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Chaos Erupts at Nevada Dem Convention

Security ended up clearing the room

(Newser) - The Nevada Democratic Convention turned into an unruly and unpredictable event, after tension with organizers led to some Bernie Sanders supporters throwing chairs and to security clearing the room, organizers said. Friction between Sanders' supporters and state Democratic Party leaders had flared throughout the day on Saturday. The convention was... More »

Sheriff: Vandals May Have Killed 1 of the World's Rarest Fishes

They also allegedly vomited and skinny-dipped all over a protected area

(Newser) - Three Nevada men have been questioned by investigators about vandalism in an environmentally fragile area of Death Valley National Park that may have killed one of the rarest fishes on earth, the AP reports. No arrests have been made in the April 30 intrusion while authorities continue to investigate what... More »

Sierras Are Way Overdue for Major, Costly Earthquake

And one expert says we need to start preparing

(Newser) - The West is long overdue for a major earthquake that could cause billions of dollars in damage to parts of Nevada and California, the AP reports. Scientists expect a magnitude-7 quake along the eastern front of the Sierra fault system every 30 years or so; there hasn't been one... More »

US First: Drone Delivers Package to Residential Area

We're now 'closer to the day that drones make regular deliveries to your front doorstep'

(Newser) - A drone has successfully delivered a package to a residential location in a small Nevada town in what its maker and the governor of the state said Friday was the first fully autonomous urban drone delivery in the US. Flirtey CEO Matt Sweeney said the six-rotor drone flew about a... More »

Area 51 Has a Top-Secret Neighbor Base

Area 6 used to test UAVs, official says

(Newser) - Twelve miles northeast of Area 51 lies Area 6—a site that might be as mysterious as its more famous neighbor. Never heard of it? That's not surprising. Government officials have long kept mum about Area 6, part of Nevada's national security site, which is home to a... More »

Hundreds of Workers Walked Off a Tesla Site

They claim company is paying out-of-staters on the cheap

(Newser) - Hundreds of union construction workers walked off the job at Tesla Motors' battery manufacturing plant in northern Nevada on Monday to protest what union organizers say is the increased hiring of out-of-state workers for less pay. Approximately 350 plumbers, carpenters, electricians, painters, and others walked away from the construction site... More »

Trump on Nevada Caucus: 'Strange Things Happen Here'

Oh, and he'd like to punch a protester in the face

(Newser) - Donald Trump has promised to start acting more presidential , but there wasn't much sign of it at a rally in Nevada Monday night, where he told the crowd ahead of Tuesday's caucus that he would like to punch a protester in the face. "He's smiling, having... More »

Hillary Clinton Gets the Win in Nevada Caucus

And avoids a 'dramatic setback'

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton has been declared the winner of Saturday's Democratic caucus in Nevada, holding a 4-point lead over Bernie Sanders with 66% of precincts reporting, the New Republic reports. "To everyone who turned out in every corner of Nevada with determination and heart: This is your win. Thank... More »

Man Writes Obituary for Clinton, Gets Secret Service's Attention

It gave Saturday as her date of death

(Newser) - One gung-ho Bernie Sanders supporter got himself a call from the Secret Service on Friday after submitting an obituary for Hillary Clinton to the Las Vegas Review-Journal . According to the Review-Journal, a man named Don Schubert—who had previously called the newsroom to complain about the coin flips in the... More »

Cliven Bundy, Sons Indicted for 2014 Standoff

'Tremendous step toward ending more than 20 years of law breaking'

(Newser) - A federal grand jury in Nevada indicted Cliven Bundy and four others Wednesday on 16 charges related to an armed standoff near his ranch in 2014 over unpaid grazing fees. The 69-year-old Nevada rancher was arrested Feb. 10 in Portland, Ore., where his sons Ammon and Ryan Bundy are jailed... More »

Nev. Lawmaker Smack in the Middle of Oregon Standoff

Michele Fiore set to be present for surrender of occupiers she supports

(Newser) - A tense standoff between the FBI and the last four occupiers at Oregon's Malheur National Wildlife Refuge lasted into the wee hours of Thursday, with a Nevada lawmaker right in the middle of it. Assemblywoman Michele Fiore was in Portland Wednesday for a next-day press conference to show support... More »

Alcohol Nearly Killed Her; Now Her Story Is Going Viral

Hanna Lottritz shares her experience with binge drinking

(Newser) - Hanna Lottritz, then 20, went to a Nevada music festival with friends on July 25 and ended up in a 24-hour coma, having nearly died due to acute alcohol intoxication. Almost six months later, the University of Nevada, Reno, journalism student's essay about the experience has gone viral, USA ... More »

Man Killed by Cops Was Holding Phone, Not Gun

He had recently been convicted of multiple crimes

(Newser) - A man who was fatally shot by Las Vegas police while holding a cellphone that was mistaken for a gun had recently been convicted of multiple crimes in Arizona, his attorney said Saturday. Brad Reinhart last had contact with his client, Keith Childress Jr., 23, last month when a jury... More »

Las Vegas Victim Was Mother of 3

She'd just celebrated her 10th wedding anniversary

(Newser) - Mother of three Jessica Valenzuela was walking the Las Vegas Strip with her husband—the pair had recently celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary—when police say Lakeisha Holloway's car slammed into the crowd , killing her, per the Arizona Republic . Family members describe the 32-year-old from Buckeye, Ariz., as a... More »

After Adelson Buys Vegas Paper, Editor Quits

Mike Hengel: departure from 'Review-Journal' probably 'a relief' to Adelsons

(Newser) - A staff already stunned that their newspaper had been secretly purchased by the family of billionaire GOP donor Sheldon Adelson was thrown another loop Tuesday evening: Its top editor is stepping down, CNNMoney reports. "I think my resignation probably comes as a relief to the new owners, and it... More »

Vegas Driver 'Remembered Body Breaking Windshield'

Lakeisha Nicole Holloway charged with murder and more

(Newser) - The woman accused of intentionally plowing a car carrying her young daughter through crowds of pedestrians on the Las Vegas Strip was charged Tuesday with murder, child abuse, and hit-and-run. Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson said he expects to file additional charges against Lakeisha Nicole Holloway, 24, in coming... More »

GOP Donor's Family Confirms Vegas Newspaper Buy

Review-Journal is now part of the Adelson empire

(Newser) - The family of billionaire casino mogul and GOP kingmaker Sheldon Adelson has revealed that it bought the Las Vegas Review-Journal, ending a week of speculation and demands by staff, media watchdogs, and politicians to know the identity of the new boss. After the announcement last week that the paper had... More »

Whole Family Packs Heat in Lawmaker's Xmas Card

Even Michele Fiore's grandson holds a handgun

(Newser) - Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore has wished America a merry Christmas from her, her family, and their guns. In a Christmas card posted on her Facebook page , the Republican lawmaker poses with family members who are holding an assortment of firearms, reports the Las Vegas Review-Journal , which notes that Fiore is... More »

Lamb That Survived Deadly Crash Will Be Adopted

More than 70 other sheep died in the tractor-trailer crash

(Newser) - A lamb that was on the lam for hours after a tractor-trailer crash in Nevada killed 74 other sheep has been caught and will be adopted by a foster family. The female lamb nicknamed Dodger wandered off from the crash site and was missing in the desert overnight before being... More »

Soap Star Nathaniel Marston Dead at 40

Ex-'One Life to Live' actor succumbed to injuries from Oct. 30 car crash

(Newser) - One Life to Live fans are waking up to devastating news Thursday morning: Nathaniel Marston, the star who played Michael McBain on the long-running ABC soap opera, has died at the age of 40, People reports. Mom Elizabeth Jackson posted a heartfelt tribute to her son on Facebook Wednesday evening,... More »

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