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The McCain-Obama Buddy Flick

Guys jumping between the two are picking machismo over politics

(Newser) - For too many men, the 2008 election is a McCain-Obama buddy flick, writes Edward McClelland for Salon. The candidates may be ideological opponents, but the grizzled veteran and hip black guy share qualities men admire in other men, like independence, charisma, and toughness. Many guys are backing both, ideology be... More »

'Superwomen' Often Anorexic

Pressure on girls to be 'perfect' increases risk of eating disorders

(Newser) - The driving need to be perfect—or "Superwoman" syndrome—puts girls as young as 13 at a higher risk of developing an eating disorder, reports the Independent. "Superwomen want the perfect life. No matter how well they're doing, they never feel quite good enough," says one researcher. More »

2 Stories