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Etsy Bans Sale of Spells, Irks Witches, Pagans

Some claim cultural or religious bias

(Newser) - Back in 2012, when eBay banned the sale of spells, potions, and other metaphysical goods, many witches and pagans set up shop with Etsy instead. But they're going to have to shuffle their goods and services yet again, now that Etsy—which went public in April—has quietly banned... More »

Ex-TSA Employee: I Was Fired Because I'm a Witch

Carole A. Smith claims religious discrimination got her canned

(Newser) - Carole A. Smith ranked among the top 10% of workers when it came to catching weapons on the X-ray machine at New York's Albany International Airport. So why did the TSA fire her? She says it was over her religious beliefs: Smith is a practicing Wiccan, or, as she calls... More »

Catholic Church Issues Guide to Chatting Up Witches

They figure Harry Potter will wind up creating more of them

(Newser) - The Catholic Church, alert as ever to the dangers facing the modern believer, has issued a helpful new pamphlet entitled, “Wicca and Witchcraft: Understanding the Dangers.” This enlightening publication—which must be selling like hotcakes, because it’s sold out on Amazon UK, tells you everything you need... More »

First in 456 Years: A Lunar Eclipse on Winter Solstice

Spiritualists see energy, but scientists say coincidence

(Newser) - The longest night of 2010 could well be the darkest winter solstice in 456 years: Tuesday's solstice falls on the same day as a full lunar eclipse, a rare celestial occurrence that for some signifies great cosmic energies, reports the Montreal Gazette . Many religions associate the solstice with the rebirth... More »

Air Force Builds Wiccan Center; Someone Erects a Cross

So much for efforts to boost religious tolerance at academy

(Newser) - The Air Force Academy's newly opened outdoor worship area for Wiccans was supposed to signal a new era of religious tolerance at an institution long plagued by complaints of Christian bias. Until, that is, a cross was planted in the middle of it two weeks ago. Now angry religious freedom... More »

$32M Lottery Winner Believes in Magic

Md. accountant says Wiccan gods helped him hit the jackpot

(Newser) - A Maryland accountant says he won a share of last week's $330 million Mega Millions jackpot by making a deal with Wiccan gods. “You let me win the lottery, and I’ll teach,” said Elwood “Bunky” Bartlett, who says he holds one of four winning tickets and... More »

6 Stories