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Mar-a-Lago Doubles Its Initiation Fee to $200K

Ethics experts call it 'unacceptable,' 'naked profiteering'

(Newser) - Want to join the ranks of those allowed into Donald Trump's "winter White House"? You'll have to double what you would've spent in 2016 for a Mar-a-Lago membership fee, which was increased Jan. 1 from $100,000 to $200,000, sources "close to the... More »

Administration Alums Plan Facebook for Bushies

Bushies want an alternative to left-leaning Facebook

(Newser) - The Bush-Cheney Alumni Association is taking to the Internet, reports Politico, by setting up a social networking website for people who worked in the Bush administration. The Bushies-only site is expected to launch in a few months, says the head of the BCAA, who expects “thousands” to sign up.... More »

Warren Deletes Anti-Gay Note, Cites 'Christ-o-phobia'

(Newser) - Rick Warren—whose upcoming invocation at the Obama inauguration is causing a ruckus—has removed anti-gay language from the website of his Saddleback Church, Queerty reports. A page that explicitly barred gays from membership has suddenly gone missing, along with some Catholic bashing and a defense of dinosaurs in the... More »

10 Ways Smart People Are Stupid About Money

Wise up and hand on to your hard-earned cash

(Newser) - Hey, smarty. You went to an Ivy League school and you have a respectable job, so why are you broke? The Consumerist points out 10 money-suckers that plague otherwise intelligent people:
  1. Paying your bills late
  2. Overdrafting and ATM fees
  3. Traffic and parking tickets
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4 Stories