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Trump Lining Up 'Winners' for Convention

He denies Mike Tyson will be speaking

(Newser) - A lot of leading Republicans are planning to skip this year's Republican National Convention, but that won't be a problem for Donald Trump, insiders tell Bloomberg : He was planning to focus on sports figures instead of politicians and has already lined up a few "winners." According... More »

Trump Threatens to Scrap NAFTA

Canada, Mexico 'so used to having their own way'

(Newser) - The British aren't the only ones who want to rip up trade deals. Donald Trump, speaking at an aluminum scrap company in Pennsylvania Tuesday, slammed the NAFTA pact with Canada and Mexico and warned that as president, he will either seek a better deal or scrap the deal entirely,... More »

'Slayer-in-Chief' Warren and Clinton Tag-Team on Trump

Mass. senator makes fun of his 'goofy' hat, says he would 'crush you into the dirt' to get his way

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton's eventual running mate or not, as Elizabeth Warren headed out on the campaign trail Monday, she embraced a role she's already been practicing on her own: the "chief public antagonist" against Donald Trump, as CNN describes it (or the "Trump slayer-in-chief," per... More »

Who Wants to Speak at GOP Convention? Not Many, Apparently

At least one state rep is going to the beach instead, per Politico inquiry

(Newser) - Almost as bad as a party no one RSVPs to: a national political convention where you're the presumed nominee and people are either reluctantly attending, turning down high-profile speaking opportunities, or not coming at all. That's what Politico reveals after a somewhat cringe-inducing inquiry into who's interested... More »

After Trump's Tough Month, Clinton Opens Up a Big Lead

The Democrat is now up by double digits

(Newser) - After a month plagued with what the Washington Post is calling "self-inflicted controversies," Donald Trump has taken a beating in that paper's latest poll, "foreshadowing that the November election could be a referendum on Trump more than anything else." Hillary Clinton—who in May's... More »

Trump, Swift, Cosby, More Get Naked in Kanye's New Music Video

Or at least their likenesses do

(Newser) - Here's something you never thought you'd see: Bill Cosby, Donald Trump, Taylor Swift, and George W. Bush naked in bed together. Enter Kanye West's new NSFW music video for "Famous," which depicts 12 celebrities sprawled out in their birthday suits on a giant bed. Also... More »

George Will Quits GOP Over Trump

The conservative columnist says it's not 'his party' anymore

(Newser) - Longtime conservative columnist and commentator George Will announced Friday he's leaving the Republican Party over Donald Trump. “This is not my party," USA Today quotes Will as saying. The Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post columnist officially changed his Maryland registration to "unaffiliated." The Huffington Post reports... More »

Aziz Ansari: Trump 'Makes Me Afraid for My Family'

He says Trump's 'hate-filled rhetoric' is dangerous and nonsensical

(Newser) - Actor and comedian Aziz Ansari, the son of Muslim immigrants, wrote an opinion piece for the New York Times this week on "why Trump makes me scared for my family," focusing on the dangers of the candidate's "vitriolic and hate-filled rhetoric." “It’s visceral,... More »

GOP Delegate Sues to Avoid Voting for Trump

He challenges Virginia law in class-action suit

(Newser) - With GOP convention is now just a few weeks away, some delegates think they still have a chance to stop Donald Trump. One of them Virginia delegate Carroll Correll Jr. filed a federal lawsuit Friday to challenge the state law that penalizes convention delegates who vote for somebody other than... More »

After Brexit Vote, UK PM Announces Resignation

Trump says vote to leave EU is 'a great thing'

(Newser) - Britain is leaving the European Union, and David Cameron is leaving 10 Downing Street. The prime minister told reporters Friday morning that after the Leave victory in the Brexit vote, he is not the "captain" to steer the country through exit negotiations with the EU, the AP reports. Cameron—... More »

Trump's Fired Campaign Manager Already Has New Gig

Corey Lewandowski is CNN's newest political commentator

(Newser) - Unemployment didn't last long for Corey Lewandowski. The New York Times reports the campaign manager fired Monday by the Trump campaign became CNN's newest political commentator Thursday. Lewandowski gave his first post-Trump in-studio interview to CNN then apparently went straight to a meeting with CNN executives, according to... More »

New Electoral Math Doesn't Add Up to President Trump

And it hasn't really changed in three months

(Newser) - The electoral math hasn't changed much in the past three months, and that's bad news for Donald Trump's presidential aspirations. The University of Virginia Center for Politics released a map at the end of March that projected 347 electoral votes for Clinton and 191 for Trump. They... More »

Clinton: Trump Has 'Flashy Slogans,' 'Reckless Ideas'

Clinton responded to Trump's attacks on her Wednesday

(Newser) - Hours after Donald Trump finished bashing her as a liar and crook , Hillary Clinton struck back during a rally Wednesday in North Carolina. “He’s going after me personally because he has no answers,” the Washington Post quotes Clinton as saying. “All he can do is try... More »

8 of Trump's Biggest Lines Against Clinton

She 'may be the most corrupt person ever to seek the presidency'

(Newser) - With news outlets fixated on his staff shakeups , possibly broke campaign , and hiring of fictional characters , Donald Trump sought to regain control of the narrative by attacking Hillary Clinton in a speech Wednesday at his SoHo development in New York City. Vox calls it a "Hillary Clinton slam-speech" that... More »

Cops: Man Who Wanted to Kill Trump Was Willing to Die

Michael Sandford has history of mental illness

(Newser) - A British man accused of telling authorities he wanted to kill Donald Trump was unemployed, living out of his car, and had been treated in the past for OCD and anorexia, authorities say. People who knew 20-year-old Michael Sandford, arrested at a Las Vegas rally on Saturday, tell the AP... More »

Trump Campaign Paid $35K to 'Draper Sterling' for Advertising

And it only gets weirder

(Newser) - Among the revelations in the Trump campaign's May FEC report—it spent more than $200,000 on hats, is basically broke —was the intriguing detail that it paid $35,000 to Mad Men characters. ThinkProgress reports the campaign made four total payments on the same day to "... More »

The Question That Did In Corey Lewandowski

'What's your plan here?'

(Newser) - For all the drama associated with Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, it was his inability to answer a simple question from the boss that sealed his fate, writes Gabriel Sherman at New York . "What's your plan here?" Trump asked Lewandowski at a meeting Monday morning in which the... More »

Trump Campaign's Cash: $1.29M, to Hillary's $42M

Clinton outraised him 9 to 1 in May

(Newser) - Donald Trump's campaign is so low on cash it wouldn't be considered a high roller at one of his casinos, according to financial disclosures released late Monday. The Trump campaign began June with just $1.29 million in cash, compared to $42 million for Hillary Clinton's well-heeled... More »

British Man 'Tried to Assassinate Trump'

He grabbed officer's gun at Las Vegas rally

(Newser) - According to court papers, a disturbance at a Donald Trump rally on Saturday was actually an assassination attempt involving an illegal immigrant—from the UK. Michael Steven Sandford, 20, was arrested at the rally at the Treasure Island casino in Las Vegas after allegedly trying to grab a police officer'... More »

Trump Dumps Lewandowski

Campaign manager is out after reported infighting

(Newser) - For those wondering what it would take for Donald Trump to part ways with Corey Lewandowski , we have reached that juncture where the presumptive GOP nominee is shopping for a new campaign manager, reports the New York Times . “The Donald J. Trump Campaign for President ... has today announced that... More »

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