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Musharraf a No-Show at His Own Indictment

Authorities cite security concerns, but maybe a deal is in the works?

(Newser) - A seemingly ironic twist for Pervez Musharraf in Pakistan today: The former leader was supposed to be indicted on charges that his government did nothing to prevent the assassination of Benazir Bhutto in 2007. But Musharraf couldn't show up in court because of death threats against him, reports Reuters... More »

Pakistan PM Escapes Convoy Attack

Gilani and others unharmed as leader continues campaigning for Zardari

(Newser) - Three days before Pakistan is to elect a new president, PM Yousuf Gilani escaped an assassination attempt on his caravan outside Islamabad, the BBC reports. No injuries were reported, officials said, citing “robust and comprehensive security measures,” but CNN reports it's unclear whether Gilani was present in the... More »

Pakistan Surgeon General Killed

Dies with 8 others in suicide bombing

(Newser) - Pakistan's surgeon general was killed today by a suicide bomber who blew himself up at a busy intersection in the city of Rawalpindi.  Lt. Gen. Mushtaq Ahmad Baig, his driver and his guard were killed, the Washington Post reports; Baig was the highest-ranking military officer to be killed in... More »

Pakistan Busts 2 More in Bhutto Hit

Arrests come as nation ends mourning period

(Newser) - Pakistani authorities have charged two alleged terrorists with participating in the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, reports AFP. The two men are from Rawalpindi, where the former PM was killed in December. "Their tentacles are from the tribal region and Baitullah Mehsud," said a senior official, referring to the... More »

Bomb Kills Pakistan Medic Staff

Latest in series of attacks on Rawalpindi

(Newser) - At least six people died this morning when a suicide bomber riding a motorbike slammed into a military bus in a ball of fire and smoke in the Pakistani garrison city of Rawalpindi. At least 20 were injured in the attack, which occurred in a crowded market area during rush... More »

Policeman: Sudden Crowd Stopped Bhutto's Car

New reports deepen mystery around assassination

(Newser) - New reports on the assassination of Benazir Bhutto point to the killing being a well-organized plot and suggest Musharraf's government knows more than it claims, McClatchy reports. A police witness says a crowd that appeared to be Bhutto supporters surged into the road and stopped her car. When she emerged... More »

Police Stopped Bhutto Autopsy: Hospital Rep

Top cop says ex-PM's husband nixed post-mortem

(Newser) - The Rawalpindi police chief prevented doctors from performing an autopsy on Benazir Bhutto, according to an open letter issued today by a representative of the hospital where she died. Chief Aziz Saud invoked the investigators' “exclusive responsibility,” CNN reports, but Saud says Bhutto's husband objected. The lack of... More »

24 Killed in Pakistan Blasts

Dozens more injured by two bombs near Islamabad

(Newser) - A government-owned bus exploded early this morning in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, killing everyone on board, reports the Washington Post. While emergency crews were responding to the scene, a second bomb tore through a market area in the military city near the capital of Islamabad. The death toll currently stands at 24,... More »

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