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Guy Survives Crash That Rips Car in Two

Carlos Pino, 20, may have been intoxicated during crash: cops

(Newser) - It's perhaps an understatement to say a Florida man is lucky to be alive after he lost control of his sportscar and hit a tree on Tuesday. Police say Carlos Pino, 20, may have been intoxicated when he over-corrected on a curve while driving his 1986 Nissan 300ZX on... More »

Caitlyn Jenner Won't Be Charged in Fatal Crash

DA determines there's not enough evidence

(Newser) - Caitlyn Jenner won't be going to a men's prison as she feared she might . The Los Angeles district attorney has concluded there isn't enough evidence to charge her with a crime in the February car accident that resulted in the death of a 70-year-old woman. "We... More »

Man, 83, With Prosthetic Leg Helps Save Kids

They had been in car accident that killed their mom

(Newser) - An 83-year-old man with a prosthetic leg is being hailed as a hero after helping rescue two small children from a car after it crashed, killing their mother. The Tampa Bay Times reports that Ralph Patterson said he heard the crash and the children's screams in Plant City, Fla.... More »

2 Trucks Plummet Off Georgia Bridge Onto Highway

A Publix truck and a tanker with 8K gallons of fuel ended up on road below

(Newser) - Lunch hour got messy in Georgia today when two tractor-trailers drove right off an I-285 bridge and onto busy state highway 400, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. Three people were sent to area hospitals, and the Sandy Springs Police Department warned that lane closures—which include all northbound lanes of 400... More »

Duck Rider Heard Driver Say 'Oh, No!'

Police investigating possible mechanical failure on Ducks vehicle

(Newser) - Four people killed when a Ride the Ducks amphibious vehicle collided with a bus in Seattle yesterday have been identified as international students at North Seattle College. Authorities say they were among 48 staff and students from six countries who were touring the city on a chartered bus before classes... More »

Mom Spots Spider, Jumps Out of Moving Car

While her 9-year-old son was still inside

(Newser) - An Indiana mom found a spider on her shoulder at exactly the wrong time—while she was backing out of her driveway on Friday. Authorities say Angela Kipp of Syracuse jumped out of her Dodge Avenger while it was still in gear ... and her 9-year-old son was in the back... More »

Couple Stumbles Upon Driver Trapped in Car 2 Days

Woman had somehow gone through guardrail, over cliff

(Newser) - A young couple who stopped to take pictures at a scenic overlook in the Utah mountains thought the screams sounded like children playing in the distance at first. But as the cries persisted, Spencer Dryden and Cleo Jackson realized it wasn't kids. "Do you really need help?" Dryden... More »

Cop Who Nabbed 4K Drunk Drivers May Have Lost Daughter to One

Dan Shragal says he now has more motivation than ever

(Newser) - Dan Shragal of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department has made almost 4,000 DUI arrests during his career, but one suspected drunk driver he couldn't stop will probably haunt him for the rest of his life. Shragal, 48, was working a DUI checkpoint on Aug. 22 when his phone... More »

Car Crash Takes 50 Years to Kill Man

Badly injured Pennsylvania boy never made full recovery

(Newser) - An 8-year-old boy sustained serious injuries when he was hit by a car in Pennsylvania in July 1965—injuries that proved fatal 50 years later, the Lehigh County Coroner's Office has ruled. Richard Albright, 58, never recovered from head injuries he suffered in the July 8, 1965, pedestrian accident... More »

Cops: Driver Who Hit Child Gets Beaten by Bystanders

Neither one appears to have suffered life-threatening injuries

(Newser) - Police say a pickup truck driver who accidentally struck a 4-year-old boy who had dashed into the street yesterday was beaten by bystanders in southeast Minnesota. The child and the driver were taken to a hospital in Winona, about 110 miles southeast of Minneapolis, to be treated for their injuries.... More »

Sheriff: Caitlyn Jenner Should Face Manslaughter

Department will recommend vehicular charge after fatal accident

(Newser) - Is jail in Caitlyn Jenner's future? The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department has wrapped up its investigation of a fatal car accident and thinks Jenner should be charged with vehicular manslaughter. The department will make the recommendation to the local DA, who will have the final say. Investigators... More »

Girl, 5, Flags Down Help for Mom in Wreck

Lexi Shymanski climbed an embankment in her bare feet

(Newser) - A little girl in Canada saved her mom and her brother by taking extraordinary action after a car accident in June, the CBC reports. Lexi Shymanski, 5, was strapped into the back seat beside her baby brother when their mom, Angela—soothed by a lullaby CD playing for the kids—... More »

Cops: Guy Films Dying Teen Instead of Helping

Charged with trespass for opening car door after deadly crash

(Newser) - The Daily Beast has christened Ohio's Paul Pelton "America's Worst Samaritan," a distinction the 41-year-old earned thanks to his behavior at a deadly car crash. He filmed the two teenage victims instead of trying to help them, then tried to sell the footage to local media,... More »

Telling Friend to Speed May Be Pricey Mistake

Court rules that case against passenger should proceed

(Newser) - A woman may have to pay up for urging a friend to zoom past the speed limit. A federal appeals court in San Diego has ruled that the female passenger will have to face a jury over the fatal accident that resulted, reports the San Francisco Chronicle . The case goes... More »

3 Farm Workers Dead, 5 Hurt in Cali Van Accident

Van rolled over when driver overcorrected: cops

(Newser) - Three people were killed and five others hospitalized Saturday after a van carrying farm workers overturned on a central California highway, authorities said. The victims were returning from a day of working in the fields when the accident occurred on State Route 152 in Merced County, says California Highway Patrol... More »

Pregnant Woman Survives Insane Crash, Is Charged

Her car was literally cut in half

(Newser) - Haley Smith faces a slew of charges after a car accident, but she really has no cause to complain: Her car was literally cut in half, and she escaped relatively unscathed. And so did her unborn baby—the 20-year-old is pregnant. Authorities in Lincolnton, NC, say Smith may have been... More »

SUV Crashes Into Crib— and Sleeping Baby Is Fine

Student driver mistook gas for brake

(Newser) - There's a reason the police spokesman in Bellevue, Washington, uses the phrases "pretty miraculous," "nothing short of miraculous," and "miraculously not injured" when discussing this accident with KOMO News and the Seattle Times . It seems a woman learning how to drive yesterday mistook the... More »

Google: Driverless Cars Not to Blame for 11 Accidents

But Google, California DMV haven't released full accident reports

(Newser) - Google's fleet of 23 self-driving Lexuses has been involved in 11 accidents over the past six years of testing in California—but the company says not one of those incidents was the fault of a Google car, the AP reports. Chris Urmson, director of Google's self-driving initiative, writes... More »

Behind Georgia Highway Crashes: an 'Optical Illusion'

Drivers appear to be tricked by a curve from I-285 southbound to I-20 eastbound

(Newser) - Between November and January, five trucks rolled over on a single highway ramp in Georgia's DeKalb County. "I'm not an engineer," says a WSB-TV traffic reporter, "but common sense says there's something wrong there." Now experts may be able to explain it. There... More »

Court Rebuffs Suit by Parents Told Their Daughter Was Dead

Maria and Jose Guerra believed bad news for horrible 6 days

(Newser) - So law enforcement officers mistakenly informed Maria and Jose Guerra that their daughter was dead—and the grieving parents believed that misinformation for a grueling six days. Is that reason to sue? The Arizona couple did sue the Department of Public Safety for negligence, only to have the state's... More »

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