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Flight Diverted After Man 'Tries to Kiss Sleeping Teen'

He was charged with assault

(Newser) - A 23-year-old man on a flight from Portland, Ore., to Anchorage, Alaska, ended up in custody in Seattle after allegedly trying to kiss the sleeping 16-year-old next to him. A spokesman for Seattle's Sea-Tac Airport says Flight 137 was diverted there Tuesday afternoon after the pilot was notified of... More »

This Might Be the Best Kiss Cam Moment Ever

Jimmy Carter kisses wife Rosalynn at Braves game

(Newser) - It's not every day you catch a former president on the Kiss Cam, but that's what happened last night at the Atlanta Braves game, USA Today reports. Jimmy Carter was attending with wife Rosalynn, and when the camera turned their way and popped their faces up on the... More »

8th-Grader Kisses Girl on a Dare, Charged With Assault

The 13-year-old middle school boy is being charged as a juvenile

(Newser) - A 13-year-old boy at Pikesville Middle School in Maryland allegedly grabbed a 14-year-old girl's shirt near her stomach and kissed her last week—as part of a dare, reports WBFF , but it had less than lighthearted consequences. The 8th-grader was charged as a juvenile with second-degree assault before being... More »

Study: Not All Humans Kiss in a Romantic Way

Of 168 cultures studied, 54% didn't partake

(Newser) - Not only is romantic-kissing not a universal behavior, per a new study published in American Anthropologist , some 54% of the cultures the researchers analyzed didn't share such kisses. Art, literature, and the media present such kisses as widespread; some evolutionary scientists have framed them as a behavior that has... More »

Physicist Unearths Key Detail About Iconic WWII Photo

His finding debunks several people's claims to be the ones kissing

(Newser) - The party started early on VJ Day. Though the official announcement that World War II ended wasn't made until closer to 7pm on Aug. 14, 1945, a scientific assessment of the famous photo of the couple kissing in celebration, called "VJ Day in Times Square" and widely known... More »

In a French Kiss, You Swap More Than Spit

Smooch for 10 seconds, and you've transferred 80M bacteria

(Newser) - A kiss is just a kiss—except for when it's a major bacteria conduit. A new study published in Microbiome takes a look at what happens when we kiss intimately, and finds that 10 seconds of passion can result in the transfer of up to 80 million bacteria. Dutch... More »

Paris Jewel Thief Caught After He Kissed Hostage

He was trying to 'ease her trauma,' but the DNA did him in

(Newser) - Ah, l'amour. Police have captured an admitted jewel thief in Paris, and all because he made the last-second mistake of planting a kiss on his hostage. In April the 20-year-old, identified only as "Pierre G," and an accomplice allegedly followed a 56-year-old jewelry store employee home, where... More »

Kiss Gets Colorado 6-Year-Old Suspended

Hunter Yelton says he has crush on girl he kissed, who likes him back

(Newser) - A 6-year-old boy has been suspended for two days from a Colorado school for kissing a girl on the cheek and hand—with his actions being labeled "sexual harassment" by Canon City school officials. Further, they want it added to Hunter Yelton's school record, reports the AP . Hunter... More »

Why Kissing Matters

Study suggests it helps us find the right mate

(Newser) - A new scientific study delves into that most important of questions: Why do humans kiss? It's a practice carried out by almost no other animals, especially not with the same level of intensity, Time notes. But researchers found locking lips may actually serve an evolutionary purpose: It helps us... More »

Ref Blows Whistle After WNBA Kiss

Diana Taurasi and Seimone Augustus resolve dispute with peck

(Newser) - Well that's one way to make sure you're guarding someone closely enough. Things got heated between Phoenix Mercury guard Diana Taurasi and Minnesota Lynx guard/forward Seimone Augustus in last night's playoff game, as the two got into an off-the-ball scrum, and started arguing, with Taurasi bumping Augustus'... More »

Chicago Marks Site of Obamas' First Smooch

Granite boulder with a plaque placed at spot

(Newser) - Maybe this makes up for their kiss cam miscue : Visitors to Chicago's Hyde Park neighborhood can now visit the exact spot where Barack Obama and Michelle shared their first kiss in 1989, reports the Tribune . The marker is kind of hard to miss, considering it's a 3,000-pound... More »

Male Couple Kisses for 50 Hours

Thai couple breaks world record for longest kiss

(Newser) - A male couple in Thailand spent more than two days kissing to break the Guinness World Record for longest kiss. The competition began Sunday in Pattaya, and ended, fittingly enough, today on Valentine's Day. Couples had to stay in a space measuring one square meter, could only take water... More »

Video Shows Cops Shoving Kissing Couple

Proves Vancouver riot moment wasn't staged

(Newser) - It certainly wasn’t staged: New video has emerged showing the moments leading up to the now-legendary kiss at the Vancouver riots—and it’s clear that police knocked the couple down, hovered briefly over them, and moved on. The video shows a distraught Alexandra Thomas being comforted by Scott... More »

What's With That Riot Kiss?

Time stood still for couple in apparent lovers' embrace amid chaos

(Newser) - The earth moved for two apparent Vancouver lovers, but it wasn't because of the riots. Though the city went completely bonkers when the Canucks lost the Stanley Cup, the two were captured in a photo locked in "The Kiss" that has captivated the public. Bizarrely, the pair's... More »

Facebook Sorry for Censoring Gay Kiss Pic, But...

...activist reveals that site didn't actually censor the event

(Newser) - It turns out Facebook is only guilty of about half of what it’s been accused of in the gay kiss incident . The social networking site apologized yesterday for taking down an image used to promote a “kiss-in” event in London. “The photo in question does not violate... More »

Romance Publisher Trying to Patent the Kiss

But don't worry, Harlequin won't charge you for smooching if it succeeds

(Newser) - Harlequin Enterprises, publisher of such titillating romance titles as Roughneck Cowboy and The Nanny and the CEO, is trying to patent the kiss. Does that mean you might someday have to pay a licensing fee if you want to lock lips? Nope: "Should this patent be approved and registered... More »

Teen Drops Dead After First Kiss

Rare heart condition claims life after exciting embrace

(Newser) - A British teenager slumped dying on her boyfriend's couch seconds after their first kiss, apparently from the thrill of it, according to authorities. Jemma Benjamin,18, died of sudden adult death syndrome, an extremely rare heart condition. As the couple finished kissing, Jemma's "eyes drooped" and she began frothing... More »

Why That New Year's Eve Kiss Might Be Lousy

The brain might know what the heart doesn't

(Newser) - Ah, the romance of the New Year's Eve kiss—the flushed cheeks, the quickened pulse ... the stream of bio-data rushing to the somatosensory cortex? A research scientist deconstructs the kiss in the Washington Post , explaining that there's a lot going on with all five senses during a seemingly simple lip-lock.... More »

Twilight Copycats Biting Each Other

Teen Love bites spook parents

(Newser) - Love means never having to retract your fangs. That's apparently what copycat teens are taking away from the bodice-ripper Twilight films, so they're biting one another to prove their love. There's just one problem: parents are going positively werewolf about it. The vampire hickey is the latest way young lovers... More »

Jailed Kisser Slams Dubai 'Hypocrisy'

Brit woman exits squalid desert prison after 'peck'

(Newser) - A furious Brit is slamming Dubai "hypocrisy" after serving time for giving her male friend a "peck on the cheek." Charlotte Adams spent 23 days in a squalid desert prison for violating "decency" laws after an innocent flirtation and "maybe" a quick kiss at a... More »

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