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Freak Weather Snarls Europe Travel

Frustrated travelers camp out in airports, train stations

(Newser) - Hundreds of thousands of passengers on their way to family holiday festivities in Europe were camped out instead yesterday at mobbed airports and train stations shut down by record snow and cold. London's Heathrow Airport was largely closed for a second day as wanna-be fliers huddled under emergency blankets on... More »

Snow Shuts Europe Air Hubs

Storms, strikes snarl travel across continent

(Newser) - European air travel hasn't been disrupted this much since Eyjafjalljokull was spewing: Winter storms have snarled air and road traffic across Europe for the third day in a row, forcing major air hubs like Edinburgh and Geneva to shut down completely and causing delays at many others, the AP reports.... More »

Travel Chaos Continues as Ash Cloud Spreads East

Flights grounded at least 2 more days after Icelandic volcano eruption

(Newser) - The cloud of volcanic ash emanating from Iceland has reached northern Scotland, and the aviation disruption caused by the floating debris will continue for at least 2 more days, the Times of London reports. Thousands of flights have been grounded, crippling airline schedules around the world, and now health concerns... More »

740 Evacuated in Latest Eurostar Snafu

(Newser) - Some 740 passengers had to be evacuated from a packed Eurostar train from Paris last night after the electricity failed. Passengers were plunged into darkness as they awaited rescuers with ladders shortly after the train left the chunnel and headed toward London. More »

Cold Stalls Eurostar Again

Passengers stuck for 2 hours in Chunnel, advised to stay home

(Newser) - Another Eurostar train got stuck in the Channel Tunnel again yesterday amid Britain's worst spell of winter weather in a generation. The train was towed out after 2 hours and Eurostar announced that services will be severely limited throughout the weekend. Passengers were urged to avoid non-essential travel, the AP... More »

Cold Strands 4 Trains Under English Channel

Eurostar cites 'severe problems,' sends rescue

(Newser) - Four passenger trains—and some 2,000 passengers—are stuck in the tunnel underneath the English Channel, due to “severe problems” caused by the combination of unseasonable cold outside and the warm air inside. At least three were bound from Paris to London, AFP reports, and, says a Eurostar... More »

Wanna Buy the Chunnel? Get it Now From Slash Gordon

Brown mounts $25.3B asset sale, including underwater rail link

(Newser) - British Prime Minister Gordon Brown is launching a massive $25.3 billion sell-off of Britain's assets, ranging from student loans to the Chunnel linking England and France, in order to reduce record deficits and maintain public expenditures. As the British election draws nearer, the Labor Party is attempting to burnish... More »

Immigrant Busted Clinging to 186 mph Eurostar

Cops aren't saying how he did it

(Newser) - An illegal immigrant was nabbed in England clinging to the outside of a Eurostar rail car, reports the Independent. The trains reach speeds of 186 mph. The train originated in Brussels and traveled through France. Police provided no details on how the man survived the risky journey. Immigrants sneaking into... More »

Tunnel Fire Halts English Channel Trains

More than 30 passengers evacuated after blaze starts on truck; injuries are minor

(Newser) - More than 30 people were evacuated today when a fire broke out in a truck being transported by train in the tunnel beneath the English Channel, the Times of London reports. Injuries were minor—“smoke inhalation and minor cuts and bruises,” one official said, but all trains have... More »

Eurotunnel Boasts First Profit

Debt-plagued cross-Channel rail company sees light at the end of the tunnel

(Newser) - Eurotunnel is in the black for the first time since the France-England tunnel opened in 1994, the BBC reports. The company says it has turned the corner after many troubled years, helped by a sweeping debt restructuring plan and the opening of a new high-speed rail link on the British... More »

The New English Commute: via the Channel

UK buyers say oui oui to working in London, living in France

(Newser) - The Independent reports on the rise of a new phenomenon of Britons commuting to work in London—from France. Middle-class buyers, priced out of "character" English homes and stuck in cookie-cutter subdivisions, are increasingly purchasing properties in Normandy and other parts of France's north—where prices are as much... More »

From Chips to Chez in 135 Minutes

New Eurostar line cuts London-Paris transit time by 20 minutes

(Newser) - Top travel time between London and Paris should be at least 20 minutes faster thanks to track improvements that allowed a Eurostar train to set a record this morning. The test journey from Paris to St. Pancras Station, London, a 306-mile trip, took 2:03:39, the BBC reports. Regular... More »

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