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'MAGA' Kids Mock Native American Man

A Kentucky diocese has already apologized

(Newser) - ( Update here . Nathan Phillips now says he got between two warring groups.) A diocese in Kentucky apologized Saturday after videos emerged showing students from a Catholic boys' high school mocking Native Americans outside the Lincoln Memorial after a rally in Washington, the AP reports. The Indigenous Peoples March... More »

Minnesota Clergy Abuse Victims Settle for $210M

Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis can 'endure' the payment

(Newser) - "This has been a long day coming," a sexual abuse survivor said Thursday as the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis announced "the second-largest payout in the scandal that rocked the nation's Roman Catholic Church," per the AP . The $210 million settlement for 450 victims... More »

Detroit Just Saw 3 Brides Unlike Any It Has Ever Seen

They married Jesus as consecrated virgins

(Newser) - All that debate about Jesus having a wife can now be squashed: He has not one, but three new brides, all from the Detroit area. In a first for the Archdiocese of Detroit, Theresa Jordan, Karen Ervin, and Laurie Malashanko became what the Catholic Herald terms "brides of Christ"... More »

Atlanta Archbishop Selling $2.2M Home

Proceeds to go to Catholic community: Wilton Gregory

(Newser) - Trying to appease angry parishioners, the Roman Catholic archbishop of Atlanta said today that he will sell a $2.2 million mansion just three months after he moved in. Archbishop Wilton Gregory announced the decision following a closed-door meeting with members of several church councils at his headquarters north of... More »

Archbishop Apologizes for $2.2M Mansion

Atlanta's Wilton Gregory says he failed to consider the 'pastoral implications' of move

(Newser) - Atlanta Archbishop Wilton Gregory has issued an apology after reports that he'd built himself a $2.2 million mansion sparked outrage in the diocese. Gregory bought the mansion with a $15 million posthumous gift from Gone With the Wind heir Joseph Mitchell, who wanted the money spent on "... More »

Archdiocese Kept Lid on Minn. Priest's Sex 'Compulsions'

Curtis Wehmeyer was allowed to keep working

(Newser) - The Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis made it clear that once officials heard about a priest's abuse of two boys, they went straight to law enforcement. Trouble is, the archdiocese actually knew about what Minnesota Public Radio calls Curtis Wehmeyer's "sexual compulsions" for almost a decade—... More »

NY Archdiocese Covers Workers' Birth Control

...Despite Cardinal Timothy Dolan's fight against Obama rule

(Newser) - The country's top Catholic bishop hasn't taken kindly to ObamaCare's call for employers to fund birth control—but his own archdiocese has been paying for the coverage for years, the New York Times reports. For more than a decade, the Archdiocese of New York, headed by Cardinal... More »

TV Priest Bares Affair With Cuz

'Word in the World's' Michael Manning 'fesses up

(Newser) - A popular priest who leads a worldwide TV ministry is taking a leave from his California diocesan duties after revealing an affair with a second cousin. Michael Manning 'fessed up after a local newspaper received a series of intimate notes between Manning and his former lover, a schools superintendent from... More »

Archdiocese of Milwaukee Files for Bankruptcy

Hit stalemate over transparency in sex abuse lawsuits

(Newser) - Overwhelmed by 23 sex abuse lawsuits, the Catholic Archdiocese of Milwaukee filed for bankruptcy yesterday. In so doing, Milwaukee followed seven other dioceses also forced into bankruptcy by the costs of litigating and settling claims against their priests for sexual abuse. The bankruptcy filing followed a failed mediation effort that... More »

DC, Catholic Church in Gay Rights Standoff

Church to pull plug on social programs if marriage bill passes

(Newser) - The Catholic Archdiocese of Washington has told the District of Columbia it will tear up its social service contracts to help the city's needy if it passes a proposed same-sex marriage bill next month. The bill wouldn't require the church to perform or provide space for gay marriages, but would... More »

Bishop to Skip Obama Event Over Stem Cells, Abortion

(Newser) - The Roman Catholic bishop whose diocese includes the University of Notre Dame says he will boycott President Obama's May 17 commencement speech at the school because of Obama's support for abortion rights and embryonic stem-cell research. John D'Arcy said today that Obama's recent decision to fund embryonic stem-cell research brought... More »

Coverup Probe Launched in LA Archdiocese Abuse Cases

Cardinal may face fraud charges for failing to protect parishioners

(Newser) - Federal authorities are investigating whether top officials of the Los Angeles Catholic Archdiocese conspired to cover up the sexual abuse of minors by priests, sources tell the Los Angeles Times. Cardinal Roger Mahony and other leaders may face fraud charges for failing to keep children safe by improperly dealing with... More »

Nuns' Home Will Fund Priest Sex Abuse Payment

LA archdiocese, facing $660M settlement, issues eviction notice

(Newser) - The LA Archdiocese has notified three nuns that their Santa Barbara convent will be sold to help pay the $660 million settlement with victims of sexual abuse by priests. They received only a letter requesting they vacate by year's end, the Los Angeles Times reports. “We're not even worth... More »

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