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Trump to Breastfeeding Lawyer: 'You're Disgusting'

He made ugly remark in 2011 real estate case

(Newser) - The New York Times has pored over hundreds of pages of Donald Trump testimony from his many lawsuits over the last decade and found a lot of what it describes as "hyperbolic overstatements" and "outright misstatements," as well as some instances of truly obnoxious behavior—like the... More »

Trump Lawyer: You Cannot Rape Your Spouse

Daily Beast says Trump counsel threatened reporter

(Newser) - Donald Trump's lawyer seems pretty ignorant of the law—at least as it pertains to marital rape. The Daily Beast reports that when Michael Cohen, special counsel for the Trump Organization, was asked about an alleged incident from 1989 involving Trump's ex-wife Ivana, he claimed "that by... More »

Guess Who's Polling No. 1 Among GOP?

Donald Trump has 18% support among GOP voters nationwide; Jeb Bush has 15%

(Newser) - Some media outlets might want to evict Donald Trump from their politics sections , but he appears to be doing pretty well among Americans surveying the political arena. As CNN reports in a new CNN/ORC national poll, Trump is polling at the top of the considerable heap of Republican presidential contenders,... More »

2 Weeks to Go: 16 GOPers Jockey for 10 Debate Spots

Who's in, who's out, and who's teetering on the edge

(Newser) - There are just two weeks to go until the first Republican debate on Aug. 6, and the lineup isn't even close to set. Sixteen candidates are vying for 10 podiums on Fox's stage, reserved for those at the top in recent polls. Here's the latest:
  • Who's
... More »

Trump to 'Foolish' RNC: I May Make 3rd-Party Run

'RNC has not been supportive,' real estate mogul says in interview

(Newser) - Donald Trump says he's not a Washington insider, which is why the GOP is treating him so badly—and why he'll entertain a third-party run, he tells the Hill . "So many people want me to, if I don't win [the GOP nomination]," he said during... More »

Lindsey Graham Annihilates His Phone

He slams 'train wreck' Donald Trump

(Newser) - No swapping out SIM cards for Sen. Lindsey Graham: After fellow GOP candidate Donald Trump gave out his personal phone number , the Republican candidate released a video on IJ Review in which he destroys his old flip phone—or multiple phones like it—with executions via brick, golf club, fire,... More »

5 Things to Know From Trump's Financial Disclosure

He makes more from park carousel than his business books

(Newser) - Donald Trump complained that his fortune was too big for disclosure forms , but he managed to squeeze it into a 92-page filing with the Federal Election Commission that was made public yesterday. The filing doesn't show evidence of the "TEN BILLION DOLLARS" Trump boasted of in a campaign... More »

Get Your Personalized Insult From Trump

'Mother Jones' is on the case

(Newser) - You haven't arrived until you've been insulted personally by Donald Trump, and now Mother Jones is making it possible, sort of, through a Trump insult generator. Plug in your name and soon you'll be the target of slam like this one: "Unimportant Newser reader is a... More »

Trump Gives Out Number of 'Idiot' Lindsey Graham

And it was, in fact, his real phone number

(Newser) - He may be a "feckless blowhard," but Donald Trump sure knows how to generate headlines. Today, Trump went after fellow candidate Lindsey Graham in the senator's home state of South Carolina, accusing him in a speech of being an "idiot" and then rattling off Graham's... More »

Iowa Paper to Trump: Get Out, 'Feckless Blowhard'

'Des Moines Register' says real estate mogul has 'polluted' our political process

(Newser) - The Des Moines Register, the publication Politico calls "Iowa's most influential newspaper" doesn't think Donald Trump should be in the race, period, and that he should "pull the plug on his bloviating side show." An editorial published last night says Trump's concentration on his... More »

McCain: Trump Should Say Sorry to POWs, Not to Me

'To denigrate that service in any way is offensive to veterans,' senator says

(Newser) - Donald Trump has been vocal in his refusal to apologize to John McCain, whose war hero status Trump mocked Saturday. Trump doubled down on that to the Today show's Matt Lauer this morning, saying, "I'm not a fan of John McCain. He's done a horrible job... More »

Trump's Draft Deferments Now in Spotlight

There's a big question about 5th deferment

(Newser) - By mocking John McCain's military record , Donald Trump has put his own record of draft deferments in the spotlight, and he's being pretty evasive about the last of his five Vietnam-era deferments, Politico reports. The campaign describes the 1968 medical deferment, which Trump says was for bone spurs... More »

Trump on McCain Diss: 'I Will Say What I Want to Say'

The Donald doubles down, won't be apologizing to former POW

(Newser) - Donald Trump does what he wants, and what he apparently wants is near-universal condemnation—including that of the vast and diverse field of fellow Republican presidential contenders, which has apparently found one thing they can agree on, and that is Trump's attack on John McCain's time as a... More »

Trump Mocks POW McCain's Status as 'War Hero'

'I like people who weren't captured'

(Newser) - John McCain and Donald Trump have been sparring the last few days, with McCain telling the New Yorker that Trump "fired up the crazies" with his immigration comments. Today, Trump shot back in what can only be described as Trump fashion—by attacking the former prisoner of war's... More »

HuffPo: We'll Cover Trump, but Not in Politics Section

Instead, 'what tumbles out of his mouth' will move to entertainment section

(Newser) - Donald Trump may be at or near the top in the latest GOP polls, but you'll no longer find him in the Huffington Post's political section. The site announced today that coverage of the Trump campaign is moving to the entertainment section. "Our reason is simple: Trump'... More »

Trump: My Fortune's Too Big for Disclosure Forms

But some of that $10B may exist only in his head

(Newser) - How rich is Donald Trump? His campaign says he's worth $10 billion, and that figure has been filed on disclosure forms with the Federal Election Commission, although his fortune was apparently more than the FEC's forms could handle, NBC News reports. "This report was not designed for... More »

Trump Tweet Accidentally Includes Nazis

As poll puts him as GOP frontrunner

(Newser) - A Donald Trump tweet featured soldiers in Nazi uniforms along with the White House, the US flag, $100 bills, and Trump himself, but the campaign stresses that it was a mistake made by a "young intern" and the Waffen-SS logos are not part of Trump's vision for America.... More »

Trump a No-Show as Miss Oklahoma Wins Miss USA

He claimed he had campaign business to attend to

(Newser) - Olivia Jordan of Oklahoma was crowned Miss USA last night, beating out 50 other contestants and overcoming weeks of controversy generated by pageant co-owner Donald Trump to win the 64th annual pageant. The 26-year-old winner was followed by first runner-up Ylianna Guerra, 22, of Texas, and second runner-up Anea Garcia,... More »

Graham: Trump Is a 'Wrecking Ball'

Says rhetoric could cost the GOP the Latino vote, 'moral authority to govern'

(Newser) - There is a gaggle of Americans currently seeking the 2016 presidential nomination, and a fair number of them are using today to talk about Donald Trump. Lindsey Graham led the charge, calling Trump out on his anti-Latino rhetoric and labeling the mogul "a wrecking ball" that could take apart... More »

Trump 'Ready to Go Right at' Mexico, $25K per Immigrant

Candidate tells Phoenix crowd he wants 'to take back heart of country'

(Newser) - As Donald Trump continues to trade volleys with Latinos , he took his unrepentant show to Phoenix last night, where he told an enthusiastic crowd that waited hours in 100-degree temps that "we have to take back the heart of our country" and that he was "ready to go... More »

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