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Pam Anderson, Sheriff Joe Team Up

... to serve Arizona inmates vegetarian meals

(Newser) - Some inmates at the Maricopa County Jail did a double-take after seeing actress Pamela Anderson serving their lunches. The former Baywatch star was in town yesterday to help promote Sheriff Joe Arpaio's all-vegetarian meal program. Arpaio says cutting meat from the meals served to the more than 8,000... More »

What to Call a Non-Vegetarian Who's Eating Less Meat

'Reducetarians' take measured approach to changing diet

(Newser) - Given a variety of reasons not to eat meat these days—think health, climate change, worker and animal welfare—many people are limiting the meat on their menus. But it's a splintered movement, with some going vegan, others vegetarian, and still others simply reducing their intake of animal products.... More »

Most Vegetarians Keep It Up for ... a Year

Social pressures, health prompt them to return to meat: studies

(Newser) - It seems becoming a vegetarian and staying a vegetarian are two very different things. A whopping 84% of vegetarians end up eating meat again, and most people shift back within a single year, according to a new study . Specifically, 53% of vegetarians are meat-eaters again within 12 months, while more... More »

This Veggie Burger 'Bleeds' Like Meat

Biochemist behind Impossible Foods wants to convert hard-core beef lovers

(Newser) - The burger looks, sizzles, browns, and even bleeds just like any burger you might throw on the barbecue. But this one is entirely plant-based, its key found in a sort of "plant blood" developed by Patrick Brown, a Stanford biochemistry professor and CEO of startup venture Impossible Foods. Brown,... More »

Beef: Meat Industry's Worst Eco-Offender

Raising cattle takes up 160 times as much land as plants, study finds

(Newser) - Think drive-thru cheeseburgers are cheap? Think again. What may be light on the wallet is heavy on the planet, according to a new study on the environmental costs per calorie of beef, pork, poultry, dairy, and eggs—which, combined, make up 96% of the calories Americans get via animal sources.... More »

Study Links Red Meat to Breast Cancer, But...

...experts are skeptical

(Newser) - Women who eat a lot of red meat early in life have a moderately higher risk of breast cancer, according to a new study, though experts not involved with the Harvard research are skeptical. The study tracked 89,000 women aged 24 to 43 and concluded that women who ate... More »

What Would Happen If the Planet Went Vegetarian

LV Anderson: Things would get crazy—but what we're doing now is just as crazy

(Newser) - If it was up to PETA, the whole world would go vegan. But what if that actually happened? LV Anderson tackles the question in Slate by looking at recent relevant research, and finds that planet-wide vegetarianism or veganism would have quite a few positive ramifications: reduced greenhouse gas emissions, millions... More »

Vegetarian? You'll Probably Live Longer

New study found the meat-free were 12% less likely to die

(Newser) - The latest study giving you a reason to go meatless finds that vegetarians live longer than those who eat meat. Interestingly, the study tracked 73,308 Seventh-day Adventists, because the church promotes vegetarianism, the Wall Street Journal reports. Over the six years participants were tracked, those who didn't eat... More »

Go Vegetarian, Heart Risk Drops 32%

Study: Vegetarians have lower blood pressure, cholesterol

(Newser) - One reason to ditch meat: A new study finds that vegetarians were 32% less likely to die of heart disease or be treated in the hospital for it, the BBC reports. University of Oxford scientists studied 44,500 people over a period of 11 years, and found that vegetarians also... More »

Firefighter: I Was Snubbed for Being Vegetarian

Anthony Harper says colleagues ostracized him

(Newser) - Talk about a meaty problem: A New York firefighter says colleagues have snubbed him and even endangered his life because he's vegetarian, the New York Post reports. Anthony Harper, 42, says it began when he changed his diet two years ago and stopped paying his share of communal meals... More »

You May Have to Turn Vegetarian by 2050

...because of water constraints, say scientists

(Newser) - If you're not a fan of black beans and tofu, you may be out of luck in about 40 years. Some of the world's foremost water scientists say the planet will have to cut its consumption of animal-based products from 20% to about 5% by 2050, assuming we... More »

USDA Plugs Meatless Mondays, Outrage Ensues

Storm of criticism follows suggestion to employees

(Newser) - Who knew an interoffice newsletter could create such drama? The USDA gave "Meatless Monday" a shout-out in its newsletter this week, encouraging its employees to help the planet out by joining the effort to go vegetarian on Monday "while dining at our cafeterias." This did not go... More »

30% of Meat Eaters Refuse to Date Vegetarians

But only 4% of veggie lovers wouldn't date omnivores

(Newser) - When it comes to dating, meat eaters are actually pickier than vegetarians. Almost 30% of omnivores wouldn't go out with a vegetarian or vegan, whereas just 4% of vegetarians wouldn't date a meat eater, a Today and poll finds. Of course, it's not exactly a... More »

PETA Picks Hottest Vegetarian Celebs

Jessica Chastain, Woody Harrelson are sexiest veggie-lovers

(Newser) - Not much of a meaty story, but PETA has crowned Jessica Chastain and Woody Harrelson in the Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrities 2012 contest. The big-screen stars have 45 meat-free years between them, reports the Huffington Post . "I don't want to torture anything," said Chastain, who's been vegan... More »

Study Finds 48% of Chicken Could Be Tainted by Poop

But the strain of E. coli found won't make you sick, say experts

(Newser) - There's a pretty good chance your chicken has been contaminated by poop. Some 120 chickens bought from grocery stores in 10 major cities were tested in a new study, which found that 48% were contaminated by E. coli, an indicator of fecal contamination, the New York Times reports. "... More »

Why We Stopped Being Vegetarians

A butcher, hunter, and rancher discuss the ethics of eating animals

(Newser) - For long stretches of their lives, Nicolette Niman, Tovar Cerulli and Joshua Applestone were all vegetarians or vegans. Now, they’re a rancher, a hunter, and a butcher, respectively, who “firmly believe food from animals can be healthful, environmentally appropriate, and ethical,” they write in the Atlantic . Their... More »

Tobey Maguire Sends Back Free Mercedes

Plus: five famous meat lovers

(Newser) - Tobey Maguire wasn’t happy with the luxurious Mercedes he was given to use while filming in Australia, so he sent it back—but not because he’s a spoiled Hollywood star. Rather, Maguire is a vegan and took issue with the car’s leather seats, Australia’s Daily Telegraph... More »

Hindus Can Sue Restaurant for Serving Them Meat

They want New Jersey eatery to foot price of trip to India for purification

(Newser) - Easy winner for lawsuit of the day: A state appellate panel in New Jersey has ruled that Hindu diners can sue a restaurant that mistakenly served them meat for the price of a trip to India, the Star-Ledger reports. The 16 vegetarians say they must purify their souls and can... More »

Zuckerberg Literally Killing His Own Meat

It's no metaphor, just his new 'personal challenge'

(Newser) - Mark Zuckerberg says he's almost a vegetarian these days—but he’ll eat meat if the animal died at his own hands, Fortune reports. It’s just his latest challenge: Every year, the Facebook boss takes on some new hurdle in his time away from the website. Last year,... More »

Denny's New Burger Cheered by ... Vegans?

They're mostly happy about getting a menu entry

(Newser) - Surprise, surprise. In an age of KFC Double Downs and footlong cheeseburgers, Denny's has put a "bona fide vegan burger" on its menu, writes Jason Best at Slashfood . Granted, it also has a Bacon Slamburger, he notes, but his survey of vegan blogs finds that people seem genuinely excited... More »

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