medical malpractice

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Coroner Refuses to Pronounce Breathing, Moving Man Dead

'Dead people don't move'

(Newser) - For nearly three hours, New York emergency room doctor Gregory Perry ignored requests to re-check a heart attack victim, according to a malpractice lawsuit filed by the victim's wife. Niagara County coroner Joseph Mantione had been called to pronounce 46-year-old Michael Cleveland dead and was one of those trying... More »

Man's Right Testicle Hurt for 15 Years. Doc Removed Left One

Jury awards man $870K in medical malpractice case

(Newser) - A Pennsylvania man is $870,000 richer after a jury ruled his urologist committed "reckless indifference" when he removed the wrong testicle from his patient, reports. Steven Hanes' right testicle had been causing him intense pain for 15 years. According to Fox 43 , it was about half... More »

Doctor Harmed Newborn, and It Cost Taxpayers $33M

Dr. Ata Atogho was a federal medical employee

(Newser) - Marla Dixon was a 19-year-old mother-to-be who had gotten her prenatal care from the federally funded Jessie Trice Community Health Center in Miami. Nurses and midwives met with her along the way, and before giving birth to son Earl Reese-Thornton Jr. on Dec. 2, 2013, things had been progressing well.... More »

She Miscarried at 6 Weeks, Can Sue Her Doctor

Alabama court says wrongful death lawsuit can go forward

(Newser) - A pregnant Alabama woman who suffered a miscarriage at six weeks can sue her doctor for wrongful death, the Alabama Supreme Court has ruled, with judges citing a 2009 state law making it a crime to kill or harm "an unborn child in utero at any stage of development.... More »

It Was a Routine Surgery. Then a Nurse Flipped a Switch

Private hospital in London is found negligent in banker's death

(Newser) - An inquest has blamed the death of an American banker who underwent a routine heart valve operation in Britain on a nurse's mistaken move, reports the Telegraph . Robert Entenman died in 2015 at age 57 at one of Britain's biggest private hospitals, London Bridge. The American, who left... More »

Study: You Will Suffer 'One Meaningful Diagnostic Error'

Data on diagnostic errors is scarce, but they're a serious problem: report

(Newser) - Virtually all Americans will at some point receive a wrong diagnosis or a delayed one, a new report from the National Academy of Medicine finds. "Everyone will experience one meaningful diagnostic error in their lifetime," the chairman of the committee that wrote the report tells NBC News . The... More »

Boy Goes to Doctor, Gets Eye Glued Shut

Vinnie Vavatsikos went in with a cat-scratch on his eyelid

(Newser) - A Canadian boy who went to the doctor this summer ended up screaming in terror when a receptionist accidentally glued one of his eyes shut, his mother tells the CBC . "I thought I was going to faint," says Julia Vavatsikos of what befell her three-year-old boy Vincenzo, who... More »

Jury Awards $21M After Mistaken Brain Surgery

81-year-old patient died after procedure she didn't need, says family lawyer

(Newser) - An 81-year-old Michigan woman went to the hospital for a relatively simple jaw procedure and ended up having brain surgery because of a mix-up in CT scans, her family says. Bimla Nayyar never recovered and died two months after the 2012 procedure, reports the Detroit News . Now a jury has... More »

Man Sues When Amputated Leg Turns Up in Trash

The Florida hospital isn't saying why the leg wasn't incinerated instead

(Newser) - John Timiriasieff didn't think much about the whereabouts of his leg after it was amputated just below the knee last fall. Until homicide detectives came knocking, asking the 50-something man in Key Largo, Fla., what it was doing in the garbage—name tag and all. No one at Doctors... More »

Why One Couple Sued for 'Wrongful Birth'

In difficult circumstances, parents have few options

(Newser) - Sarah and Mark Hall (names changed) love their 3-year-old daughter, Ellie. Yet they recently sued for "wrongful birth," testifying that they would have aborted the pregnancy had they known Ellie would be born with a rare genetic disorder. People who file such lawsuits are often vilified, Elizabeth Picciuto... More »

Angry Mom: Doctor Forced Me to Have C-Section

Rinat Dray files suit for medical malpractice

(Newser) - Rinat Dray wanted to finally have a natural childbirth—but doctors gave her a C-section, and now she's suing them and the hospital, the New York Times reports. Having had two C-sections—and two healthy baby boys—Dray, 35, changed doctors and hired a doula to help her give... More »

Doctors Misdiagnose 1 in 20 Patients They See

And the number might actually be higher

(Newser) - American doctors misdiagnose roughly one out of every 20 adult patients they see in an outpatient setting, or about 12 million of us a year—and about half of those mistakes could cause serious harm, according to a new research report . A team led by Dr. Hardeep Singh—who recently... More »

Doctor Misreads Test, Tells Woman She's Dying

After unneeded chemo, she wins $367K

(Newser) - A Texas doctor has been found guilty of medical malpractice, but there's at least the sliver of a silver lining: His mistake was misreading lab results and telling a perfectly healthy woman that she was dying of breast cancer, reports the Houston Chronicle . So that woman is fine, if... More »

Guy Says Surgery Gave Him 8-Month Erection

Daniel Metzgar suing over penile implant surgery

(Newser) - Daniel Metzgar had penile implant surgery in December 2009 to improve his love life after trying other measures unsuccessfully ... and let's just say the surgery worked a little too well. The Delaware truck driver says he was left with an erection that didn't go away for eight months,... More »

Surgeons Leave Objects in Patients 6K Times a Year

USA Today investigation finds that it happens a dozen times a day

(Newser) - Leaving sponges and other objects in patients after surgery is supposed to never happen—but it does, with surprising frequency. More than a dozen objects are mistakenly left inside surgical patients every day in America, or around 4,500 to 6,000 times a year, reports USA Today . That's... More »

'Psychopathic' Doctor Accused of Killing Patients

Australian doctor allegedly had to be restrained

(Newser) - An allegedly psychopathic doctor who tried to kill his own patients may finally lose his job in Australia after four years of complaints, the Courier & Mail reports. The doctor, whose name hasn't been released, killed at least two elderly patients by unplugging them in a hospital and had... More »

Doctor Accused of Prescribing Christianity

Doc accused of proselytizing to 'vulnerable ... depressed' patient

(Newser) - A British doctor is proselytizing Christianity to patients and defending his right to do it. Health officials are now investigating whether Dr. Richard Scott promoted Christianity as a health benefit to a "vulnerable ... depressed 24-year-old" patient with "lifestyle issues," writes Nelson Jones in his New Statesman blog... More »

$4.5M Awarded to Parents of Child With One Limb

Ultrasounds failed to spot abnormalities

(Newser) - A couple won $4.5 million in a Florida court yesterday because doctors failed to notice that their baby would be born with no arms and one leg, the Palm Beach Post reports. The couple would have aborted the baby, they testified, if only ultrasounds had correctly spotted its missing... More »

Woman Gets $198K for Mastectomies She Didn't Need

Breasts were removed though she didn't have cancer

(Newser) - A California woman who underwent a double mastectomy and later discovered she didn't have breast cancer will be paid $198,000 after winning a medical malpractice lawsuit. Ana Jimenez-Salgado had her breasts surgically removed at a Los Angeles county hospital after outside pathologists said the cells obtained from an August... More »

Fugitive Doctor Caught Camping in Italian Alps

Mountain guide leads authorities to Mark Weinberger's tent

(Newser) - A fugitive American doctor accused of widespread fraud and malpractice was found and arrested this week on a snowy mountain in Italy after 5 years on the run. Mark Weinberg, an Indiana ear, nose, and throat specialist, was living in a tent in Val Ferret. When police cornered him, Weinberg... More »

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