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MTV Announces Major Change to Awards Show

Goodbye, gender-specific categories

(Newser) - MTV has scrapped gender-specific categories for its upcoming Movie & TV Awards, dubbed the MTV Movie Awards in previous years, reports the AP . In place of the Best Actress and Best Actor categories, this year's awards will honor a non-gendered Best Actor in a Movie and Best Actor in... More »

MTV Reality Show Chopper Crashes in Reservoir, Kills 2

Was flying to filming location in Argentina for 'The Challenge'

(Newser) - A helicopter working for an MTV reality show crashed in western Argentina on Saturday and both people on board were killed, local authorities said. The Bell 206 helicopter crashed as it flew over the reservoir at Potrerillos de Mendoza dam about 620 miles northwest of Buenos Aires, Gianni Vernier, security... More »

MTV Names Post-Millennial Generation

Now we've got 'Founders' in the fray with baby boomers, Gen X, and millennials

(Newser) - Baby boomers, Gen Xers, and millennials looking for a new group to blame the woes of the world on, rest easy: Whether we wanted them to or not, higher-ups at MTV—or, rather, "arrogant marketing dolts at the increasingly irrelevant basic cable channel," as Don Kaplan writes for... More »

Model, 40, Dies After 7-Hour Police Standoff on Bridge

Sam Sarpong, ex-Tommy Hilfiger model and MTV co-host, dead in Calif. suicide

(Newser) - Police crisis negotiators and family members tried for seven hours Monday to talk a distressed British actor and model off a California bridge, but the incident ended in tragedy, Us Weekly reports. Per Hollywood Life , Sam Sarpong, 40, an ex-Tommy Hilfiger model and former co-host of MTV's Yo Momma... More »

Extreme Sports Star Killed in Skydive

Erik Roner slammed into tree at Lake Tahoe

(Newser) - The world of extreme sports is mourning yet another star killed doing what he loved best. Erik Roner made his name as a ski BASE jumper, but his final stunt was a skydive at a golf course at the Squaw Valley resort in Lake Tahoe, Calif., reports the Dallas Morning ... More »

Twitter Tiff With Nicki Minaj Not Taylor's Best Move

It was an uncharacteristic miss for Swift, who jumped on Minaj's VMA tweet

(Newser) - Taylor Swift is a human being who does human things. That's one of the main takeaways, according to Vox , after the singer posted a knee-jerk reaction yesterday to a tweet by fellow artist Nicki Minaj. "If your video celebrates women with very slim bodies, you will be nominated... More »

Contestants: 'Pimp My Ride' Was Pretty Fake

They complain about shoddy work and fat-shaming

(Newser) - Ever dream of getting your vehicle souped up on the MTV show Pimp My Ride? Then consider former contestants who say that the program—in which rapper Xzibit oversaw crazy car upgrades—faked quite a bit to entertain viewers, the Huffington Post reports. According to contestants, vehicle add-ons were removed... More »

Reality TV Star Dies of Cancer at 32

Diem Brown had chronicled her fight against the disease

(Newser) - Reality TV star Diem Brown has died of cancer at age 32, after chronicling her long fight with the disease and becoming an advocate for other patients, reports People . Diem first appeared on MTV's Real World/Road Rules Challenge in 2006, announcing in her debut season that she had just... More »

Woman: I Added 3rd Breast to Be Unattractive

And also to get an MTV reality show

(Newser) - There are people who have plastic surgery to correct birth defects , those who go under the knife to look more like their favorite celebrities , and then there's a Florida woman who goes by the name Jasmine Tridevil. The 21-year-old massage therapist—who's now being compared to the three-breasted... More »

16 and Pregnant Actually Reduced Teen Births: Study

MTV reality shows may act as deterrent: researchers

(Newser) - If you thought MTV's 16 and Pregnant and all its related spinoffs glorified teen pregnancy, here's a surprise for you: The reality shows likely reduced teen births by almost 6%, preventing more than 20,000 of them in 2010 alone, according to a new study. The National Bureau... More »

Miley Cyrus Smokes Weed Onstage

Lights up what appears to be a joint at MTV Europe Music Awards

(Newser) - Welcome to "Miley Cyrus Does Outrageous Things," on today's episode ... after winning the award for Video of the Year for "Wrecking Ball," Miley Cyrus pulled what looked a lot like a joint out of her bag and proceeded to light up onstage at the MTV... More »

MTV Releases New Show on App First, TV Later

'Wait 'Till Next Year' is the first series to launch like that

(Newser) - MTV is releasing a full season of a new series today, but don’t reach for that remote just yet. You can watch the show, Wait ‘Til Next Year, for free on your mobile device via the MTV app. It won't show up on TV for another week.... More »

Miley Cut From Vogue Cover Over VMAs: Report

Apparently Anna Wintour is not a fan of twerking

(Newser) - Cut from the cover? Seems Miley Cyrus twerking at MTV’s Video Music Awards may have cost her the cover of Vogue. Newsy reports: More »

Miley Follows VMAs With Butt Photos

So that happened. Plus, reactions to Cyrus' raunchy performance

(Newser) - Even after her VMAs twerkfestapalooza , Miley Cyrus apparently does not think the world has seen quite enough of her rear end. Cyrus followed up Sunday's raunchy show with similarly raunchy pictures of her behind, posted on Twitter last night and this morning. In related news, Billy Ray Cyrus (whose... More »

7 VMA Moments Everyone Is Talking About

Miley Cyrus twerks, *NSYNC reunites, and more from the Video Music Awards

(Newser) - Pole dance? That's so 2009 . Miley Cyrus outdid herself at the MTV Video Music Awards last night with a twerking performance that left the audience feeling violated, Australia's News Network reports. Cyrus started out wearing practically nothing, then managed to find a way to strip down even further... More »

Jersey Town Lawyers Up to Keep Snooki Out

Berkeley Township doesn't want her filming in Pelican Island neighborhood

(Newser) - Poor Snooki just can't catch a break. The Jersey Shore star is not wanted in Florence , Hoboken , and now you can add one more locale to the list. Dozens of residents of New Jersey's Berkeley Township took to the council meeting last night to protest Nicole "Snooki"... More »

Buckwild Producer Flips After MTV Cancels Show

Reality series yanked after Shain Gandee's death

(Newser) - In the wake of star Shain Gandee's death , MTV has decided to cancel reality series Buckwild—and producer JP Williams is not happy about it. "This is the network that has shows about teen pregnancy," Williams told the Hollywood Reporter last night. "They'll stick by... More »

Buckwild Star's Likely Killer: Carbon Monoxide

Speculation surrounds the deaths of Shain Gandee, 2 others

(Newser) - There's no official coroner's report yet, but it looks like MTV reality star Shain Gandee and two others may have died from carbon monoxide poisoning after the truck they were off-roading in got stuck in the mud. TMZ has pictures of Gandee's Ford Bronco, which appears to... More »

Stop Making Fun of 'Hillbillies'

'Buckwild' and the like only hurt Appalachia: Alexandra Bradner

(Newser) - America loves to ogle , and often mock, "rednecks" and "hillbillies." But if we would never dream of treating minorities in the same way, then why is this behavior considered acceptable? Philosophy professor Alexandra Bradner takes on the question in Salon , focusing her ire particularly on MTV's... More »

Pussy Riot Burns Putin Photo in Video for MTV

Video thanks Madonna, Green Day, and other supporters

(Newser) - Pussy Riot has released a punchy new video in which three members, dressed in the band's trademark colorful masks, repel down a massive wall adorned with a Pussy Riot banner and then set fire to a portrait of Vladimir Putin. Hanging alongside Putin's image is one of Belarussian... More »

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