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There's a Massive Protest Happening Today—Online

More than 80K websites oppose FCC plan

(Newser) - There's a massive protest happening Wednesday—and it's taking place entirely online. CNBC reports more than 80,000 websites—including Amazon, Facebook, Google, Netflix, Reddit, Airbnb, and Twitter—are taking part in a "Day of Action" to oppose the FCC's plan to weaken net neutrality protections.... More »

Trump Officially Nixes Obama's Internet Privacy Rules

President signs repeal, clearing way for ISPs to gather consumer data without permission

(Newser) - In a move the ACLU has decried as putting "profits over privacy," President Trump on Monday signed a repeal of former President Obama's internet privacy rules, removing obstacles for internet service providers who wish to cull web browsing histories or other information from consumers, the AP and... More »

The Tool That Could Keep ISPs From Spying on You

There are different schools of thought on virtual private networks, or VPNs

(Newser) - The country now waits for President Trump to put his signature on a bill blocking enforcement of FCC rules meant to keep internet service providers from selling and sharing user data. What people aren't waiting to do, however: freak out about the official loss of much of their privacy... More »

How Private Is Your Web History? Not Very, Decides Congress

Repeal of internet privacy rule now headed for Trump's desk

(Newser) - A measure to repeal online privacy rules brought in under former President Barack Obama before they take effect is on its way to President Trump's desk after the House passed it with a 215-205 vote. The measure—which passed the Senate 50-48 last week—blocks the FCC from enforcing... More »

Major ISPs Cheating Us on Internet Speeds We Pay For

Nation's largest ISPs slowing down networks affecting 75% of wireline households

(Newser) - Thanks to new FCC rules put out this year to ensure net neutrality and keep all online data equal, major Internet service providers (think Verizon, AT&T, Time Warner) aren't supposed to hold our Internet speeds hostage. But that's exactly what's happening, per a study by an... More »

There's a Company America Dislikes More Than Comcast

Losers abound in this year's American Consumer Satisfaction Index

(Newser) - Time Warner is still beating Comcast —if by "beating" we mean coming in first in "least popular company" surveys. The University of Michigan's American Consumer Satisfaction Index is out, and Time Warner Cable's ISP ranks dead last on a list of 230 household brands, scoring... More »

How Yesterday's Ruling Could Alter the Web Forever

Users could see higher costs for services—or lose access to sites

(Newser) - Yesterday was the day net neutrality died , with a court ruling that Internet service providers aren't bound by FCC non-discrimination rules—so they can prioritize some traffic over others. The decision may mean major changes for the everyday user, and today, media sites are offering the details. Among their... More »

Court Strikes Big Blow to Net Neutrality

Says ISPs can discriminate against traffic

(Newser) - A federal court has rejected FCC Open Internet regulations to ensure Internet service providers can’t discriminate when it comes to web traffic. In Verizon v. FCC, the Washington, DC, court found that ISPs can legally prioritize or block some traffic, the Washington Post reports. The court did, however, rule... More »

ISPs Kick Off Effort to Stop Your Illegal Downloading

ISPs look to slow, yank Internet access via 'six strikes' system

(Newser) - Many of the biggest Internet Service Providers have a new plan to keep customers from illegal downloading, and they're rolling it out over the next few days. The "six strikes" Copyright Alert System involves six notices, sent with increasing urgency, that your ISP suspects you of peer-to-peer piracy.... More »

Illegal Downloaders' Punishment: Slow Internet

Internet providers strike deal to penalize pirates

(Newser) - Media companies and Internet providers have agreed on a system to put the brakes on the service of users of illegal file-sharing services. The ISPs have agreed to alert customers up to six times if they believe their account is being used to illegally download music and movie, Reuters reports.... More »

FCC Poised to Pass Net Neutrality Rules

'Fake' neutrality plan doesn't go far enough, critics say

(Newser) - New rules aimed at prohibiting broadband providers from becoming gatekeepers of Internet traffic now have just enough votes to pass the Federal Communications Commission today. The new "net neutrality" rules would prohibit phone and cable companies from abusing their control over broadband connections to discriminate against rival content or... More »

FCC Chair Pushes to Regulate ISPs

Proposal might amount to net neutrality order

(Newser) - FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski is making yet another valiant stab at introducing net neutrality or something like it today. In a speech today, Genachowski will propose a new regulatory framework that would forbid Internet broadband providers from blocking lawful content, the New York Times reports. The rules would also allow... More »

Court Smacks Down FCC in Net Neutrality Case

Agency had no standing to regulate Comcast, 3-judge panel rules

(Newser) - A federal court today said the FCC does not have the power to force Internet service providers to treat all traffic equally. The ruling, in a closely watched case concerning Comcast's ban on BitTorrent, is a blow to the Obama administration’s crusade for net neutrality. But the FCC failed... More »

We Might Need Google Neutrality, Too

Net Neutrality isn't a cure-all; the internet is full of choke points

(Newser) - Net neutrality is back in the headlines, but it might not be as important as its champions might hope. Essentially, the net neutrality fight is over price discrimination—the ISPs want to charge extra fees to big companies that could afford to pay them, explains Ars Technica . Companies of all... More »

Minn. Flips on Online Gambling After Industry Suit

(Newser) - Minnesota has dropped a bid to cut off access to online gambling after a legal challenge from an industry group, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports. The state had petitioned Internet service providers to block the sites. Whether the lobby “ultimately would have prevailed in court is unknown,” a... More »

Spammers Bounce Back After Host Shutdown

Zombie spam-sending computers reactivated from foreign ISPs

(Newser) - Spammers are surging back onto the Internet again, 2 weeks after being dealt a body blow by a server shutdown, CNET News reports. Spam volumes dived 80% after the California-based McColo hosting firm was pulled offline. They remained flat until a few days ago but have now risen to around... More »

Domain Name Bug Worries Web Providers

Firms race to fix flaw in Internet's architecture before crooks find it

(Newser) - ISPs worldwide are racing to patch a flaw in the design of the Internet that could allow criminals to steal personal and financial details of Web users by diverting them to fake sites. The flaw resides in the procedures of the Domain Name System, which translates URLs into numerical Internet... More »

Comcast Bends Under Net Neutrality Pressure

Promises new system for managing network, probably by end of year

(Newser) - Comcast is changing the way it manages Internet traffic after an intense public and FCC outcry over its blocking traffic from BitTorrent users. To cut use during peak hours, the Internet provider will stop targeting specific applications and instead slow its highest-bandwidth users’ traffic, reports the New York Times. Still,... More »

Web Inventor: Don't Track Me, Bro

Internet creator decries spyware: 'You can't have' my data

(Newser) - He may have created a web that's worldwide, but Internet founder Tim Berners-Lee is very proprietary when it comes to tracking programs, such as Phorm, that allow ISPs to monitor their customers. Berners-Lee says he’d drop any company caught mining his data. “It’s mine—you can’t... More »

Comcast Stooges Pack FCC Hearing

Cable and ISP giant accused of hiring seatfillers to silence critics

(Newser) - The future direction of the Internet could be at stake in the FCC's decisions on net neutrality, but one of the ISPs concerned did its best to keep opponents out of a hearing on it, reports. Advocacy group and fierce Comcast critic Free Press says the firm hired... More »

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