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Campus Cops Track Facebook for Lawbreakers

Police have gathered intel on the cyberbeat for years

(Newser) - As teenagers embrace social networking, campus cops have started using Facebook and MySpace to prevent brawls, monitor gangs, and—in one case—identify an armed robber based on clothing he wore in his profile picture. Officers assigned to the cyberbeat regularly scour thousands of students' pages, many of which flaunt... More »

China Unleashes Web Cops

Cute caricatures will pop up, steer users clear of risqué content

(Newser) - Beijing police have an answer for Internet users who might be tempted to gamble or watch the Paris Hilton sex video: an animated officer who moves across your screen in a virtual car, motorcycle or on foot while admonishing you to steer clear of illegal content. The cartoon alerts will... More »

2 Stories