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Top Chef Names Dishwasher Co-Owner of Restaurant

Ali Sonko becomes partner in Noma in Copenhagen

(Newser) - The best chefs will tell you the success of a restaurant depends not on the chef, but on the entire staff, including the dishwashers. Chef Rene Redzepi is clearly among that group. When his Noma restaurant in Copenhagen received the first of four Best Restaurant in the World awards in... More »

World's 10 Most Livable Cities

Tough break, America

(Newser) - Maybe Donald Trump is … right? Monocle just released its annual list of the 25 most livable cities in the world, and the first American city (Honolulu) doesn't even show up until number 23. Skift reports the rankings are based on things like architecture, safety, and public transportation. American... More »

2 Arrested for Allegedly Helping Denmark Shooter

Danish media names suspect as PM describes 'fight for freedom'

(Newser) - After the suspect in a pair of Copenhagen shootings was killed in a gunfight , two people have been arrested for allegedly helping him, the AP reports. They've been blamed for sheltering the suspect and disposing of a weapon, says a defense attorney for Michael Juul Eriksen, one of those... More »

Netanyahu: Israel the Only Place Jews Can Feel Safe

Israeli prime minister ruffles feathers with his 'massive immigration' call

(Newser) - The deadly Copenhagen shootings over the weekend, including an attack outside the city's main synagogue, have spurred Benjamin Netanyahu to make some drastic statements. During yesterday's Cabinet meeting—in which a $46 million plan to handle Jewish immigrants from France, Belgium, and Ukraine was approved, Haaretz reports—the... More »

Experts Find First Viking Fortress in 60 Years

Denmark discovery likely from 10th century

(Newser) - Archaeologists have dug up a rare find in Denmark: a Viking fortress. It's the first such discovery in more than 60 years, ScienceNordic reports. Researchers were clued in to its possible existence after examining the placement of fortresses nearby. "It was clear that there was a fortress missing,... More »

Zoo That Killed Giraffe Kills 4 Healthy Lions

Two females and two cubs put down to make room for incoming male

(Newser) - The Copenhagen Zoo has another controversy on its hands over its treatment—more precisely, its killing—of animals. The zoo, which drew outcries several weeks ago when it killed a healthy giraffe and dissected it publicly, killed four lions this week to make way for an incoming adult male lion,... More »

Zoo Shoots, Dissects Young Giraffe—Feeds It to Lions

Copenhagen Zoo kills 'surplus' male over inbreeding, gets pretty graphic

(Newser) - The Copenhagen Zoo is facing more than a little wrath today after it put down a healthy young male giraffe with a bolt pistol and fed its meat to zoo carnivores—all over concerns about inbreeding, reports the AP . Two-year-old Marius was considered "surplus," reports the BBC , because... More »

63 Diners at 'World's Best Restaurant' Get Sick

Copenhagen's Noma apologizes after outbreak

(Newser) - This might make it a little easier to get a table at Copenhagen's Noma, which has reigned as the No. 1 eatery at Restaurant magazine for three straight years: Sixty-three diners got sick over a four-day period last month, reports Bloomberg . Danish health officials ordered the restaurant to ramp... More »

Tigers Kill Intruder at Danish Zoo

Police don't know why 21-year-old broke into zoo at night

(Newser) - A 20-year-old man in Copenhagen was killed by tigers yesterday after he broke into a zoo in the early morning hours, then crossed a fence and moat into the big cats' enclosure, reports the Daily Mail . The young man, who was of Afghan descent, was about to finish high school... More »

Modeling First: Mile-Long Runway

Copenhagen Fashion Week catwalk will break record

(Newser) - Models at Copenhagen’s Fashion Week will get a serious workout while doing their job: The record-breaking runway is one mile long. Helena Christensen will cut the ribbon Aug. 14 and 220 models will walk its length, Vogue reports. The “World’s Greatest Catwalk,” as it’s being... More »

And the Best Restaurant in the World Is...

Noma, in Copenhagen

(Newser) - After four years, El Bulli has been knocked off the pedestal: It was ranked the world's No. 2 restaurant in this year's survey of the 800 most influential chefs and critics. The new top dog? Copenhagen's Noma , which has been wooing foodies with its classic Nordic fare. Chef René Redzepi... More »

Copenhagen Accord Falls 'Woefully Short'

It misses on emissions, financial aid, and the roadmap for the future

(Newser) - About the best that can be said of the Copenhagen talks is that they avoided "outright failure," complains the Guardian in an editorial. But that's not saying much. World leaders had three things to hammer out: emissions, financial aid, and a clear plan on what happens next. "... More »

Obama, Leaders Reach Agreement on Emissions

Copenhagen summit yields basic deal to fight climate change

(Newser) - President Obama and the leaders of China, India, and South Africa reached a "meaningful agreement" tonight in Copenhagen on steps to curb greenhouse gas emissions, the White House announced. The deal requires the nations of the world to list their actions to curb emissions and sets up a framework... More »

Obama, Wen Meet, Report 'Progress'

But world leaders still seem far apart on fundamental issues

(Newser) - The two men who hold the fate of the Copenhagen climate talks in their hands met face-to-face for nearly an hour today. President Obama and Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao discussed a possible accord, with the White House saying only that they "made progress." Earlier, Obama declared that the... More »

Obama Challenges China: We Need Emission Monitors

President addresses Copenhagen summit, urges action

(Newser) - President Obama took direct aim this morning at China's resistance to climate change monitoring, saying any deal that emerged from Copenhagen "would be empty words on a page" without such measures. They “need not be intrusive, or infringe upon sovereignty,” said Obama. The issue's been a sticking... More »

Obama, Medvedev Will Talk Arms Treaty Tomorrow

But they're not expected to sign a final accord to replace 'START' pact

(Newser) - President Obama will meet with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev tomorrow to discuss a successor to the recently expired START pact on nuclear weapons. The meeting, on the sidelines of the Copenhagen climate conference, isn't expected to yield a final accord. Both leaders, however, have pledged to eventually sign a replacement... More »

Climate Talks Near Deal to Save Forests

Plan pays people to preserve carbon-reducing landscapes

(Newser) - Negotiators in Copenhagen are putting the final touches on a sweeping deal that would compensate countries for preserving forests. A final draft of the agreement will be given to ministers today, the New York Times reports. A signed agreement, which could be one of the most significant accomplishments of the... More »

Police Tear Gas Climate Protesters

Some 230 protesters have been detained

(Newser) - Copenhagen's climate protests turned ugly today, as police used tear gas and batons to disperse crowds that were trying to disrupt the UN conference. A police spokesman said 230 protesters had been detained in the clashes. Television reports showed a man being pushed from the roof of a police van... More »

Copenhagen Summit a Face-off Between US, China

Tensions flaring over whether China deserves international aid

(Newser) - The Copenhagen talks are starting to look like an economic face-off between Washington and Beijing, with the US concerned by China’s growing footprint and China accusing the US of not living up to its responsibilities. Nearly half the growth in global greenhouse gas emissions over the next 20 years... More »

Developing Countries Boycott Climate Talks

Refuse to participate unless rich countries cut more

(Newser) - A group of 125 developing countries, including China and India, boycotted the climate change talks in Copenhagen today, accusing developed countries of trying to ditch the Kyoto protocol, and the penalties it imposes on them if they don't meet emissions limits. The Africa-led move created chaos at the talks, which... More »

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