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A Midflight Discovery by Wife, Then ... Chaos

Angry woman got flight diverted after finding out about husband's alleged affair

(Newser) - Pro tip: If you're going to investigate your husband's phone on the suspicion he may be cheating on you, maybe don't do it while thousands of feet in the air. A woman—who, authorities say, had had a few drinks—on a Qatar Airways flight from Doha,... More »

Husband's Post About Curvy Wife Backfires

Robbie Tripp probably wasn't expecting this

(Newser) - An Instagram post about his wife's beauty did not go the way Robbie Tripp likely thought it would. The self-described entrepreneur and "husband to a curvy goddess" posted a picture of himself and his bathing-suit clad wife Sarah to Instagram last week, where he explained that though he... More »

Husband on Heartbreaking NYT Essay: 'Shocked at the Beauty'

Jason Rosenthal says he was 'emotionally ripped apart' at dying wife's love letter

(Newser) - Amy Krouse Rosenthal's recent "Modern Love" column for the New York Times sent a nation sobbing as the Chicago writer revealed she was dying and putting feelers out for a new spouse for her husband. Jason Rosenthal, 52, now tells People he knew his 51-year-old wife of 26... More »

Please 'Swipe Right' for My Husband

Dying woman sets up dating profile for spouse in 'NYT' essay

(Newser) - Jason Brian Rosenthal is a wonderful father, can flip a pancake like nobody's business, offers gumballs to unsuspecting recipients, and is the subject of a singles "ad" as it appears in the most recent New York Times "Modern Love" column. The person who's trying to find... More »

Woman Sells Wedding Dress Marked With 'Stench of Betrayal'

Her eBay post has gone viral with bids reaching nearly $90K

(Newser) - Samantha Wragg hadn't had time to dust off her wedding dress and take it to the cleaners before she found out her new husband was cheating on her. So what did the British woman who works in social media do? List her dress on eBay to help foot the... More »

Wife Posts Video of Husband With Maid, Could Face Jail

A lawyer says she could be fined more than $100K for defaming her husband

(Newser) - A Saudi wife who posted footage of her husband pursuing and groping their maid could face jail time and a stiff fine for defaming him—and in the process has caused a social media outcry, largely in her defense, reports Emirates 24/7 . The woman let the footage of her husband'... More »

Study: This Is the Kind of Man Who Murders His Partner

There are striking similarities among these convicts

(Newser) - The kind of man who kills his wife or family fits a pattern, and this new understanding of who commits this kind of murder could help prevent them from happening in the first place. So report Northwestern University researchers in the Journal of Forensic Sciences after interviewing and evaluating 153... More »

Husband: No, I'm Not 'Standing By' Wife Accused in Prison Break

Lyle Mitchell refutes earlier reports

(Newser) - Lyle Mitchell visited his wife, Joyce, in jail yesterday—the woman accused of helping two prison inmates escape—and was probably surprised to learn afterward that he fully supported her. At least that's how her lawyer described things after their unmonitored meeting of about an hour, conducted by phone... More »

Man Selling Lego Collection to 'Save His Marriage'

Swede says wife can't stand it

(Newser) - A Swedish man is offering his entire, 700-pound Lego collection—including advanced items like a remote-controlled excavator—for sale because his wife finally put her foot down, the Local reports. "The old bag" told him to ditch the set, he writes in an online ad. "You can make... More »

Wedding Jitters Boost Chance of Divorce

Break-ups more common when wives are hesitant

(Newser) - Not so sure about getting hitched? You may want to call off the wedding—especially if you're a bride-to-be. A new study shows that wives who harbored pre-marriage doubts were two-and-a-half times more likely to end up divorcing their spouse four years later, reports LiveScience . And jittery couples who... More »

For Older Women, Daughter —Not Husband—Is No. 1

Research finds that focus shifts as women age

(Newser) - As women age, they tend to replace their husbands—with their daughters. A new study finds that when women hit their 40s, their closest confidant shifts from their spouse to a woman about 25 years younger—presumably a daughter. Researchers analyzed almost 2 billion cell phone calls and 489 million... More »

Wife Fakes Kidnapping to See if Hubby Would Pay Ransom

She also tells him not to go to police...

(Newser) - Strike this from the list of "Ways to know if my husband truly loves me": A Spanish woman has been detained after faking her own kidnapping to see if her husband would be willing to fork over the ransom money. According to police, she texted him a photo of... More »

Drunk Woman to 911 Operator: Find Me a Husband

Audrey Scott jailed after trying to dial-a-mate...5 times

(Newser) - She was looking to shack up for life, but instead, she found herself in the big house for 3 days. An Ohio woman was arrested and sent to jail after calling 911 looking for a husband—five times. The dumbfounded dispatcher tried to clarify her request by asking Audrey Scott,... More »

Utah Cops Grill Hubby About Missing Wife

Spouse says he was camping with toddler sons

(Newser) - Utah police are questioning a man a second time about his missing wife and the mother of his two young children. Susan Powell, 28, vanished from her suburban Salt Lake City home in early December without taking her purse or cell phone. Her husband told police he was camping with... More »

Wife Poses as Schoolgirl to Nab Husband

Sets up her own web sting after growing suspicious

(Newser) - A UK woman posed as a teenage girl online to entrap her 68-year-old husband in a pedophile arrest. Police say the wife, 61, became suspicious of her husband's constant use of the Internet, signed into a chatroom he used, and struck up a steamy conversation as a 14-year-old. After he... More »

Younger, Smarter Wife = Bliss

(Newser) - Researchers have discovered the secret of a happy marriage—at least for the husband: a younger, smarter wife. Such marriages are likely to last, particularly when neither spouse has been previously divorced. Marriages involving women at least five years younger than a husband and with a higher educational level fared... More »

Runaway Bride Flees Before Reception

After ceremony, Italian newlywed skips out with groom's buddy

(Newser) - As a newlywed groom and the wedding guests waited at a restaurant in Trieste, Italy, the bride was speeding away with the driver, a friend of her husband, ANSA reports. After an hour and a half, the groom got through to his new wife, who said that she had "... More »

Women: Embrace 'Wifely Duty,' Say Yes to Sex

(Newser) - Attention women: For the sake of your relationship and general world harmony, it's time to resume having sex even when you're not in the mood. So says Bettina Arndt, a female columnist for the Canberra Times, who wonders, "Whatever happened to wifely duty?" It's still possible—in fact, easy—... More »

Wife Admits Exercising Husband, 73, to Death

She refused to let him leave pool—43 times

(Newser) - An Ohio woman has pleaded guilty to reckless homicide after exercising her 73-year-old husband to death in a swimming pool and refusing to let him leave the water, reports AP. The husband rested his head on the side of the pool several times while gasping for breath when the wife... More »

'First Dude' or Shadow Governor?

Todd Palin's role is scrutinized as he's thrust into spotlight

(Newser) - Todd Palin likes the title "first dude," but some Alaskan critics of his wife have dubbed the apparently unassuming husband the state's "shadow governor," the Wall Street Journal reports. The oilfield worker and champion snowmobiler is copied on some official correspondence and is accused of playing... More »

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