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Wasserman Schultz: Count Me Out of Women’s March

She's not happy with leadership's refusal to 'repudiate anti-Semitism,' hate speech

(Newser) - Debbie Wasserman Schultz's first experience with the Women's March left her feeling "electrified." Now, two years later, she's ditching the group, specifically its leaders. The former DNC chair explains why in an opinion piece for USA Today , saying she's become increasingly concerned about what... More »

Mo. GOP Denounces 'Vile' Remarks of Primary Winner

Steve West, known for bigotry and conspiracy theories, won nomination for state House seat

(Newser) - He calls himself Jack Justice, has a YouTube channel in which he puts on a wig and fake beard and spouts conspiracy theories, and said last year on a radio show: "Hitler was right about what was taking place in Germany. And who was behind it." Steve West... More »

George W. Bush Doesn't Seem to Be a Fan of Trumpism

Though Thursday speech never mentioned Trump by name

(Newser) - Another prominent Republican is coming out against Trumpism without actually mentioning President Trump by name. In a speech at a Bush Institute event in New York Thursday, former president George W. Bush said that in this moment, "bigotry seems emboldened. Our politics seems more vulnerable to conspiracy theories and... More »

George HW, George W. Respond to Charlottesville

'America must always reject racial bigotry, anti-Semitism, and hatred in all forms'

(Newser) - Two former Republican presidents are coming out strong against racism following the Charlottesville violence. "America must always reject racial bigotry, anti-Semitism, and hatred in all forms," say George HW Bush and George W. Bush in a statement released Wednesday. "As we pray for Charlottesville, we are reminded... More »

Cops: Man Starts Fire at Store He Thought Was Muslim-Owned

It wasn't

(Newser) - Authorities say a 64-year-old Florida man tried to burn down a convenience store Friday because he thought it was owned by Muslims. It wasn't. The Palm Beach Post reports sheriff's deputies were called to a Met Mart in St. Lucie for reports of a suspicious person. Deputies say... More »

Kal Penn Turns Racist Tweet Into Massive Fundraiser

More than $500K as of early Monday

(Newser) - Kal Penn has just turned lemons into lemonade—some pretty darn valuable lemonade. On Saturday the actor tweeted what looked to be an Instagram comment that read in part "you don't belong in this country you f---ing joke." Penn wrote, "To the dude who said I... More »

Restaurant Owner Puts Up 'Muslims Get Out' Sign

'I feel what we’re doing is right,' Minn. man says

(Newser) - Muslim families won't be offered any treats at the Treats Family Restaurant in Lonsdale, southern Minnesota: Owner Dan Ruedinger has arranged the sign board outside to read "Muslims Get Out." The sign says it is in "suport" of St. Cloud, where a Somali-American man stabbed nine... More »

Artists Sneak Anti-Homeland Graffiti Onto Show

They call the series 'the most bigoted show on television'

(Newser) - Three graffiti artists hired to add local color to a refugee camp set on this week's episode of Homeland instead took the opportunity to troll the makers of the show, the Guardian reports. "Homeland is racist," "Homeland is a joke," and "#blacklivesmatter" are just... More »

Book Reveals Francis Scott Key's Bigoted Side

'Star Spangled Banner' author had mixed record on race

(Newser) - Francis Scott Key, member of President Andrew Jackson's "Kitchen Cabinet" who also served as the US attorney for the District of Columbia, is probably best known for penning the lyrics to the "Star Spangled Banner" 200 years ago. (He borrowed the melody from an English tune popular... More »

How to Fight Bigotry? Take Lesson From Sikhs

Their inclusiveness should remind US of its ideals: Arjun Sethi

(Newser) - Memo to bigots: Sikhs are not Muslims, even if the turbans confuse you. Whole separate religion going on there. But even as Washington lawyer Arjun Sethi, who grew up as a Sikh in America, points out the distinction, he doesn't want to dwell on it. That's because Muslims,... More »

Anti-Mormonism Is the New Racism

But it's harder for us to recognize, denounce: William Saletan

(Newser) - There was quite an uproar when word got out about Rick Perry’s racist hunting camp name —Perry himself acknowledged that it was “offensive” and, thus, was painted over. But neither Perry nor Herman Cain, who was quick to denounce the camp name, worked up quite the same... More »

Gingrich Cozies Up to Anti-Gay Pastor

John Hagee was once renounced by John McCain as 'crazy'

(Newser) - Newt Gingrich has agreed to appear at a summit held by Texas megachurch pastor John Hagee. That name ring a bell? Here, let’s refresh your memory . Hagee’s last foray into presidential politics ended with then-candidate John McCain calling his views “crazy and unacceptable,” after some of... More »

Bigoted Islam Hearings Ditch GOP Values

Peter King's prejudiced stance embraced by party, writes Peter Beinart

(Newser) - The upcoming House hearings on American Muslim terrorists showcase a bigotry that has seeped through the GOP, writes Peter Beinart for the Daily Beast . Rep. Peter King “isn’t holding hearings on domestic terrorism; he’s holding hearings on domestic terrorism by one religious group,” and that group... More »

Paladino: Gays Are Dysfunctional

NY candidate wants to protect kids from 'homosexual agenda'

(Newser) - Sure, he sent racist emails , scuffled with a reporter over his not-so-secret 'love child' , and dished on his opponent's "legendary" sex life , but Carl Paladino is a (self-proclaimed) "values candidate," here to protect the children. Being gay is "not the example that we should be showing... More »

Dear Muslims: 'I’m Sorry'

American should be ashamed of anti-Muslim extremism

(Newser) - America has learned better than to make sweeping statements about Jewish people, Japanese Americans, and African Americans, so why, asks Nicholas Kristof in the New York Times , in the 21ist century is it OK to equate Muslims with terrorism? It's not, he says. Those who follow Islam are not a... More »

We Once Feared Catholics, Jews, Too

It also fed campaigns against Catholics, Germans, and Jews

(Newser) - The Islamophobic sentiment shaking America is rooted in fear, not bigotry, writes Nick Kristof for the New York Times . The "well-meaning worriers" of the " Not-at-Ground-Zero Mosque " movement genuinely believe Muslims "don’t share their values, don’t believe in democracy, and may harm innocent Americans."... More »

NY Pol Lists Foe's 'Jewish Money' Donors

Rep. Mike McMahon scrambles to fire staffer, apologize

(Newser) - A Democratic congressman is practicing damage control after his campaign compiled a list of Jewish donors contributing to his GOP challenger. Rep. Mike McMahon's staff didn't exactly try to keep it a secret: They gave the report, subtly titled "Grimm Jewish Money Q2," to the New York Observer... More »

Pastor Plans 'Burn a Koran Day'—September 11

Anti-Islam Florida church also vehemently anti-gay

(Newser) - A Florida pastor whose Bible is apparently missing the page that explains the Golden Rule has big plans for the ninth anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks—his church will play host to "International Burn a Koran Day." The Dove World Outreach Center, which is known for the... More »

Pol: Anti-Gay Marriage Stance 'Grounded in Prejudice'

San Diego mayor outlines his switch on issue

(Newser) - The mayor of San Diego today told the judge hearing the case against California’s gay-marriage ban that he’d changed his stance on the issue because he came to see that “the decisions I made were grounded in prejudice.” Jerry Sanders says becoming a supporter of the... More »

'Nutty Old White Men' Vex GOP With Sotomayor Slams

(Newser) - GOP operatives opposed to Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor aren’t happy about the “help” they’re getting from Newt Gingrich and Rush Limbaugh, CQ Politics reports. Limbaugh called the nominee a “bigot” for saying “a wise Latina woman” will often make better decisions than a white... More »

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