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Rubio: I Apologized to Trump for 'Small Hands' Dig

That's 'not who I am,' Florida senator says

(Newser) - There was no love lost between Marco Rubio and Donald Trump on the presidential campaign trail, but the Florida senator tells CNN he took it too far with his "small hands" comment—and that he walked it back personally to Trump. "I actually told Donald—one of the... More »

Our Presidential Candidates All Sound the Same

New research shows they're saying different things in basically the same way

(Newser) - Think there aren't a lot of similarities between a Trump speech and a Clinton speech? Think again. Rosario Signorello, who's spent two years studying what makes for charismatic speech, analyzed 36 speeches from Trump, Clinton, Sanders, and Fiorina, according to a press release . He found that politicians sound... More »

Trump Now Says Debating Sanders Would Be 'Inappropriate'

But Sanders is still pushing for one

(Newser) - Well, it looks like ol' Bernie Sanders has called Donald Trump's bluff. The AP reports Trump released a statement Friday reading, "As much as I want to debate Bernie Sanders, I will wait to debate the first place finisher in the Democratic Party." He adds that debating... More »

Donald Trump to California: 'There Is No Drought'

There are more interesting quotes where that came from

(Newser) - Donald Trump told California voters Friday that he can solve their water crisis, declaring that: "There is no drought." Speaking at a rally in Fresno, Calif., the presumptive Republican presidential nominee accused state officials of denying water to Central Valley farmers so they can send it out to... More »

One Guess Who Martin Shkreli Just Endorsed* for President

*Though it may have all been about trolling

(Newser) - Color us shocked. Infamous "pharma bro" and Internet villain Martin Shkreli appeared to endorse Donald Trump for president in a series of tweets Thursday, Reuters reports. “I support him vs. Hillary," Shkreli tweeted . He added : “All you people who don't like Trump are jealous, stupid,... More »

Trump's Revival of Clinton Murder Theory Is 'Cruel'

Vince Foster's sister speaks out

(Newser) - Donald Trump has revisited a conspiracy theory that the Clintons orchestrated a murder, and Sheila Foster Anthony "cannot let such craven behavior pass without a response." The Washington Post reports that in an interview last week, Trump was asked about the death of Deputy White House Counsel Vince... More »

Trump: I'll Debate Sanders If We Can Raise $10M

It's not clear how serious he is

(Newser) - Will Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders really debate? Trump told Jimmy Kimmel Wednesday he was open to the idea, and Sanders is definitely down, but now it looks as if Trump will only follow through on the plan if enough money is raised. "What we'll do is raise... More »

Obama: Leaders Around the Globe 'Rattled' by Trump

'For good reason,' the president says

(Newser) - Now that President Obama has settled on his next home , he's moving on to how leaders all over the world feel about a possible President Trump, ABC News reports. "They are paying very close attention to this election," Obama said Wednesday from Japan after attending G7 summit... More »

AP: Trump Hits Magic Number of Delegates

Puts him at 1238, based on interviews with unbound delegates

(Newser) - The AP is declaring this to be a milestone day for Donald Trump: The news service says he has reached the number of delegates needed to clinch the Republican nomination. The declaration comes after interviews with some of the party's unbound delegates, who told the AP they would support... More »

Trump Admits Using 'Barron' Alias

But still won't confess he was 'John Miller' in now-famous 1991 phone interview

(Newser) - Has the "mystery" of John Miller been solved? Perhaps, after a big night for Donald Trump on Jimmy Kimmel Live Wednesday, in which he agreed to debate Bernie Sanders and also copped to pulling out fake names in the past, though whether that includes the now-infamous Miller moniker is... More »

Sanders, Trump Agree to Debate

'Game on,' Sanders tweets after idea floated on Kimmel

(Newser) - Donald Trump has stepped up to the challenge that Hillary Clinton rejected : debating Bernie Sanders before the nation's final primaries. On Jimmy Kimmel Live Wednesday, the host asked Trump whether he would debate Sanders, and Trump agreed to do so if the proceeds went to charity, CBS News reports.... More »

Meet the Guy With Surprising Poll Numbers Against Clinton, Trump

Libertarian Gary Johnson nabbed 10% in 2 recent matchups

(Newser) - There's a guy who's "having a good day" and emerging with surprising poll numbers against Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, but he's someone FiveThirtyEight says is easy to confuse with "that plumber who fixed your running toilet last month or your spouse's weird friend... More »

Trump Catches Clinton in National Polls: What It Means

The key thing to keep in mind: It's only May

(Newser) - Not too long ago, Hillary Clinton held double-digit leads over Donald Trump in a hypothetical one-on-one matchup. Trump, however, has now actually edged ahead of her in an average of national polls compiled at RealClearPolitics . The development has prompted all kinds of analysis. Some highlights:
  • "Mr. Trump has made
... More »

Stephen King, Amy Tan Sign Writers' Petition Against Trump

Hundreds of writers "oppose, unequivocally, the candidacy of Donald J. Trump"

(Newser) - Ben Carson and Chris Christie are apparently Donald Trump fans (and Paul Ryan's still not sure ), but count Stephen King, Amy Tan, and Junot Diaz among those who definitely fall into the "Dump Trump" camp. They're among the hundreds of writers who've signed an... More »

Protesters Throw Burning 'Make America Great Again' T-Shirts

Inside, Donald Trump slammed NM's GOP governor

(Newser) - Protests outside a Donald Trump rally in New Mexico turned violent Tuesday night as demonstrators threw burning "Make America Great Again" T-shirts, plastic bottles, and other items at police officers, overturned trash cans, and knocked down barricades. Police responded by firing pepper spray and smoke grenades into the crowd... More »

Trump, Clinton Win Washington Primaries

But Sanders won the state's delegates months ago

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump each won primaries in Washington state Tuesday—but Trump's win is the only one that will count. Trump's victory helps him inch closer to clinching the GOP nomination for president. He is within 41 delegates of the number needed to become the Republican... More »

Gawker May Have Just Solved the Mystery of Trump's Hair

It involves metal clamps, donor hair, a shadowy expert, and lots of money

(Newser) - "Remember the $500 haircut ?" quips Gawker's John Cook? That's nothing. Gawker just went all Woodward and Bernstein on Donald Trump's "inscrutable hairdo." A tipster, French patents, multiple lawsuits, an archived website, and more have led the Ashley Feinberg to pen a 3,479-word... More »

Trump Takes on Bill Clinton With 'Creepy' Instagram Ad

And No. 42 gets praise from an unlikely source: Kenneth Starr

(Newser) - Donald Trump is trying to "smother" Hillary Clinton's bid for president, per the Washington Post , and he's using her husband to help him do it. Trump had warned Hillary last year not to accuse him of having a "penchant for sexism" because Bill Clinton has his... More »

Trump: Global Warming Is BS— That's Threatening My Resort

Irish golf course applies for permit to build wall to fend off erosion caused by climate change

(Newser) - Global warming is just "expensive bulls---t," according to Donald Trump, a position he's often taken publicly, but it looks like he's more than willing to wade in when it comes to one of his own resorts. The last Republican standing has applied for a permit to... More »

Trump Gets NRA Endorsement, Says He'll Ban Gun-Free Zones

He also took the opportunity to bash 'Heartless Hillary'

(Newser) - The NRA endorsed Donald Trump during its national convention in Kentucky on Friday, NBC News reports. According to CNN , Trump called the endorsement a "fantastic honor." In a speech immediately following, he said American citizens "sitting in an apartment" need guns because “outside is tremendous crime;... More »

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