witness intimidation

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Accused Rapist's Lawyer Gets Busted Himself

Christos Vasiliades allegedly threatened victim with deportation

(Newser) - A now-deleted website for Christos Vasiliades described him as an "aggressive" Baltimore attorney "dedicated to client service." Authorities say he's so dedicated, in fact, that he tried to bribe an alleged rape victim so she wouldn't testify against his client, suggested that she beat him... More »

Instagram Account Targets, IDs Crime Witnesses: Cops

Police investigating individual behind 'rats215'

(Newser) - Philadelphia police are on the hunt for an anonymous Instagram user who claimed to "expose rats" by identifying witnesses of violent crimes. Posting more than 150 pictures, plus police statements and testimony, the "rats215" account has named more than 30 witnesses since February in a city where finding... More »

Stop Snitching Cameraman Gets 30 Years

Drug and gun charges send man involved with Baltimore DVD sensation to jail

(Newser) - The heroin dealer-turned-cameraman behind the now-infamous Stop Snitching DVD was given 30 years in federal prison on drug and gun charges yesterday in Baltimore, the Sun reports. During his sentencing, Akiba Matthews-Bey said he was targeted by police because he made the video, which brought national attention to witness intimidation... More »

Witness Fear Trumps Justice in Baltimore

Juror recounts story worthy of HBO’s ‘Wire’

(Newser) - One witness to a double Baltimore police shooting reversed his story in the courtroom and another was driven to tears before publicly repeating what she’d told authorities after the incident. A juror in the eventual mistrial describes his experience in Oxford American, writing that witness intimidation—the defendant sat... More »

4 Stories