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What Our Voice Says About Us

Changes in voice may reveal a lot about ourselves, study says

(Newser) - Job hunters, take note: If you're insecure during an interview, your voice may give you away. A new study reveals that people speak in higher-pitched voices when they're speaking to someone they see as higher status. Writing in Quartz , the researchers say that men and women who viewed... More »

Johnson's Secret: Hitting People

(Newser) - Randy Johnson could become the 24th pitcher to hit 300 wins tonight, but few in that elusive club can challenge Johnson’s most impressive stat, Darren Everson writes in the Wall Street Journal: The Big Unit has hit a whopping 188 batters, a total topped only by Walter Johnson and... More »

Perfect Pitch Might Come Built Right In

Ability may be in genes, but early musical training a must, too

(Newser) - Sounds like absolute pitch—the ability to identify a note without a reference tone—might be genetically determined. “Either you have it or you don’t,” said the lead researcher in a report in Scientific American, who cautioned that even those with the theoretical genetic predisposition must be... More »

3 Stories