Coretta Scott King

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McConnell Used Century-Old 'Arcane Rule' to Silence Warren

Rule 19 was put into place in 1902 after two Democratic senators got into fistfight

(Newser) - The Senate GOP shut down Elizabeth Warren on Tuesday night as she attempted to quote from old letters penned by the late Sen. Ted Kennedy and the late Coretta Scott King to protest the nomination of Jeff Sessions for attorney general, prompting the #LetLizSpeak and #SilencingElizabethWarren hashtags and leading Warren... More »

Senate Votes to Silence Elizabeth Warren

She read letter from MLK's widow

(Newser) - Sen. Elizabeth Warren read a letter from Martin Luther King's widow outside the Senate chamber Tuesday night—after she was banned from speaking inside. In what the Washington Post calls an "extraordinarily rare move," the GOP-controlled Senate voted to silence Warren for impugning the character of attorney... More »

Belafonte, Sotheby's Cancel MLK Auction

King estate disputes ownership of papers

(Newser) - Sotheby's has canceled the auction of three Martin Luther King documents amid an ongoing feud between their owner—Harry Belafonte—and the King estate, the New York Times reports. MLK's heirs contend that Belafonte is not the rightful owner of the papers, which include an important King speech on Vietnam... More »

MLK's Kids Fight Over Letters

Judge orders Bernice to bring unpublished papers to court

(Newser) - Legal battles among Martin Luther King Jr's children drag on, this time over who gets mom and dad's unpublished correspondence. Yesterday, a judge ordered youngest daughter Bernice, the administrator of Coretta Scott King's estate, to bring to court letters and photos that sit at the heart of a disputed $1.... More »

Foes 'Question Our Blackness,' Clintonites Say

Unanticipated Obama surge puts heat on high-profile supporters

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton’s African-American supporters may once have thought they were making the safe choice, but now that the black community is rallying behind Barack Obama, her boosters' instincts and loyalty are being questioned, the Washington Post reports. The heat is so high that 25 senior boosters had a conference... More »

FBI Spied on Coretta Scott King

Documents expose four-year surveillance campaign

(Newser) - FBI agents mounted a four-year spying operation to scrutinize Martin Luther King's widow, Coretta Scott King, following the assassination of the civil rights leader. The newly released documents reveal that the Nixon administration feared Mrs. King, who died last year, might unite the civil rights movement and anti-war protesters into... More »

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