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North Korea 'Executes Official With Flamethrower'

Horrific death came amid round of purges, source claims

(Newser) - Has Pyongyang started incinerating enemies of the state? At least 11 high-ranking officials in North Korea have been imprisoned or executed as part of another round of purges following the execution of Kim Jong Un's uncle , including a security chief who was burned alive with a flamethrower, according to... More »

US Sends Warships to Japan as Tensions Rise

Chuck Hagel gives warning to China on 10-day Asia trip

(Newser) - Visiting Japan today, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said the US is sending two more ballistic missile destroyers to Japan to counter a possible North Korean attack, the AP reports. But he saved his sharpest remarks for China, linking Russia's takeover of Crimea with China's aggressive behavior in a... More »

Japan Vows to Intercept North Korea Missiles

But relations between the two nations might be better than you think

(Newser) - In case North Korea gets ideas to fire any more missiles , Japan is promising to shoot down any that have a chance of coming down in Japanese territory, reports Reuters . To do so, the defense ministry has deployed a destroyer in the Sea of Japan. The order runs through April... More »

S. Korea Tests Missile That Threatens Most of North

Meanwhile, photos of president's home found on drones

(Newser) - South Korea has successfully test-fired a new missile capable of striking targets up to 310 miles away, which just happens to be far enough to strike almost anywhere in North Korea, officials revealed today. The test occurred last week, just one day after North Korea had its own tension-raising test... More »

S. Korea Finds North's Crashed 'Toy' Drones

But the 'rudimentary aircraft' can still 'find a blind spot': experts

(Newser) - A pair of crashed drones found in South Korea came from the North, Seoul officials say, and they weren't exactly state-of-the-art, with one defense expert telling the Wall Street Journal that they "both look like rudimentary model aircraft." Both drones turned up near the countries' border. One... More »

North, South Korea Exchange Fire

Shells fired across maritime boundary

(Newser) - North and South Korea fired some 800 artillery shells into each other's waters today, in a flare-up of animosity that began with a ... fax. Yonhap reports that the North sent a fax to South Korea's Second Fleet headquarters at 8am local time alerting the nation of its intention... More »

North Korea Threatens 'New Form' of Nuke Test

And accuses the UN of hypocrisy over ballistic-missile testing

(Newser) - Having tried out mid-range ballistic missiles in recent weeks, North Korea said today it may conduct a "new form" of nuclear test, the New York Times reports. Pyongyang officials didn't clarify, but the US and its allies have long thought North Korea wants to build small, sophisticated nuclear... More »

North Korea Test-Launches 2 Missiles

New round of missiles violates UN resolution, prompts condemnation

(Newser) - North Korea test-fired a pair of ballistic missiles into the sea early today, South Korea's Yonhap News reports. The mid-range missiles traveled some 400 miles, ending their trajectory in the sea off North Korea's east coast. It was the country's longest-ranging launch since it fired a satellite... More »

N. Korea Test-Fires 10 Missiles

South Korea reports Pyongyang's latest show of force

(Newser) - North Korea has fired off 10 short-range missiles toward the Sea of Japan, South Korea's Yonhap news agency reports. The 10-minute show of force is the latest amid ongoing joint military exercises between the United States and South Korea, and al-Jazeera notes that South Korea is on alert. "... More »

Kim Jong Un Grabs 100% of Vote in 'Election'

Turnout was 100%, too

(Newser) - In results that may have been influenced by the likelihood of dissenting voters being shot or sent to labor camps along with their families, Kim Jong Un has won a landslide victory in what passes for an election in North Korea . The country's official news agency says the leader... More »

North Korea Holds So-Called 'Elections'

Rubber-stamp process gives Kim Jong-Un a chance to reorganize

(Newser) - It's election time in North Korea, meaning there's only one candidate running per office in the Supreme People's Assembly, and voters have two options: writing "Yes" or "No" on the ballots, the BBC reports. Not only that, voters who don't support the ruling Workers'... More »

North Korea to Execute 33 Who Talked to Missionary

According to reports, those who converted will be put to death

(Newser) - More reported brutality in North Korea: A source tells the Chosun Ilbo that 33 North Koreans will be executed because they were connected to a South Korean missionary who was arrested in the North last year. Kim Jung Wook made his first public appearance since his arrest on Thursday, admitting... More »

N. Korea Fires 2 More Missiles

Scuds fired into sea hundreds of miles off coast

(Newser) - North Korea has fired another two short-range missiles into the sea in what appears to be a show of displeasure at the US-South Korea war games continuing across the border, reports Reuters . The missiles—from the same Scud class as those North Korea fired a few days ago —were... More »

N. Korea Fires Missiles Amid South-US War Games

Believed to be short-range Scud missiles, launched into the sea

(Newser) - A North Korean ship slipping across the South's borders was apparently just the opening act. Days after South Korea began its war games with the US, North Korea has fired four, suspected short-range missiles from its southeastern coast toward the sea, a South Korean defense official said, per Yonhap... More »

North Korean Ship Crosses South's Border

South broadcasts 10 warnings in overnight violation

(Newser) - A North Korean patrol ship crossed a maritime border with the South multiple times last night, South Korea's defense ministry says. It finally ended up in North Korean waters—but not until the South had broadcast 10 warnings, Yonhap News reports. The border crossing may have been "part... More »

Rodman's N. Korea Exploits Inspire Comedy Film

'Diplomats' movie will take its cues from Rodman's recent antics

(Newser) - Dennis Rodman's North Korea " basketball diplomacy " already sounded like something out of a ridiculous movie ... so it's fitting that an upcoming comedy film was inspired by Rodman's mission and ensuing friendship with Kim Jong Un. The pitch for Diplomats has been purchased by 20th Century... More »

Seoul, US Start War Games

So far, North Korea's response is muted

(Newser) - North Korea formerly threatened to cancel the long-awaited family reunions between the two Koreas if South Korea went ahead with its annual joint military drills with the US. But as it stands, both events are happening simultaneously. As the six-day reunion continued today, the military drills began, the BBC reports;... More »

For Koreans, a Joyous Reunion 60 Years in Making

After seeing brother, man would 'have no regrets if I were to die tomorrow'

(Newser) - Some 82 elderly South Koreans, in their Sunday best, traveled by bus into North Korea today where they met with relatives they hadn't seen in 60 years, and—at an average age of 84—likely will never see again, the Washington Post reports. The event marked the start of... More »

Stop Laughing at North Korea

Mockery isn't the right response to this horror: Clive Crook

(Newser) - Many years ago, Clive Crook green-lit an Economist cover featuring what at the time was a rare photo of Kim Jong Il, underneath the headline, "Greetings, earthlings." It was inspired, and "people still mention it to me unprompted as their favorite Economist cover," Crook writes at... More »

Man, 91, Rides Ambulance 90 Miles to Korea Reunion

North, South reunions set to begin tomorrow

(Newser) - The first North-South Korea reunions in three years are in tentative motion, with South Koreans set to tomorrow meet relatives they haven't seen in six decades . With so much time elapsed, it's no wonder that the average age of the 82 South Koreans who will be the first... More »

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