nail biting

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Man Dies of Heart Attack Caused by ... Nail Biting

Nails bleed, infection turns septic and travels to heart

(Newser) - It's a good thing you listened to your mom when she told you not to bite your nails: The bad habit ended up costing one UK man his life. John Gardener, a 40-year-old amateur football referee, bit his fingernails so badly that they bled—leading to an infection that... More »

Bite Your Nails? You Might Have an Official Disorder

Severe cases expected to be categorized as OCD

(Newser) - Those who can't stop biting their nails might soon be able to lay claim to an official-sounding excuse: They have obsessive-compulsive disorder. The Health on Today blog reports that the American Psychiatric Association plans to classify severe cases under the OCD label when the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of... More »

Marketer Says He's Nailed a Nasty Habit

'The preventer' will cure nail biting in four weeks, inventor vows

(Newser) - A Dutch marketer says he can cure the pernicious problem of nail biting in under a month with the “preventer,” a tooth guard that’s molded to fit either the upper or lower teeth and makes it impossible to bite. “The impulse disturbance is so frustrated that... More »

3 Stories