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Teens Can Outrun 'Fatso Gene'

Hour of excercise a day keeps the extra pounds away

(Newser) - A "fatso" gene can pack the pounds on teens, but they can beat it with an hour of exercise a day, scientists have discovered in a new study. "Get active" playing sports, biking, swimming, dancing, the lead researcher urges teens. Teens in the study saddled with the troublesome... More »

British Scientists Find Fat Gene

Answer to the waistline gap may be in the chromosomes, researchers say

(Newser) - British scientists have for the first time identified a gene that contributes to garden-variety obesity, supporting ancient anecdotal evidence that birthright, not just lifestyle, shapes stomachs.  Although they can't say exactly how the gene, called FTO, works, the 16% of white Europeans carrying two "fat" variations of it... More »

2 Stories