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Coffee Not the Dehydrating Villain It's Made Out to Be

The BBC declares coffee's bad rap a myth

(Newser) - Humankind downs some 1.6 billion cups of coffee a day, making for some mean dehydration, right? That's the conventional wisdom, but it just might not be true, explains Claudia Hammond for the BBC . She digs into the existing research on caffeine—most dehydration-related studies zero in on that... More »

Starbucks Reveals Cities' Favorite Drinks

Iced coffee oddly big in Boston; Seattle likes extra shot

(Newser) - Perhaps it's no surprise that Seattle residents like a little extra caffeine—after all, they've been drinking Starbucks for a long time. Their interest in an extra shot of espresso is just one of the interesting findings in a company analysis of cities' favorite drinks, shared with Quartz... More »

More Teens Are Smoking ... Coffee?

It's all fun and games until the vomiting and dizziness kicks in

(Newser) - "Barista, would you roll me a robust Columbian blend?" We're not quite there yet, but more teenagers are smoking coffee rather than drinking it and posting videos of the practice online, the Orlando Sentinel reports. Only problem: It seems unsafe, with users reporting hallucinations, vomiting, dizziness, and trouble... More »

You May Well Have 'Caffeine Use Disorder'

Researchers say health concern needs more attention

(Newser) - You're probably aware of health concerns tied to coffee—but you may not know that your dependence could amount to a diagnosable problem. In a recent study, researchers find that Caffeine Use Disorder may be more of a problem than many doctors realize. "There is misconception among professionals... More »

Coffee May Improve Long-Term Memory

Plus: brain-training exercises offer new hope

(Newser) - Coffee may offer a boost to our long-term memory, according to a new study in Nature Neuroscience . The findings are based on test subjects' ability to remember patterns in pictures after taking a caffeine pill. Researchers showed 44 volunteers who hadn't had coffee for at least a day a... More »

Even Starbucks Has Black Friday Doorbuster

$65 stainless steel tumbler comes with month's worth of drinks

(Newser) - This Black Friday, Starbucks won't just offer a break from the insanity; it's aiming to become a shopping destination itself. The chain is offering a 16-ounce stainless steel tumbler—filled with a month's worth of drinks—for $65, Consumerist reports. Owners of the tumbler can bring it... More »

Kraft Kerfuffle Costs Starbucks $2.7B

Settlement ends packaged-coffee battle

(Newser) - Starbucks has to cough up an eye-popping $2.76 billion to settle a dispute with Kraft over coffee distribution, an arbitrator has decided. The two companies had been locked in a fight for three years after Starbucks fired Kraft as its distributor of packaged coffee to grocery chains, complaining that... More »

Woman Sues McDonald's for Millions Over Hot Coffee

...And no, you did not wake up in the 1990s

(Newser) - A California woman is suing McDonald's for more than $2M over a hot coffee spill—and no, you aren't living in a 1990s time warp . Joan Fino, 74, says that coffee she ordered from a McDonald's drive-through spilled on her lap, inflicting second-degree burns to her groin... More »

McDonald's to Sell Bags of Its Coffee

It's already been on the market in Canada

(Newser) - Do you love the taste of McDonald's coffee so much that you simply must brew it in your own home? All three people who said yes to that are in luck, because the golden arches will test selling bags of its coffee, both in ground and whole-bean form, in... More »

China Bashes Starbucks' Prices

State TV says prices are higher than US, UK

(Newser) - China has a Venti-sized problem with the prices Starbucks is charging in the Middle Kingdom. State-run TV broadcaster CCTV recently ran a 20-minute report called "Starbucks: Expensive in China," claiming that the espresso giant charges customers in China up to 50% more than it does those in the... More »

Coffee Vs. Sex: We'd Mostly Rather Snuggle With ... Coffee

Given choice of giving one up for a year, romance gets cold shoulder

(Newser) - Would you rather swear off coffee for a year—or quit sex with your partner, alcohol, or social media for that same span? If you'd opt to keep the java, you're in good company: Some 78% of respondents to a hotel group's survey agree, reports Fox . Moreover,... More »

Vegans to Starbucks: Give Us Our Pumpkin Spice

Petition calls for animal-free latte option

(Newser) - A Michigan vegan and Starbucks lover is facing what the Los Angeles Times calls a "first world food problem": It's getting to be autumn, and Pumpkin Spice Lattes are in the air—but they don't come in animal-product-free form. Now, Brent Caldwell—and more than 3,000... More »

Starbucks to Sell Colombian Coffee in ... Colombia

Chain has exported country's beans for 42 years

(Newser) - For 42 years, Starbucks has been exporting coffee beans from Colombia; now, it's finally planning to sell the resulting product in the country. Next year, the coffee chain will open its first Colombian store in Bogota, and it intends to have 50 stores in the country—the biggest producer... More »

4 Coffees a Day May Mean Early Death

Women drinkers have double the normal mortality rate

(Newser) - Drinking several cups of joe a day may cut your risk of suicide , but it might just kill you anyway. A new study has linked heavy coffee drinking—that's 28 cups a week, or four per day—with a higher death risk in those under 55. Women who guzzled... More »

New Source of Booze: Used Coffee Grounds

Scientists cook, ferment, concentrate it

(Newser) - Soon you may no longer have to choose between treating your hangover with coffee or the hair of the dog. Science reports that scientists have successfully spun used coffee grounds into booze, in a process that sounds relatively straightforward. They dried the spent grounds (which, in this case, came from... More »

New Coffee Shop Has Robot Baristas

Bow down to your new coffee-making robot overlords

(Newser) - An Austin-based coffee company has opened a new coffee kiosk at the University of Texas, but it's missing one surprising ingredient: people. The Briggo Coffee Haus is staffed not by human baristas, but by robots, which it says "emulate the motions of a champion barista to precisely prepare... More »

Coffee Drinkers Less Likely to Kill Themselves

Those who down 2 to 4 cups a day have 50% lower risk, says study

(Newser) - An eye-opening little stat to ponder over your morning joe: Harvard researchers say drinking two to four cups of coffee a day appears to cut the risk of suicide by a whopping 50%. The researchers looked at data from three big health US health studies involving more than 200,000... More »

DSM's Latest Mental Disorder: Caffeine Withdrawal

Must have 3 of 5 symptoms, according to DSM-5

(Newser) - If you've ever gone a day without caffeine and felt like you were going insane, well, you may not have been far off. The American Psychiatric Association has added caffeine withdrawal to the latest version of its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. To be officially diagnosed, you... More »

Doctor Accused of Poisoning Lover with Toxic Coffee

Fellow doctor sent to ER after drinking two cups allegedly laced with toxic chemical

(Newser) - A Texas doctor has been arrested for sending a fellow doctor to the emergency room for all the wrong reasons. According to a complaint filed May 29, breast cancer oncologist Ana Maria Gonzalez-Angulo gave head and neck cancer specialist George Blumenschein—with whom she also had a "casual sexual... More »

Cup of Coffee With Tim Cook: Just $180K

Charity site auctions chance to chat with Apple CEO

(Newser) - Would you spend $180,000 for a half-hour with Tim Cook? If so, you're not alone: That's how high the auction price stands for coffee with the Apple CEO. The site charitybuzz is auctioning off the coffee date of 30- to 60-minutes to benefit the RFK Center for... More »

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