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Costco Accidentally Broke the Golf Ball Industry

Hope you got your Kirkland Signature balls, because they might not be back

(Newser) - Costco inadvertently undermined the golf industry and sent golfers into a frenzy when it introduced its own Kirkland Signature line of golf balls last fall, the Wall Street Journal reports. South Korea's Nassau Golf, which makes golf balls for a major golf equipment company TaylorMade, decided to sell some... More »

What Activists Found While Filming Cage-Free Hens

Advocacy group says video shows birds that lay eggs for Costco in 'horrible' conditions

(Newser) - At first glance, the lives of cage-free hens appear to be a much-needed improvement over those of hens kept boxed up in traditional wire "battery cages." But thanks to a newly released video by an all-volunteer activist group, animal advocates are now wondering how much better off the... More »

1K Christmas Trees Lifted From Fla. Costco

2 trailers crammed with trees taken from Kendall superstore

(Newser) - The holiday season kicked off with a bah-humbug bang this week with reports of an ambitious theft from a Florida Costco. Miami-Dade police are trying to find two 53-foot semi-truck trailers crammed with 500 Christmas trees each, taken sometime between 8pm and midnight Tuesday from outside the Kendall warehouse, the... More »

Dispute Over Free Waffles Gets Guy Punched in Face

And the other guy charged with elder abuse

(Newser) - A 78-year-old man shopping at a California Costco Sunday morning was apparently annoyed when he saw 24-year-old Derrick Gharabighi take more than one of the store's free Nutella waffle samples. The man told Gharabighi he should really only take one ... and, police say, Gharabighi responded by punching him in... More »

Ryan Gosling Shames Costco Over Eggs

Retailer should go cage-free, he writes in new letter

(Newser) - Taylor Swift isn't the only celebrity activist of the week. Ryan Gosling, moved by a Humane Society investigation that found gruesome mistreatment of chickens at one of Costco's big egg suppliers, has written a letter to Costco's CEO asking the chain to start selling only cage-free eggs,... More »

Costco Claims Another Surprising Title

Watch out, AutoNation—the warehouse club may soon sell as many cars as you

(Newser) - Costco made headlines this week with the revelation that it's America's No. 1 seller of organic food ; now it's revving up to grab the top spot in another category: car sales. Nearly 400,000 vehicles were sold through the warehouse club last year—double the amount sold... More »

No. 1 Organic Grocer Isn't Who You Think

Costco moves ahead of Whole Foods

(Newser) - One out of every 10 organic-food sales is made at Costco, the Seattle Times reports—enough to propel the warehouse club to estimated annual sales of $4 billion and allow it to beat out Whole Foods ($3.6 billion) as the No. 1 organic grocer, per an analysis from BMO... More »

Some Stores Buck Trend of Opening on Thanksgiving

But holiday shoppers will still have plenty of options

(Newser) - The state of Black Friday mania is such that stores can now make headlines for announcing they'll be closed on Thanksgiving. Nordstrom, GameStop, and Costco are among the big-name retailers who will give employees the holiday off, reports CNNMoney . Nordstrom has made a tradition of the move in recent... More »

Costco, Trader Joe's Peaches, Plums Recalled

California packing company says it has fixed the listeria risk

(Newser) - Watch out for those plums and peaches: A California packing company has recalled fruit sent to big stores around the country after internal testing revealed possible listeria contamination. The recall affects whole white and yellow peaches, white and yellow nectarines, plums, and pluots sent to stores, including Costco, Trader Joe'... More »

New Amazon Competitor Is Like an 'Online Costco'

Boxed was built by 10 people in 90 days with just $1M

(Newser) - has a new competitor to deal with this holiday shopping season—a company built in 90 days with just over $1 million in initial funding. Now six months old, Boxed "is the online Costco," Quartz reports, delivering bulk goods straight to your door within two days... More »

5 Stores That Refuse to Open on Black Thursday

Don't line up outside Costco, TJ Maxx, Marshalls

(Newser) - There are plenty of stores ready to compete with Grandma's pumpkin pie tomorrow, but a handful are holding back. 24/7 Wall St. rounds up those that won't be participating in the mayhem of Thanksgiving Day shopping, and notes they may even see a jump in sales on Friday... More »

Costco Sorry About Labeling Bible 'Fiction'

Pastor spotted it, raised a stink

(Newser) - Costco is trying to wriggle out of an inadvertent theological debate it entered this week with an apology. The flap began when a pastor in California's Simi Valley spotted a Bible for sale with a label of "fiction," reports the LA Times . After Caleb Kaltenbach's resulting... More »

Organic Costco Berries Linked to Hepatitis A

Feds issue warning about Townsend brand after 30 illnesses

(Newser) - The FDA is investigating an outbreak of hepatitis A linked to a frozen organic berry mix sold by an Oregon company. Thirty illnesses are linked to Townsend Farms Organic Anti-Oxidant Blend, which contains pomegranate seed mix. Illnesses were reported in Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona, and California. Several of those... More »

Tiffany Sues Costco for Billions Over Fake Rings

Costco allegedly sold hundreds of rings falsely claiming they were Tiffany

(Newser) - Costco has been hit by a potentially multi-billion-dollar lawsuit by Tiffany, as the luxury goods company claims the giant retailer sold hundreds, if not thousands, of diamond engagement rings labeled as Tiffany—which they weren't, reports Reuters . Tiffany was told by a customer in November that rings in a... More »

Griping About Work Online Is (Mostly) Protected

Employees have a right to band together, say recent rulings

(Newser) - Companies have been overstepping their authority by restricting workers' online comments, say federal officials who are moving to fix the issue. Labor regulators have deemed some firings over social-network discussions illegal, arguing that companies' rules regarding online speech are far too broad, the New York Times reports. A lot of... More »

Joan Rivers Protests 'Nazi' Costco...

By handcuffing herself to a stranger's cart, yelling about 'Indians'

(Newser) - Joan Rivers created quite a scene at Costco yesterday, yelling through a megaphone that the store is "like Nazi Germany" and will probably start "burning the Bible" next, before handcuffing herself to a shopper's cart. Rivers staged the protest at a California store because, she claims, Costco... More »

And America's Best Bagels Are...

Consumer Reports likes Dunkin' Donuts, Lender's, and CostCo

(Newser) - You don't have to be in New York to get a good bagel, Consumer Reports finds: Three big brands offer decent alternatives. In a comparison of eight plain and four "everything" bagels, testers found Dunkin' Donuts, Lender's Original, and Costco to be the best options. Each scored... More »

20 Costco Workers Hit $201M Lottery Jackpot

Long Islanders become quick millionaires on Powerball

(Newser) - A Long Island Costco store had to make do with a skeleton crew because 20 employees struck it rich in the lottery, reports the New York Post . They hit the $201 million Powerball jackpot Wednesday, meaning they'll pocket about $3.5 million apiece if they take the lump-sum payout... More »

Now at Costco: A $1M Diamond Ring

And that's apparently a discount

(Newser) - Finally, Costco is catering to its multi-millionaire clientele. The discount retailer is now selling a 6.77 ct diamond ring for a million bucks, the Consumerist reports. Costco has sold some high-end diamond jewelry in the past, starting with a $180,000 ring in 2005, but a million is quite... More »

Costco Fights Washington Liquor Laws

Big-box retailer seeks to cut middleman, boost profits

(Newser) - Costco is out to change the face of alcohol distribution—and, not coincidentally, sell booze at the same steep discount it applies to everything else. It’s starting with a push in its home state of Washington, where the retain giant has pumped $500,000 into a campaign to change... More »

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