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'Basic Income for All' Plan Goes Down in Flames

Swiss voters overwhelmingly reject proposal

(Newser) - A Swiss proposal to ensure that all adult citizens receive a basic income has been rejected, the BBC reports. Voters rejected it by nearly 77% to 23% in a Sunday referendum, apparently unswayed by arguments favoring a guaranteed monthly income of $2,555 for adults and $640 for children. "... More »

Facebook, Microsoft to Run Mega-Cable From Va. to Spain

MAREA will be the highest-capacity trans-Atlantic cable yet

(Newser) - Virginia Beach soon be tethered to Bilbao, Spain, thanks to what Computerworld calls "an epic shift that will change everything." A joint initiative between Facebook, Microsoft, and an overseas telecommunications company, the 4,100-mile-plus MAREA subsea cable will be the highest-capacity cable to span the Atlantic, with an... More »

Pipeline Will Transport 1.5K Gallons of Beer Each Hour

Sorry, no home taps

(Newser) - Forget Keystone , here's a pipeline we can all get behind. A series of underground tubes will transport beer from the De Halve Maan brewery at the center of Bruges, Belgium, to a bottling plant a couple miles away. "It all started as a joke," brewer Xavier Vanneste... More »

Refugee Deal Would 'Break Business Model of Smugglers'

But humanitarian groups say Turkey-EU plan would be 'inhumane'

(Newser) - A possible deal between Turkey and the European Union to handle the ongoing migrant crisis is being hailed as a "breakthrough" by EU leaders after an outline was drafted Tuesday, the AP reports. This "one-for-one" arrangement would mean that in exchange for every migrant in Europe that Turkey... More »

Europe Unprepared for New Wave of Refugees

'It’s a very dangerous situation'

(Newser) - What was already the worst refugee crisis to hit Europe since WWII is only expected to get worse when spring arrives, and the continent isn't even close to prepared for it, the Washington Post reports. “It’s a very dangerous situation," one expert says. Approximately 75,000... More »

Kickstarter Digs Deep Into Case of Doomed Drone

Was Europe's largest Kickstarter ever a scam?

(Newser) - It had all the makings of fraud, or at least some level of incompetence: a Kickstarter product that raised a ton of cash, didn't ship on time to backers, didn't work properly, and sent the manufacturer into bankruptcy. Not only that—it was the largest project out of... More »

Here's Why Europe's Killer Whales Could Go Extinct

Study finds high levels of contamination from PCBs

(Newser) - Decades after they were banned, chemicals known as PCBs continue to pose a threat to marine mammals in the waters off Europe. The situation is especially dire for killer whales, the Christian Science Monitor reports. "We think there is a very high extinction risk for killer whales as a... More »

Europe Hits 2015 Milestone: 1M Migrants

The vast majority entered by the sea in Greece

(Newser) - A few thousand migrants and refugees made it to Greece on Monday, giving Europe a pretty big milestone: More than 1 million people have now entered the continent "through irregular means" in 2015, in what amounts to the biggest such migration since WWII, reports the Guardian . That figure is... More »

More Than 50 Migrants Drown in Deadly 3 Days

Many of those who drowned were children fleeing war

(Newser) - Twenty-two migrants—many of them children—drowned in two boat accidents Thursday and Friday in Greece's Aegean Sea, the BBC reports. According to NBC News , the fatal shipwrecks are part of a particularly deadly three-day stretch in Greece, with more than 50 migrants and refugees dying in the Aegean... More »

Court: KitKat Can't Trademark Its 4 'Fingers'

Nestle's lost this round in long legal battle with Cadbury ... for now

(Newser) - It started with a candy wrapper and ended (for now) in a courtroom. Nestle's attempts to trademark the shape of its "four-fingered" KitKat have been rejected by the European Court of Justice, which ruled that shape alone isn't enough to recognize it as a KitKat, the BBC... More »

Hungary to Migrants: Cross This Fence and You're a Criminal

New laws boost its crackdown at border with Serbia

(Newser) - Hungary declared a state of emergency and police arrested 60 migrants at or near the country's 110-mile southern border with Serbia after new laws took effect at midnight making it a criminal offense to cross the border illegally or mess with the 13-foot razor-wire fence, the BBC reports. With... More »

Anonymous Death Notice Mourns Drowned Aylan

'You did not deserve to drown'

(Newser) - Tucked in among the death notices and obituaries for locals in the Sydney Morning Herald today is a one posted anonymously for Aylan Kurdi, the Syrian toddler whose body washed up on a beach in Turkey. "You did not deserve to drown in the coldness of water and in... More »

Drowned Toddler Sadly Illustrates Migrant Crisis

Syrian boy drowned trying to reach Greece

(Newser) - (Warning: Links on this story go to disturbing images.) Photos of the lifeless body of a Syrian toddler who drowned while trying to reach the Greek island of Kos were sweeping the Internet today and fast becoming THE images of Europe's migrant crisis. They're disturbing, however, so... More »

7 Must-Reads on Europe's Migrant Crisis

Headlines get worse by the day

(Newser) - Three kids are in critical condition after yet another truck full of dehydrated migrants was found in Austria today, reports Reuters . That's on the heels of the discovery of 71 decomposing bodies earlier this week. Meanwhile, the capsizing of two boats in the Mediterranean has killed more than 115... More »

Greece Votes 'No,' Plunges Into Uncharted Territory

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras says the vote will give them a better deal

(Newser) - Greece lurched into uncharted territory and an uncertain future in Europe's common currency today after voters overwhelmingly rejected demands by international creditors for more austerity measures in exchange for a bailout of its bankrupt economy. Results showed 61% voted "no," compared with 38% for "yes,"... More »

Europeans' White Skin Came Later Than Thought

Study suggests trait emerged about 8K years ago

(Newser) - Science notes that Europe is often thought of as the "ancestral home of white people." But a new DNA study suggests that pale skin and other traits we associate with the continent may have emerged only within the last 8,000 years—a "relatively recent" occurrence.... More »

Europe Court: Obesity Can Be a Disability

350-pound man sued after getting fired

(Newser) - Obese people who feel discriminated against in the workplace scored a potentially big legal victory in Europe today. The European Court of Justice ruled that obesity can be a disability that requires special protections, reports the BBC . The ruling is "nuanced," however, observes Al Jazeera America . The court... More »

Why Rubber Blocks Keep Appearing on Europe's Beaches

They come from shipwrecks—including, perhaps, the Titanic

(Newser) - From Britain to Spain to Denmark, rubbery blocks have recently washed up on beaches, all bearing the same word: Tjipetir. It's still not certain where each block comes from, but a woman who found one while walking her dog in England has a pretty good idea, the BBC reports.... More »

EU Parliament Says It's Time to Break Up Google

Nonbinding move calls for search to be separated from other services

(Newser) - Europe's parliament has made a statement with a nonbinding vote: Google, the body says, needs to be divided. The European Parliament doesn't actually have power over antitrust matters, the New York Times reports, but the vote says that the EU's competition commissioner should "consider proposals aimed... More »

Google Holds Debates on 'Right to Be Forgotten'

EU rule calls for removal of some links from search engines

(Newser) - Google is touring Europe to discuss a controversial new rule in the region: the "right to be forgotten," which allows individuals to seek the removal of unwanted search-engine links about them. While those on one side of the argument see a victory for privacy, others see censorship, the... More »

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