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World Subways Evolving Into 'Master Form'

Are we driven unconsciously toward same organizational pattern?

(Newser) - In a weird convergence of form following function, the world's subway systems are marching toward a kind of "unified theory" of structure for the complex operations. The route patterns seem intuitively logical, but they have developed across different cultures, in different geographies and economies, and often piecemeal over... More »

London Subway Workers Set to Strike Tomorrow

(Newser) - After failing to reach an agreement with management, London Underground workers will go on a two-day strike starting tomorrow evening, Reuters reports. The dispute over worker safety could affect millions of commuters and tourists. London transportation authorities say they will add extra buses and ferries to accommodate the disruption. More »

Boozing Brits Go Down the Tube

Cops collar 17 as thousands celebrate subway alcohol ban

(Newser) - Thousands of drunken revelers filled London's subway last night to christen a new law, against drinking on the subway. One partier called it "boisterous but friendly," although police nabbed at least 17 and shut down two stations, the London Times reports. More »

London Mayor Bans Subway Boozing

End of the line for lushes

(Newser) - One of the first acts of the newly elected mayor of London was to ban drinking alcohol on London's Tube subway system and buses, USA Today reports. The ban, which was a campaign pledge by Boris Johnson, will take effect Sunday. Public drinking has been commonplace in Britain for decades. More »

Sony Goes Viral With 'Thriller'

New YouTube videos promote song's 25th anniversary

(Newser) - When Sony BMG wanted to work up some excitement for the 25th anniversary of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” a conventional campaign using the reclusive artist didn't look like a winner. So the label went the guerrilla route, staging “impromptu breakouts” of the "Thriller" zombie dance at... More »

5 Stories