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Coming Soon: Amazon's First Wearable

Smart glasses equipped with Alexa could be out this year: FT

(Newser) - Amazon has set to work on its first wearable device. With help from Google Glass founder Babak Parviz, whom Amazon hired in 2014, the company is developing smart glasses equipped with the Alexa voice assistant, reports the Financial Times . The glasses will reportedly look pretty normal, without a visible screen... More »

Do Homework Before Buying Your Solar Eclipse Glasses

Quartz finds some suspicious ones on Amazon

(Newser) - The first total solar eclipse in the continental US since 1979 is fast approaching and Amazon sellers are ready. Many who typically sell fad items are hawking solar eclipse glasses—meant to block 99.99% of sunlight, per the Verge —in the lead-up to Aug. 21, taking over a... More »

Wear Orange Glasses to Get Better Shut-Eye

Tinted eyewear, filters block blue light emitting from electronic devices: study

(Newser) - You may be tempted to stay up to check out all the new late-night TV hosts , but make sure you've got your orange glasses on first. Various studies and expert opinion suggest that special filters, light bulbs, and the aforementioned orange-tinted eyewear can help block melatonin-disrupting blue light emitted... More »

Google Shows Off High-Tech Computer 'Glasses'

Company offers a peek at Project Glass

(Newser) - That report in the New York Times several weeks ago was right on the money: Google is working on a pair of "eyeglasses" that functions as a computer of sorts. The company today unveiled Project Glass with a post on Google Plus , notes . A person straps on... More »

Court Trend: Defendants in Fake Glasses

Non-prescription eyewear makes clients look 'studious': lawyer

(Newser) - A guy in glasses wouldn't hurt a fly, right? That's what some defense lawyers hope people believe when they tell their clients to wear specs to trial. These days, thick-framed non-prescription "hipster" glasses are all the rage in court, the Washington Post reports. "If you’re... More »

Google Glasses Will Push Info to Your Eyes

Forget reaching for your smartphone

(Newser) - By the end of this year, you won't have to pull out your smartphone for directions while walking down the street: The information will be displayed directly in front of your very eyes, if you buy a pair of the glasses Google is developing. The Android-based glasses, which will... More »

Alarming Levels of Lead Found in Glasses

Amount in enamel of Tin Man glass was 1,006 times federal limit

(Newser) - In lab tests commissioned by the AP , alarming levels of lead and cadmium were found on the surface of drinking glasses made in China. These glasses—bearing images of comic book icons and characters from movies like the Wizard of Oz—were made for brands like Coca-Cola, Walt Disney, Burger... More »

It's as Plain as the Glasses on Your Face

Company puts a phone number—and a reward —on your lost specs

(Newser) - Americans spent $445 million replacing lost eyeglasses last year; one small company aims to come to the rescue by selling tiny tubes of plastic that shrink unobtrusively onto the eyepiece of spectacles, carrying a code and a phone number. Finders of registered glasses get a small reward, while their owners... More »

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