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Buffett to Buy Huge Industrial Firm Marmon

Billionaire investor strikes $4.5B deal with Pritzker family

(Newser) - Warren Buffett will pay $4.5 billion to acquire a majority stake in Marmon Holdings, an industrial conglomerate owned by one of America's richest familes, the Wall Street Journal reports. Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway will buy 60% of the company now from the Pritzker family of Chicago, with plans to acquire... More »

10 Modern Chicago Masterpieces

(Newser) - In a city known for its early 20th Century buildings, Chicago Magazine names 10 early 21st Century masterpieces, boasting that these structures make Chicago "a global epicenter of architecture."
  1. GARY COMER YOUTH CENTER (2006)  John Ronan Architects, 7200 South Ingleside Avenue
  1. STATE STREET VILLAGE (2003)  Murphy/Jahn Architects,
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2 Stories