specifics with the administration,... More »

Trump’s Comey Dismissal Not a Popular Move

Only 29% in new poll approve of Trump's firing of FBI director

(Newser) - A new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll shows unfavorable views of President Trump’s move to dismiss FBI Director James Comey. The poll, conducted among 800 adults, found that only 29% of Americans approve of Comey’s dismissal, though Trump’s overall approval dropped only one point from last month’s... More »

Pope Discusses Game Plan for Trump Meeting

Pope Francis says he'll seek common ground, won't preach at president

(Newser) - Pope Francis says he won't try to convince President Trump to soften his policies on immigration and the environment when they meet this month, but wants instead to find common ground and work for peace, the AP reports. Francis said proselytizing isn't his style—in politics or religion.... More »

Trump Urges Liberty U Grads to Stand Up to Criticism

Trump delivered 1st commencement speech as president to Christian school

(Newser) - Delivering his first commencement address, President Trump on Saturday urged graduates of a Christian university to follow their convictions but to also be willing to stand up to criticism from others who don't have the courage to do what is right. The AP reports Trump kept to an upbeat... More »

'With Few Exceptions' Surges as Latest Trump Meme

His lawyers say 10 years of returns show no Russian income, mostly

(Newser) - Lawyers for President Trump said Friday that a review of his last 10 years of tax returns do not reflect "any income of any type from Russian sources," with some exceptions. It's the latest attempt by the president to tamp down concerns about any Russian ties amid... More »

Trump Calls Colbert 'No-Talent Guy' Who Says 'Filthy' Things

The president also brags (incorrectly) about his 'Late Show' ratings

(Newser) - It appears President Trump is no fan of Stephen Colbert, telling Time there's "nothing funny" about the late-night host, a "no-talent guy" who says "filthy" things. The Guardian reports the president is likely still steamed about an insult-filled Late Show monologue last week that drew a... More »

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