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Medical Examiner's Son Dies of Drug Overdose

'No family is immune,' Wis. senator says

(Newser) - There have been more than 160 drug-related deaths in Milwaukee County, Wis., this year, 70 of them in the last seven weeks, and that is more than just a grim statistic for Chief Medical Examiner Brian Peterson. His own son, Adam Peterson, a 29-year-old with a history of drug use,... More »

Court: Coroners Don't Have to Return Bodies With All Their Parts

Parents buried son, learned of brain in a jar months later

(Newser) - Families who bury loved ones whose body has been looked at by a medical examiner may not be burying their whole bodies. And New York's highest court ruled yesterday that it's OK. The unusual case involves the death of 17-year-old Jesse Shipley of New York City in a... More »

Chicago to Post Photos of Mystery Stiffs Online

Cook County aims to give closure to victims, even if it's not pretty

(Newser) - If your loved one died in a grisly way, finding a grisly photo of them online might not be your favorite way of finding out, but the Cook County medical examiner's office is betting it's better than nothing. The county, which includes Chicago, has begun posting photos of... More »

NYC: We Bungled DNA Evidence in 26 Rape Cases

Single technician blamed for errors

(Newser) - New York City officials are cleaning up after a lab technician who reportedly bungled DNA evidence in at least 26 rape cases. The medical examiner's office is in the process of reviewing 843 cases; the technician missed biological evidence in 26 of those studied thus far. Officials were able... More »

Conn. Seeks Genetic Clue to Lanza's Rampage

Asperger's 'not on the menu,' medical examiner says

(Newser) - Investigators have brought in a geneticist in an effort to piece together a reason behind the Newtown school massacre, reports the Hartford Courant . Connecticut's chief medical examiner says he is still waiting for toxicology results on Adam Lanza and that he hopes the gunman's biology may offer some... More »

School Victims All Shot With Semiautomatic Rifle

Police release names, ages of the victims

(Newser) - The victims of the Connecticut school shooting were shot multiple times with a semiautomatic rifle, the medical examiner said today, and he called the injuries "devastating" and the worst he and colleagues had ever seen. All of the 20 children killed were 6 or 7 years old and each... More »

Storage Unit Find: Human Organs in Plastic Cups

Guy who bought contents at auction gets nasty surprise

(Newser) - A former medical examiner crudely preserved brains, hearts, and lungs from about 100 people in plastic food containers found inside a storage unit in Florida, authorities said yesterday. A man who bought the contents of the unit at auction last week in Pensacola made the discovery after being overpowered by... More »

The Scary Truth About America's Morgues

Mistakes have sent innocents to jail, let guilty go free, ProPublica finds

(Newser) - Misplaced bones and bodies, overlooked bullet holes, corpses cremated before an investigation was complete: Most real morgues bear little resemblance to the shiny, high-tech world of CSI’s labs, a new investigation reveals. ProPublica , Frontline, and NPR took a yearlong look at the country’s coroner and medical examiner offices... More »

Nancy Kerrigan's Dad's Death a Homicide: DA

Charges against Olympic figure skater's brother may be amended

(Newser) - The death of Nancy Kerrigan's father was a homicide, but the DA in the case hasn't decided whether to charge the Olympic figure skater's brother with murder. Mark Kerrigan was charged with committing assault and battery against their 70-year-old father just before he died. He pleaded not guilty and has... More »

Autopsy: Madoff Buddy Died of Natural Causes

Jeffry Picower, 67, had a heart attack, then drowned in pool

(Newser) - Bernie Madoff’s pal Jeffry Picower drowned following a massive heart attack, a medical examiner announced today. Toxicology reports won’t be in for another 10 weeks, but for now the examiner says Picower sunk to the bottom of the pool following the heart attack. His body will be released... More »

Get a Checkup or Lose Your Insurance

One company tries forcing employees to get preventative care

(Newser) - How far can a firm go to improve the health of its employees? AmeriGas Propane's insurance costs were rising, its work force was aging, and its employees weren't getting preventative care. The company began voluntary programs to encourage healthy behavior that didn't work. So AmeriGas gave its workers a simple... More »

McNair's Girlfriend Fired Gun: Medical Examiner

Gunshot residue tests show Kazemi fired the weapon found at the scene

(Newser) - Sahel Kazemi fired the gun that killed her and Steve McNair, TMZ reports, citing Tennessee's assistant medical examiner. Dr. Feng Li says preliminary lab tests show that gunshot residue from the gun that killed both individuals was found on Kazemi's hand—evidence supported by the crime scene and police interviews.... More »

Richardson Died After 'Blunt Impact,' Clot

(Newser) - Natasha Richardson’s cause of death was an “epidural hematoma due to blunt impact to the head,” the New York Post reports. The verdict comes from the city’s medical examiner, ruling the actress’ death an accident. A hematoma is a blood clot that grows between the brain... More »

Ledger Autopsy Inconclusive

Coroner needs 10 days, further tests; actor's roles took toll, caused insomnia

(Newser) - An autopsy on actor Heath Ledger was inconclusive, the AP reports, and a medical examiner's office spokeswoman says that further needed tests will take about 10 days. Meanwhile, Ledger's family echoed earlier police statements that the actor had not committed suicide—rather, his death was “tragic, untimely, and accidental,... More »

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