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Love Helped Mom Power Through 2-Day Grand Canyon Trek

'I'm not letting my parents bury me': Karen Klein

(Newser) - "Maternal instinct" and a "solutions-oriented" personality are what a 46-year-old Pennsylvania mom says helped her survive a treacherous trek over more than 25 miles of the Grand Canyon to find help for her stranded family, after their car got stuck in a blizzard, Karen Klein tells NBC News... More »

2 Pilots Survived 21 Terrifying Hours in the Ocean

David McMahon and Sydnie Uemoto endured cold, jellyfish stings, a circling shark

(Newser) - David McMahon says he wasn't terribly afraid in the first minutes after the two-engine plane he had been flying crashed in Hawaiian waters en route from Oahu to the Big Island. After all, the 26-year-old tells Hawaii News Now of the July 13 accident, he and the plane's... More »

Survivors: Gunman Laughed During Orlando Massacre

A mother of 11 died protecting her son

(Newser) - People who made it out of Orlando's Pulse nightclub alive are sharing stories of their horrific experiences. Norman Casiano, 25, tells the New York Times that he huddled in a crammed bathroom stall after shooting erupted. He says gunman Omar Mateen laughed after he entered the room and opened... More »

8-Year-Old, 3 Others Rescued 2 Days After Taiwan Quake

One woman in collapsed building cried 'Here I am!' when rescuers came near

(Newser) - Two days after a powerful earthquake shook southern Taiwan, at least four more survivors have been pulled from the rubble of a collapsed 17-story apartment building in Tainan, the AP reports. A woman who called out "Here I am!" was found under the body of her husband, while... More »

Time's Almost Up for 9/11 Survivors Fund

WTC Health Program will run out of money next year, leaving 70K without coverage

(Newser) - Marcy Borders, the 9/11 survivor known as the "Dust Lady" for the iconic photo of her emerging from a devastated World Trade Center, died Tuesday at the age of 42 from stomach cancer, reports CNN . Illnesses like hers, and dozens of other chronic diseases and afflictions suffered by survivors... More »

Baby Rescued on Raft After Bahamas Plane Crash

Infant, 4 other survivors picked up 9 miles southeast of Nassau after Cessna crash

(Newser) - A single-engine Cessna took off at sunset yesterday evening from Crooked Island in the Bahamas, heading toward Nassau. It never made it, crashing into the water, but the five people aboard—including an 8-month-old baby—did make it, floating on a life raft for three hours before being picked up... More »

Nepal Miracle: Singing, Dazed Teen Rescued After 5 Days

Man, 18, was dehydrated but otherwise uninjured

(Newser) - Finally, a glimmer of good news is emerging from the grim in Nepal as the quake's death toll tops 5,500, USA Today reports. Jubilant rescuers pulled an 18-year-old man from the remains of a Kathmandu building today, five days after it collapsed around him, the AP reports. While... More »

Facebook Can Now Help You Out During Disasters

Japanese earthquake, tsunami inspire Safety Check tool

(Newser) - Facebook is giving users an easy way to inform loved ones they're safe in the midst of a major disaster. How its new Safety Check feature works: If you're in an affected area—this is determined using the city listed in your profile, a location last recorded by... More »

Climber Falls 70 Feet Into Crevasse, Survives

John All was on Nepal's Mount Himlung

(Newser) - An American climber had written himself off for dead after he fell some 70 feet into a mountain crevasse in Nepal on Monday—and yet he managed to survive. John All tells the AP it took him six hours to crawl out of the hole using an ice axe and... More »

Mudslide Survivor: Homes 'Exploded'

Amanda Skorjanc clung to baby as home was swept away

(Newser) - One of the few survivors to be pulled alive from the devastating mudslide in Washington state last month has described her harrowing ordeal for the first time. Amanda Skorjanc says she was at home with her 5-month-old son when she heard a terrifying sound and looked outside to see the... More »

Crewman Survives 2 Days in Underwater Shipwreck

Cook found an air pocket and hung on til help came

(Newser) - Reuters has an amazing tale of survival from Nigeria, where the cook on a tugboat spent 60 hours trapped underwater in the sunken vessel and lived to explain how. Harrison Okene managed to find a 4-foot-high pocket of air after getting trapped in a toilet and its adjoining bedroom... More »

Sole Survivor of 1987 Plane Crash Breaks Silence

Cecelia Crocker's parents, brother killed in Northwest Airlines tragedy

(Newser) - Cecelia Crocker's body provides her with a constant reminder of the most traumatic event of her life—one that she doesn't otherwise remember. At only 4 years old, Crocker was the lone survivor of the 1987 Northwest Airlines Flight 255 crash that killed 154 people aboard, including Crocker'... More »

Aurora Survivors Return to Theater Ahead of Reopening

Revamped theater headed for controversial debut

(Newser) - The site of the Aurora massacre is reopening today, but yesterday it opened its doors to a crowd that wasn't there to be entertained: survivors and families of the victims. "I wanted to go back because that theater was the last place I ever saw Veronica, and it... More »

Houla Massacre Survivors Recount the Horror

Syrians say they either hid or played dead

(Newser) - Survivors of the horrific Houla massacre have described the event to reporters, saying the army and dreaded shabiha militiamen were behind the door-to-door assault. Many witnesses said they played dead or hid in order to survive, the BBC reports. "We were in the house, they went in, the shabiha... More »

Japan Pulls 2 Survivors From Rubble

Eighty-year-old and grandson rescued after 9 days

(Newser) - An 80-year-old woman and her 16-year-old grandson emerged today from the rubble in northeastern Japan, nine days after the 9.0 earthquake that leveled their two-story house. The teen, Jin Abe, finally managed to pull himself out of the wreckage, and authorities spotted him waving for help from the collapsed... More »

For Japan's Elderly, Crisis Echoes WWII

Tsunami survivors tell stories of heroism, selfishness

(Newser) - Younger Japanese aren’t familiar with the level of destruction wrought by the tsunami—but those who lived through World War II have seen it once before. Older residents of tsunami-hit areas long ago grappled with radiation risks and mass destruction. “I lived through the Sendai air raids,”... More »

8 Survivors in India Plane Crash

The other 158 aboard were killed

(Newser) - A glimmer of positive news from today's plane crash in India: Eight people somehow survived. The other 158 aboard were killed when the Air India Express jet overshot the runway at a tricky hilltop airport in Mangalore, crashed over a cliff, and burst into flames. An Associated Press photo showed... More »

Survivors Struggle as China Quake Toll Hits 600

People of Tibetan region left without shelter in freezing temperatures

(Newser) - Tens of thousands of survivors spent the night in freezing temperatures after yesterday's earthquake on the Tibetan Plateau. The Chinese military is rushing in tents, food, and medical supplies, but the cold temperatures mean hope is fading for those still trapped in the ruins of schools and monasteries, Reuters reports.... More »

Huntsville Survivor Describes 'Methodical' Shooting

Joseph Ng says Amy Bishop shot each victim in head until gun jammed

(Newser) - A survivor of the University of Alabama-Huntsville shooting said the professor charged in the attack methodically shot the victims in the head until her gun apparently jammed and she was pushed out of the room. Associate professor Joseph Ng described the scene, saying that a half an hour into a... More »

Hey, Media: Don't Call It 'Looting'

Desperate, hungry people are just trying to feed their families

(Newser) - Reports of "looting" in Haiti are surfacing, and Jerry Lanson isn't happy about it. He's not upset with the so-called looters, but with the reporters who are using the term. He cites one story in which the New York Times said "officials reported looting at a collapsed grocery... More »

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