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So Long, Trouble: Leona Helmsley's $2M Dog Dead

Dog was subject of death threats, died after series of health issues

(Newser) - Considering her time on Earth was filled with rides in stretch limos and private jets, doggie heaven might not be much better for Trouble. Leona Helmsley's pampered pooch died at age 12 in December, and her death was kept secret for months. The pup, who the New York Daily ... More »

It's Our Tax Money Going to Helmsley's Dogs

Charitable donation laws subsidize the whims of the rich

(Newser) - Leona Helmsley’s latest post-mortem shocker—the revelation that she earmarked $8 billion of her charitable bequest for dog welfare—is a perfect illustration of the insanity of our charity laws, writes Ray Madoff for the New York Times. Helmsley isn’t just spending her own money; because charitable donations... More »

Helmsley's Heir Is the Dog

Queen of Mean leaves $12M to Trouble, a bunch to charity, ignores 2 grandkids

(Newser) - When the Queen of Mean’s will was read, Trouble, the billionaire hotel magnate’s pampered, biting Maltese, came calling. Leona Helmsley left $12 million to the 8-year-old pooch, along with $38 million to three other family members. The rest—between $4 and $8 billion—went to her charity trust,... More »

3 Stories