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Writer Dominick Dunne Dead at 83

(Newser) - Dominick Dunne, the best-selling author who covered some of the past two decades’ highest-profile trials for Vanity Fair, died today at 83; his son, actor Griffin Dunne, told the magazine bladder cancer was the cause. Dominick Dunne served in World War II and produced TV shows and feature films before... More »

Sunny von Bulow 'Was Like Sleeping Beauty'

Dunne recalls the woman behind the high-society scandal

(Newser) - Sunny von Bülow's death in December after 28 years in a coma brought her children no peace, writes the journalist most closely associated with the story, Dominick Dunne of Vanity Fair. Her son's voice when he called with the news contained no "sense of 'Thank God it’s... More »

Sick Crime Scribe Rushed From OJ Trial

Dominick Dunne battling cancer

(Newser) - Vanity Fair crime writer Dominick Dunne was rushed to the hospital yesterday from the Las Vegas courtroom where OJ Simpson is on trial for armed robbery, reports CNN. Paramedics were called when the 82-year-old writer, who suffers from bladder cancer, told a colleague: "I am in a lot of... More »

Dunne Wanted Daughter's Murderer Killed

Now-disgraced PI talked famed crime writer down

(Newser) - Crime writer Dominick Dunne asked Anthony Pellicano to put out a contract on his daughter’s killer’s life—and relented only when the private investigator talked him down. Dunne hired the now-incarcerated Pellicano to follow John Thomas Sweeney in the mid-1980s; the Vanity Fair writer now tells Slate he... More »

4 Stories