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Are Conservatives on Court Guilty of Judicial Activism?

Left thinks so, but right defends Scalia and Co.

(Newser) - Today's big debate on health care reform seems to be whether the Supreme Court's conservatives were acting more like legislators than justices. Voices on the left think so and are raising cries of judicial activism. Pundits on the right disagree. A roundup of samples:
  • EJ Dionne, Washington Post
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Can You Blame the Jews for Hating Palin?

Columnists debate causes of coolness toward hockey mom

(Newser) - Why do the Jews hate Sarah Palin? Conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin posed that leading question in the most recent issue of Commentary and her answer has provoked a backlash from other Jewish writers from both ends of the political spectrum. Rubin argued that, politics aside, Jews have a "palpable... More »

The Culture Wars, College Football Style

Michigan-Ohio State rivalry illuminates tale of '60s, '70s upheaval

(Newser) - The cultural disconnect between conservative college football programs and America’s liberalizing culture in the late 1960s and early ‘70s is the theme of War as They Knew It, a book by Detroit Free Press columnist Michael Rosenberg. The survey of the Michigan-Ohio State rivalry (which continues tomorrow) through... More »

Right's Ridicule of Obama 'Cult' Appeal Masks Jealousy

Conservatives 'freaked out' by rabid following

(Newser) - Conservative griping about Barack Obama’s supposed cult of personality is both misplaced and hypocritical, Jonathan Chait writes in the New Republic. Pundits’ case against the Democrat relies on willful misinterpretation of his slogans. “Did you know that McCain’s slogan, ‘Country first,’ could be translated via... More »

Hillary Endgame Isn't a Battle in Gender War

Clinton 'just a politician' to 30-something scribe, not feminist symbol

(Newser) - Women who treat Hillary Clinton's candidacy as a feminist symbol and see sexism in calls for her to quit don't quite make sense to Jonathan Chait, writing in the Los Angeles Times. "People of my generation tend to have a less personal view of Clinton," the 36-year-old writes.... More »

Bush's True Base Isn't the Right, It's the Rich

Business and wealthy have hijacked the GOP, argues new book

(Newser) - Don’t be fooled by the lip service to Christian conservatives: the interests the Bush administration serves are economic, not religious, Jonathan Chait writes in the “The Big Con,” a book that the Washington Monthly’s Kevin Drum calls the best on the long list of recent  Bush-bashers.... More »

6 Stories