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Now, Hip Companies Have Formal Fridays

Because they're casual the rest of the time

(Newser) - Casual Friday is something of a non sequitur in the denim-clad offices of Silicon Valley and other modern American employers—every day is casual. So a select number of hip, nonconformist companies are going the other way, and encouraging everyone to dust off their suit, ties, and dresses ahead of... More »

10 Things You Should Know About Starbucks

It almost had a different Ahab-themed name

(Newser) - “Starbucks is the coffee icon people either love or love to hate,” writes Dave Roos, but how much do you actually know about the coffee giant? He rounds up 10 educational facts on Mental Floss :
  • It was almost named Pequods: Yes, that’s “an extremely vague literary
... More »

Guns at Starbucks? Time for a New Coffee Shop

If chain wants to be 'cowardly bartender,' this columnist is out

(Newser) - Is Starbucks trying to become the NRA's favorite company, or has the coffee titan just lost its nerve? For a company that's nearly conquered the world, Starbucks put up no resistance to "open-carry" advocates who want to treat their Virginia, California, and Washington stores like Wild West saloons, writes... More »

Coffee's 'Third Wave' Brews Some Fine Joe

This sure ain't Starbucks, so don't go in blind

(Newser) - Americans love their coffee, and if you’re among those who are way beyond Folgers and are starting to tire of chains like Starbucks and Peet’s, perhaps you’re ready for the so-called “third wave.” Cafés of this genre offer high-quality coffees—drip and espresso—often... More »

Zagat Is Wrong: Peet's Is Better Than Starbucks

Bad methodology gave Seattle giant the survey win: Nate Silver

(Newser) - Zagat’s annual fast-food survey served up its usual batch of surprises, but one stood out for Nate Silver of fame. Somehow, some way, Starbucks beat Peet’s Coffee for best coffee chain. A travesty of that magnitude can only mean mistaken methodology, Silver contends; Starbucks is fine,... More »

Tea: Hot Drink of Geek Elite

(Newser) - Silicon Valley’s tastemakers are trading coffee for the soothing sensation of fine tea, reports Wired. The same tech giants who helped fuel the Starbucks craze are flocking to expensive teas, and tea lounges are popping up in the Bay Area to meet the demand. “It’s the new... More »

San Francisco Coffee Scene Heats Up

Next-gen roasters brew plans to tap premium market

(Newser) - Plans for tapping the premium coffee market are percolating in the Bay Area, the San Francisco Chronicle reports in an in-depth look at the new generation of roasters. Emphasizing freshness and preparation, next-gen roasters are building Northwest-inspired businesses that offer patrons ground-to-order $8 cups, or $9-$11 pots prepared by a... More »

He Taught Starbucks How to Make Coffee

Alfred Peet, America's coffee king, dies at 87

(Newser) - The Dutchman who gave America an early jolt of caffeine culture died Friday at his home in Oregon, the Los Angeles Times reports. Before there was Starbucks, Alfred Peet opened Peet’s Coffee & Tea in 1966, distinguishing his coffee with high-quality beans and pioneering a roasting system that Starbucks... More »

8 Stories