Zbigniew Brezinski

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Jewish Voters Aren't Feeling Obama

Smear campaign aside, more US Jews trust in Hillary

(Newser) - More US Jews are looking askance at Barack Obama and opting for Hillary Clinton, unsure of Obama's devotion to Israel. The New Republic looks beyond a recent email campaign—which claimed Obama was a Muslim and anti-Semite—to uncover the roots of an estimated 2-1 preference for Hillary and continuing... More »

Obama Finds Advice Can Carry a Price

Brzezinski raises hackles in pro-Israel circles

(Newser) - Barack Obama may get foreign policy credit for traveling with Zbigniew Brzezinski, but having the Carter-era hand to hold won’t help with Israel boosters. The former national security adviser’s in the doghouse after defending the authors of an article that claimed the “Israel Lobby” has outsize influence... More »

2 Stories