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Photo of Female Worker Bound in Duct Tape Horrifies Scotland

DeeAnn Fitzpatrick says male co-workers at government agency created toxic environment

(Newser) - She said her co-workers made fun of her for having a miscarriage, hurled sexist and racist language at her and others, and then, the final straw: They duct-taped her to a chair and gagged her. Now, per the New York Times , DeeAnn Fitzpatrick will get her day in court. The... More »

Trump Is 'Silencing Civil Servants, Stifling Science'

'Whistleblower' scientist says he was forced out of Interior Dept. role into 'ill-fitting' job

(Newser) - Joel Clement wants you to know he's not a member of the "deep state," or a representative of Big Government. Instead, call him "a scientist, a policy expert, a civil servant … a worried citizen"—and now, per his opinion piece Wednesday in the Washington ... More »

George Shultz's Grandson Behind Downfall of Theranos

Tyler Shultz says relations between him and former secretary of state haven't been the same since

(Newser) - A protective grandson outraged at what he saw at his workplace spurred the downfall of Theranos, and the Wall Street Journal has what Vanity Fair is calling a "devastating piece" on the whole affair. The man in question: Tyler Shultz, who in 2014 first noticed things were amiss—specifically... More »

'They Ruined My Life': Wells Fargo Whistleblower

CNN talks to ex-employees who say they were fired for reporting unethical practices

(Newser) - More than 5,000 Wells Fargo workers were fired in the phony-accounts scam that's rocked the company—but they weren't the only ones who got pink slips. CNNMoney reports it spoke with a handful of ex-workers who say they were terminated after raising the red flag about the... More »

Pardon Snowden So He Can Work for US Public

Human rights officials make the case in NYT

(Newser) - Edward Snowden put out a public plea earlier this week for a pardon from President Obama—and two human rights activists agree with his call for clemency. Making their case for the ex-NSA contractor in the New York Times , Kenneth Roth (director of Human Rights Watch) and Salil Shetty (secretary... More »

Whistleblower Wins $51M in Medical Device Kickback Case

Ex-compliance officer for Olympus says doctors, administrators got grants, trips

(Newser) - A whistleblower who worked for Olympus Corporation of the Americas for 20 years will receive $51 million from the company after it admitted to a scheme of bribery and kickbacks and agreed Tuesday to pay $646 million in fines, CNNMoney reports. John Slowik was named the company's compliance officer... More »

Flight Attendants Feared 'Devilish' Image, Were Fired

United employees refused to fly after seeing words 'BYE BYE' on plane's underside

(Newser) - The underside of a 747 jumbo jet's tail was coated in oil residue, and in it, someone had written the words "BYE BYE" and drawn two faces—one smiling, one with more of a "devilish" look. If you'd be reluctant to board that plane, well, you'... More »

Thanks to Spying, No One Talks to Reporters Anymore

Human rights agencies say sources fear being prosecuted

(Newser) - Journalists often face danger , compete with robots , and now may find their sources strangely mum: A joint report disseminated by two human-rights agencies today says that the US government’s relentless surveillance is scaring sources into silence and hampering lawyers’ efforts to protect their clients, reports the AP . The NSA’... More »

DHS Workers Watch Netflix, Charge Overtime: Report

Dipping into 'candy bowl' cost department $8.7M a year

(Newser) - An Office of Special Counsel report has detailed a "profound and entrenched problem" at six Department of Homeland Security offices, where employees have been dipping into a "candy bowl" of unearned overtime money to boost their paychecks. The routine practice of claiming Administratively Uncontrollable Overtime—meant to compensate... More »

Next Up for Bradley Manning: Sentencing

Next phase starts today, could take weeks

(Newser) - Now that Bradley Manning has been convicted on 20 of 22 counts , his court-martial moves on to the sentencing phase today. Neither side was allowed to present evidence during the trial regarding Manning's motives or any actual damage caused by his leaks (harm to national security or US troops... More »

New Conspiracy Theorists: Snowden Truthers

Is he a triple agent, a pawn, a plant ... or hiding secrets about UFOs?

(Newser) - Edward Snowden: hero or traitor ... or part of a government conspiracy? As with every major political event these days, there is a group of Americans who see something more sinister behind the NSA whistleblower, and Salon rounds up some theories:
  • One of the most prominent is author, activist, and former
... More »

Peter King: Prosecute Journalists Who Leak

Congressman discusses NSA fiasco

(Newser) - Peter King is not messing around when it comes to journalists who help leak classified information. The congressman told Anderson Cooper on CNN last night that, "if they willingly knew that this was classified information," they should be prosecuted and punished. "I think, something of this magnitude,... More »

How to Leak to the Media Without Being IDed

You'll feel like you're in a TV show, but you're not: Nicholas Weaver

(Newser) - What with the Justice Department seizing AP phone records , Nicholas Weaver is thinking about how a modern-day whistleblower can safely leak info to the media without being identified. The sad truth, he writes in Wired , is that "we now live in a world where public servants informing the public... More »

Whistle-Blower Lawyers Give Obama $3M

And why not? His policies are making them rich

(Newser) - Attorneys for whistle-blowers have donated millions of dollars to President Obama—which is hardly surprising, considering that his fight against corporate fraud has put millions in their pockets, the New York Times reports. With the Dodd-Frank Act empowering whistle-blowers, Obama's administration has paid them $1.6 billion so far,... More »

FDA's Vast Email Spying Targeted 'Enemies List'

Agency looked at confidential information, made 'enemies list'

(Newser) - The email monitoring by the Food and Drug Administration started out as an investigation of five scientists suspected of leaking confidential documents to Congress and the press. But it soon grew into a wide-ranging "enemies list" against those pushing negative information about the FDA, peeking at thousands of emails... More »

FDA Whistleblowers: Our Email Was Monitored

Group of employees files lawsuit

(Newser) - A group of FDA scientists and doctors says that their personal emails were monitored by the agency after they acted as whistleblowers, and that the information gleaned from the surveillance led to their harassment or dismissal. The employees had complained internally, beginning in 2007, about approved or soon-to-be-approved cancer-screening devices... More »

Snitching Pays in South Korea

Government rewards have turned spying on neighbors a lucrative job

(Newser) - Crime really does pay in South Korea—at least it does for anyone within lens-range of the criminal. Government rewards and ubiquitous technology have turned Korea into a nation of snitches—or paparazzi, as they are sarcastically called locally—with people able to earn a good living reporting on their... More »

News of the World Whistleblower Found Dead

Sean Hoare's body found a week after he made new accusations

(Newser) - Sean Hoare—the former News of the World reporter who was the first to publicly accuse editor Andy Coulson of knowing about his staff's phone hacking practices—has been found dead in his home. Police say they were called to check on his well-being, and discovered Hoare's body... More »

Enron Whistleblower Finally Gets His Sweet Reward

More than 10 years later, he collects $1.1M from IRS

(Newser) - Two years before Enron’s 2001 implosion, a whistleblower tipped off the IRS to the company’s abusive tax shelters and fictitious income. Now that whistleblower is finally getting his reward, to the tune of $1.1 million from the IRS, the Washington Post reports. He remains anonymous, but his... More »

WikiLeaks at War ... With Itself

Operation is paralyzed by strife, insiders says

(Newser) - WikiLeaks , famed for its war-related whistle blowing, is now at war with itself. Though the site recently unveiled some 390,000 secret documents related to the war in Iraq , insiders say the organization is paralyzed by internal strife over leader Julian Assange's obsession with taking on the US military,... More »

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