Paul Wolfowitz

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Iran to Try Bush Officials for Human Rights Abuses

Trial designed to counter accusations of Tehran's own abuses

(Newser) - Iran intends to try 26 current or former US officials in absentia for human rights violations and forward its findings to international tribunals, one lawmaker said today. He didn’t specify which officials, but Reuters believes it’s likely to be the same people listed on a bill currently in... More »

We Dare Not Go After This Monster

Ousting Gadhafi would not be the 'cakewalk' hawks make it out to be

(Newser) - The same hawks who drummed America into a "cakewalk" war in Iraq now want to march right in and liberate Libya, even though, in the case of Paul Wolfowitz, one "would think" he'd "have the good manners to shut up and take up horticulture," writes Maureen... More »

Gore, Wolfowitz Team Up to Fight Malaysia Trial

They don't agree on much, except that Anwar Ibrahim is being railroaded

(Newser) - The case of persecuted Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim has created an unlikely pair of allies: Al Gore and Paul Wolfowitz. They argue in a joint editorial for the Wall Street Journal that the US must pressure Malaysia to stop the politically motivated trial Anwar is currently facing on dubious... More »

Amid Scandal, IMF Exec Wins Praise for Nimble Work

Strauss-Kahn's 'activist' economics suit crisis

(Newser) - Even as he faces a probe for misconduct, the head of the International Monetary Fund is being praised for a decisive response to the world financial crisis, Bloomberg reports. Europe’s chief banker says he’s “convinced the investigation will prove that Dominique Strauss-Kahn didn’t abuse power.”... More »

IMF Chief Probed Over Affair

Investigation rattles key organization during financial crisis

(Newser) - In a shakeup amid the financial crisis, the International Monetary Fund is investigating whether its managing director abused his position in an affair with a subordinate, the Wall Street Journal reports. Backed by US and Russian representatives, Egypt’s rep to the IMF called for the probe into the relationship... More »

Wolfowitz Appointment Draws Fire

Rice taps Iraq mastermind to chair influential panel

(Newser) - Paul Wolfowitz is returning to the Bush administration as a security adviser, and even before it was official, the appointment was drawing boos, the New York Times reports. The controversial figure will take Fred Thompson’s seat as chairman of the Secretary of State’s International Security Advisory Board, an... More »

Britain Tops US in Funding for World Bank

Institution raises record $25.1B for globe's poorest countries

(Newser) - Great Britain has supplanted the United States as the largest contributor to the World Bank, pledging $4.2 billion of the total $25.1 billion raised for the world's poorest nations, a record high. The shift in power reflects both the dollar's waning dominance as well as an end to... More »

Rice Ordered to Testify in Espionage Trial

10 top officials subpoenaed on behalf of pro-Israel lobbyists

(Newser) - In a rare move, a federal judge yesterday ordered Condoleezza Rice and 10 other high-ranking officials to testify at the upcoming trial of two pro-Israel lobbyists accused of espionage. National security adviser Stephen Hadley and former Defense official Paul Wolfowitz are among those subpoenaed to testify on behalf of the... More »

World Bank President Touts New Strategy

Zoellick calls for fast funds and alternative energy sources

(Newser) - Robert Zoellick has outlined a new strategy for the World Bank, including giving the private sector a bigger role in development, speeding aid to countries coming out of conflict, and promoting green energy alternatives, Reuters reports. The new president  has been quick to reposition the global bank's mission following the... More »

Paul Challenges GOP Agenda on Campaign Trail

"Lone wolf''s" campaign gains traction with the young and wired

(Newser) - Most Americans know him—if at all— as the firebrand Texas congressman who’s always pushed to the end of the line during debates. Ron Paul flounders at the bottom of national polls, but he's is the most “friended” Republican on And he's the lone GOP presidential... More »

World Bank Confirms New Prez

Robert Zoellick to take over July 1

(Newser) - Declaring that he's looking forward to "encouraging hope, opportunity and dignity," Robert Zoellick was elected yesterday to succeed the embattled Paul Wolfowitz as new chief of the World Bank. The Goldman Sachs investment banker and former US deputy secretary of state will officially step into office July 1.... More »

Next World Bank Prez Meets World

Zoellick begins circuit to meet and greet bank's poorest clients

(Newser) - Former trade rep Robert Zoellick embarked on a world tour yesterday, in advance of his likely ascension to president of the World Bank this month. Zoellick will stop in Africa to visit the bank's largest beneficiaries, and Europe to schmooze with its largest donors. "I want to leave no... More »

Zoellick Vows to Mend World Bank

Nominee sounds prepared to clean up Wolfowitz mess

(Newser) - Robert Zoellick knows he has his work cut out for him, and he says he will try to "calm the waters" if he is confirmed as World Bank president. "This institution has been through a traumatic period and there is a lot of anxiety, some frustration and anger,... More »

Former Trade Rep to Head World Bank

Bush expected to name Zoellick to replace Wolfowitz

(Newser) - President Bush will tap former US trade representative Robert Zoellick as the new World Bank prez, sources close to administration said this afternoon. Zoellick, who has spent over 20 years in government, served as deputy secretary of state and the country's top trade official until last year, when he joined... More »

Frist Heads World Bank Shortlist

Bush determined to replace Wolfowitz with American

(Newser) - The White House is eying former Senate majority leader Bill Frist to take the World Bank presidency soon to be vacated by Paul Wolfowitz, the Wall Street Journal reports. Also getting a look are Treasury No. 2 Robert Kimmitt, onetime trade representative Robert Zoellick, and Federal Reserve chairman Paul Volcker,... More »

Wolfowitz Reportedly Back on the Market

Ex-World Bank president has lost both job and girlfriend

(Newser) - First the World Bank dumped him, and now Paul Wolfowitz is on the outs with girlfriend Shaha Riza, Page Six reports. "She was furious about the embarrassment," a source tells the Post, which says she resented implications she'd slept her way to the top. What's more, Riza didn't... More »

Wolfowitz Torpedoed 2nd Chance

Repeated the same mistakes at the Pentagon, World Bank

(Newser) - Paul Wolfowitz clung to his job at the World Bank with characteristic tenacity, but friends and colleagues tell the New York Times that his failure there may have been inevitable. He approached the bank position with the same single-mindedness he displayed at the Pentagon, where he was blind to dissenting... More »

Wolfowitz Resigns From World Bank

White House yields; speculation on successor already lively

(Newser) - Paul Wolfowitz will leave the World Bank on June 30, capping a tumultuous two years for the development institution and its beleaguered president. Wolfowitz's tenure was marked by controversy from day one, when he assumed the office under the cloud of the Iraq war, until today, when a drawn-out ethics... More »

Wolfowitz Headed Out the Door

World Bank board negotiating terms of president's exit

(Newser) - Paul Wolfowitz may step down from the World Bank as early as today, CNNMoney reports.  Wolfowitz and the World Bank board are still wrangling over the terms of his departure, but early accounts suggest that the beleaguered president would leave voluntarily and the bank would admit some responsibility for... More »

White House Support for Wolfowitz Crumbles

Bank will discuss his fate today

(Newser) - The White House is looking for an exit srategy for besieged World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz. After months of unwavering support that failed to soften the bank's European partners, the Bush administration has indicated a willingness to replace him if it can be done without firing, the Washington Post reports.... More »

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