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Hedge Fund Selloffs Behind Swooning Dow

Investors cashing out in record numbers to meet obligations

(Newser) - Hedge funds are increasingly to blame for the swooning Dow, the Wall Street Journal reports, as demands from investors to withdraw funds have sparked a securities selling frenzy in recent days. The rush to withdraw comes as investors—endowments and  pension funds as well as wealthy individuals—see other investments... More »

Why Midafternoon Brings Out the Bears

Wall Street is facing one of its worst bear markets since World War II

(Newser) - An increasingly familiar Wall Street phenomenon—a three-digit swing in the Dow, usually down, in the final hour of trading—is a direct result of population growth in one species: bears. Margin calls are forcing panicked sell-offs, it's true, but the situation is more complicated than that, experts tell... More »

Hedge Funds Poised to Profit as Banks Shun Risk

Private equity eyes trading territory ceded by changes at Goldman, Morgan Stanley

(Newser) - With the last two large US investment banks going commercial in an effort to stay afloat, private-equity and hedge funds are stepping into the void, the Wall Street Journal reports. Taking on roles previously filled by the likes of Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, hedge funds like Citadel and private-equity... More »

Shakeup May Signal E*Trade's Availability

New chairman could steer struggling brokerage toward buyer

(Newser) - E*Trade Financial, stung by mortgage- and mortgage-backed securities market losses, is adding CEO to chairman Donald Layton's duties. The company may be dolling itself up for a possible sale by polishing its tarnished image, the Wall Street Journal reports. Since Layton, 57, became chairman in November, the brokerage has rebounded... More »

Citadel Bets Big on Mortgage Recovery in E*Trade Deal

Hedge funds beginning to gamble on rebound

(Newser) - In bailing out flailing E*Trade with a $2.5-billion infusion yesterday, Citadel Investment is among the hedge funds and private investors starting to bet big on a recovery in mortgage-related securities, the Wall Street Journal reports. "The market is pricing assets like things are going to get really bad,... More »

5 Stories