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Researchers Offer Remedy for Women's 'Orgasm Gap'

They think a 'golden trio' of techniques will help

(Newser) - Out of the many different types of people having sex out there, it seems that when it comes to reaching orgasm, straight women are at the bottom of the totem pole. Reporting in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior , researchers at the Kinsey Institute, Chapman University, and Indiana University found... More »

Vacationing Lesbians Arrested for Kissing Get $80K Settlement

A Hawaiian police officer didn't appreciate their PDA

(Newser) - Two women who say they were arrested for kissing in a grocery store during a Hawaiian vacation last year will settle their lawsuit against the City of Honolulu for $80,000, the AP reports. Los Angeles residents Courtney Wilson and Taylor Guerrero were holding hands while shopping at a Foodland... More »

World's Biggest Lesbian Gathering Is a Giant Desert Party

The Dinah Shore Weekend is now in its 26th year

(Newser) - What's it like when thousands of lesbians from around the globe drop everything and head out for nearly a week of partying in the California desert? "Gaypocalypse" is the word Arwa Mahdawi of the Guardian came up with. Mahdawi attended the 26th annual Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend,... More »

SCOTUS Rules on Gay Adoption, Apple ... Batmobile

And other Supreme Court decisions on this busy Monday

(Newser) - The Supreme Court ruled Monday that Alabama's top court went too far when it tried to upend a lesbian mother's adoption of her longtime partner's children, the AP reports. Before their breakup, one partner bore three children; the other formally adopted them in Georgia, which they were... More »

Women's Suit: Kiss Got Us Arrested, Stranded in Hawaii

A vacation in Hawaii turned into a forced six-month stay on Oahu after a kiss

(Newser) - When Courtney Wilson and her girlfriend Taylor Guerrero visited Hawaii from California for the first time on vacation last March, they didn't realize they were about to be trapped on Oahu for six months. But on their second day, they went grocery shopping at Foodland Pupukea—and "we... More »

Cate Blanchett: I've Had 'Many' Relationships With Women

But that's about all she'll say about that

(Newser) - In Carol, debuting at Cannes Sunday, Cate Blanchett plays a woman who gets romantically involved with another woman. In an extensive Variety interview about the film, asked whether this is Blanchett's "first turn as a lesbian," the actress replied, "On film—or in real life?" But... More »

Pediatrician Won't Treat Baby With Lesbian Moms

Parents are 'dumbfounded,' but no rules were broken

(Newser) - A pediatrician in the Detroit area is now the center of a debate over gay rights after she refused to care for a newborn because the girl had lesbian parents. As the Detroit Free Press reports, when parents Jami and Krista Contreras brought their 6-day-old girl in for a check-up,... More »

Lesbians Outdo Straight Women on Orgasms

They have notably more, but still trail men, says study

(Newser) - A new study out of the Kinsey Institute finds that lesbians have more orgasms than their straight or bisexual peers, reports the Huffington Post . Study participants were asked to report the percentage of times they climax with a familiar partner, and the differences among women were surprisingly large:
  • Heterosexual: 62%
... More »

Cemetery Refuses to Bury Gay Veteran With Wife

Because Idaho state law forbids gay marriage

(Newser) - A Navy veteran in Idaho wants to be interred with her late wife, but a cemetery said no—although it does inter and bury opposite-sex spouses with veterans, Yahoo reports. Madelynn Taylor, 74, asked the Idaho State Veterans Cemetery if their ashes could be placed together, but the cemetery said... More »

'Quarantine' Gays? Lawmaker Stands by His Book

Wyoming Rep. Troy Mader self-published nearly 30 years ago

(Newser) - Do gays demand the right to have sex with kids? Should gays who have sex be quarantined? That's what new Wyoming state legislator Troy Mader wrote in a book about AIDS nearly 30 years ago, and he still stands by at least some of it, the Casper Star-Tribune reports.... More »

Sex Between Women Spreads HIV in Rare Case

CDC says it's the first confirmed case of this occurring

(Newser) - It's rare but definitely not impossible for HIV to be transmitted by sexual contact between women, according to a paper published this week by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In the first confirmed case of its kind, the CDC believes one Texas woman infected another with HIV... More »

Texas Frees Lesbians Convicted on 'Junk Science'

They were accused of assaulting two girls in Satanic ritual

(Newser) - Four lesbians imprisoned in Texas since the late 1990s on sex-assault charges are now free, a reversal in a case that critics say relied on "junk science" and anti-gay bias, reports Reuters . Elizabeth Ramirez, 39, Kristie Mayhugh, 40, and Cassandra Rivera, 38, walked out of Bexar County jail last... More »

Debuting Today: LPAC, the Lesbian Super PAC

Jane Lynch, Billie Jean King, and Laura Ricketts all on board

(Newser) - Laura Ricketts attends a lot of political fundraisers targeting gay donors, and she's noticed something: There aren't a lot of lesbians in attendance. That's one of the reasons why Ricketts, whose family owns the Chicago Cubs, has signed on as one of the founding members of LPAC,... More »

China Lets Lesbians Donate Blood Again

Gay men, too, but only if they're celibate

(Newser) - For the first time since 1998, lesbians can legally give blood in China. The ban, prompted by HIV and AIDS fears 14 years ago, also has been lifted on celibate gay men, though sexually active gay men are still barred from donating. A major Chinese lesbian activist applauded the move,... More »

Dad of Murdered Lesbian Teen Calls for Justice

My 'guardian angel' was happy, says Mario Olgin

(Newser) - The dad of the teenage lesbian shot dead in a Texas park called for justice yesterday. He immediately had a "bad feeling" when his 19-year-old daughter, Mollie, failed to show up for work, said Mario Olgin. “It was not like Mollie," he told KIII-TV . "If she... More »

Teenage Lesbians Found Shot in Texas

Mollie Judith Olgin, 19, was dead on the scene

(Newser) - Two teenage lesbians were found shot in the head in a south Texas park on Saturday, and police have no apparent motive or suspect, MSNBC reports. Mollie Judith Olgin, 19, was dead on the scene, and Mary Christine Chapa, 18, is in a hospital in serious condition. Police in Portland,... More »

Boy Scouts Boot Lesbian Den Leader

Jennifer Tyrrell launches petition for policy shift

(Newser) - Earlier this month, a Cub Scout den leader and mom was removed from her post because she's gay. Now she has launched a campaign to change the organization's policy. When Jennifer Tyrrell became a leader in Bridgeport, Ohio, she was aware of the Boy Scouts' rules against openly-homosexual... More »

Restaurant Boots Lesbian Couple After Kiss

Phoenix Sheraton is 'reaching out' after outrage ensues

(Newser) - A lesbian couple celebrating their 10th anniversary at a Phoenix restaurant shared a hug and a kiss, and then promptly got shown the door. Kenyata White posted about the incident on Facebook, however, and the ensuing social media outrage has prompted the Sheraton Phoenix Downtown Hotel to begin "reaching... More »

Anti-Gay Marriage Politician Donated Sperm to Lesbians

Bill Johnson made donations without wife's knowledge while in New Zealand

(Newser) - In his failed quest to become governor of Alabama, Bill Johnson campaigned against gay marriage in 2009—but he has been secretly donating sperm to lesbian couples in New Zealand since. Johnson headed to the country this year to aid in earthquake recovery; it was his desire to father children... More »

Matchmaking Rabbi Pairs Gay Men With Lesbians

... so they can become parents

(Newser) - It might well be the most unusual matchmaking service in the world: An Israeli rabbi specializes in setting up Orthodox Jewish gay men with Orthodox lesbians for marriage, reports the AP . The idea is that they can raise a family together while still adhering to religious laws. The spouses could... More »

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